Lasting Peace

By Eclipse Bloodmoon

Your features are so often contorted in rage. You snarl, and scream, and try as I might, I can't see any serenity in your soul. You get angry so easily, and all I can do is watch over you. I can only keep you whole, and not aggravate you. Stay calm, my child.

When I look at you as you sleep, your features are at peace. Like now, if I were to force myself to think of it, but now I know you aren't sleeping. Now I know that you won't ever come back. You will never speak again, never feel anything, ever again. I will never again watch you wake up, too groggy to remember anything. Never again will I coax a smile out of you, a pure and simple pleasure. I will never hear your rare laughter again. Now, you don't need me to support your frail body. Now I don't need to protect you. I don't need to keep others from you. In short, I'm just not needed anymore.

You lie on the bed we used to share, and I cry. Your face is peaceful, almost like you're sleeping. But this is different. You aren't breathing.

Your already pale skin is abnormally white. It makes your black hair look stark against your skin. Your eyes are closed, but don't flutter like they do when you're sleeping. I can ell you aren't dreaming. Your face is deathly still.

I put my ear next to your mouth, but nothing warms my tear-stained face. Your lips are cold; I know because I kissed you.

I hope you've found your lasting peace.

I hope that you're all right.

I hope you're happy

'cause I'll be up all night.