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All that Matters

Athrun Zala. Yzak Jule. Nicol Amalfi. Dearka Elsman.

First. Second. Third. Forth.

No mother. No Father. No hatred. No rules.

On a battlefield, did any of this really matter? On a battlefield, what did it matter what they did and didn't have, how well they'd scored? On a battlefield the only things that mattered were:

Athrun. Yzak. Nicol. Dearka.

Until Kira started mattering to Athrun.

Until Athrun stopped mattering to Kira.

Eventually all that ended up mattering was getting home alive.

Until Cagalli started mattering to Athrun.

Now it was a matter of not thinking. If they thought, they hurt, and if they hurt, everything mattering too much.

Until Nicol died. And everything stopped mattering to them.

Athrun - MIA. Yzak - Alive. Nicol - KIA. Dearka - MIA.

Now what mattered? Now what mattered to anyone of them?

Cagalli mattered to Athrun.

Miriallia mattered to Dearka.

Revenge mattered to Yzak.

But what good was any of that? What good was a cause or a girl on the sidelines if you didn't have someone to kick your ass out of trouble?

All that ever really mattered to any of them was not Cagalli. It was not Miriallia. And it was not revenge. It was eachother.

Athrun. Yzak. Dearka.

All that mattered to any of them was that the other two were still alive.

And it was so simple, yet so very hard to understand.

They loved each other. Loved each other like they loved their country. A strange, simplistic kind of love that never fades, and cannot be destroyed.

They loved each other because they'd pulled the same triggers, watched the same people die, even with the same eyes. They loved each other because no matter how bloody their hands became, they were always there with each other to wash it away.

They knew the reasons why the tears came. They knew the reasons why the tears simply couldn't come.

Dearka and Yzak knew what lay beyond Athrun's calmness and control.

Yzak and Athrun knew what lay beyond Dearka's swagger and smartass comments.

And Athrun and Dearka knew what lay beyond Yzak's anger and loudness.

They knew, they didn't care, because why should they? They all knew the same pain, the same confusion, the same anger, the same betrayal. It was the same for all three of them, even true for Nicol who died.

They loved each other.

And yes, Athrun did love Cagalli.

And yes, Dearka did love Miriallia.

And yes, even Yzak found someone to love. Shiho.

But love like that can fade.

Love like this never fades.

It's the love that says "I'm gonna kick your ass out of trouble just to see your face". It is the love of soldiers who have trained, lauged, fought, cried and died together. It is the love of commrades.

Athrun. Yzak. Dearka.

All that ever mattered.


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