People seem to like my poetry, I dunno why. But you go ahead and read anyway.

The Raven's Return

Look at it, so graceful, peaceful, between the lines.

It simply does what it needs to survive, claiming necessities as mine.

I once hated such a creature, but I simply came to see,

The darkness on the aura of the Raven, is the darkness in me.

I died on a Sunday. The clouds gathered around my grave.

I thought in my soul I was damned and would lie as an evil figure is portrayed.

When I am reborn, I'm shocked to see…

My rebirth was unnatural, for a wraith is me.

I have the form of a human to others, and I look like bones to myself…

I know I relive my evil, I died not because of a lack of health.

This was planned, I knew, for I could not breath or speak a word.

Someone below wanted me killed, so now I am darkness…I am like that single bird.

I am dark, but I do not see it. I am dead, I know…

To rise from the ground, and for my strength to unnaturally grow…

It is not god's will, it is that of sin.

I am chaos, and as I realize it, I grin.

Murders of unknown origin rise.

They cannot find a weapon, nothing appears in their eyes.

It is madness to think all those acts of murder were so wild…

Knowing they were done by one sinful child.

My name is Damien, I live but do not love.

All has betrayed me, no help has come from above.

I am son to the father of all beasts with evil intent,

I was reborn from Satan, my soul has now been sent.

I have not a friend in this world, that applies to all but one.

The raven I knew long ago…the spy that made sure my death was done.

I live, but no blood runs in my viens…

All the murders I caused were by making normal people go insane.

A birthmark I have, upon my pale head.

6…6…6…the number never….ever…said.

It would be wise to listen, for truth can lead to pain.

But none the less, never say my name, or you will surely go insane.

I'm not a dark or mean guy, I just have a lot of respect and knowledge of the Occult.

I hope if you have read this poem you will not be too mean against my writing, or accuse me of being blasphemous.

Well, anyway, Peace out and much love!

(Dedicated to Raine :3)