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Chapter Eight- Samantha's POV

I was alone in a cold damp basement. The guys who grabbed me had left me about an hour before; though I'm sure they weren't far away. I was terrified of what would happen when they came back. I didn't know how much I could handle…

After I was grabbed, I was dragged to the end of the beach where another guy had a boat waiting. I tried to fight my way free, but this only seemed to amuse them.

After I was practically thrown into the boat, a blindfold was put around my eyes.

As we traveled to our destination, the men told me their plans for me. I had no real interest in hearing that, so I tuned them out. Afterward, I realized that this was probably an unwise decision. Having an idea (even if it was only a vague idea) of what was going to happen would help me, in a way, to prepare myself. So, all I could do was sit, wait, and worry.

I assumed that Mike would be coming before too long. He may have hired someone else to kidnap me and rough me up a bit, but if he intended for me to die, he would take care of that himself. I wanted to tell myself that that was not what he had planned, but I knew better.

While I was worried about what would happen when Mike came, I decided to take hope in the fact that he wasn't here yet. The longer it took for him to get there, the more time Thomas would have to find me…if he even COULD find me.

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