Title: Your eyes

Chapter: Hide and Seek

"What the hell is this." The now brunette said, her voice sinister.

Olivia froze, she couldn't believe what had just happen. She couldn't quite comprehend.

"You bitch."

Olivia looked away, she couldn't bare to face Alex.

"Look at me." Alex said as she took a step forward.

Olivia could feel the heat off Alex. How was she going to get out of this? How was she going to explain this?

"Look at me!" Alex said again, this time her voice was full of venom. Alex focused on Olivia, ignoring the other woman.

Olivia finally tore her eyes away from the corner of the bathroom and looked into Alex eyes.

Guilt met anger.

"Alex I–." Olivia began, but was cut off by Alex cold voice.

"Shut up, just shut up. I don't want your excuses, and I don't want any apologies. All I want is for you to know that you just lost the greatest person in your life."

"Please just–."

"You know liv', I was moving to Boston for a reason." Alex said on the verge of tears. She walked towards Olivia, handing Olivia a small box covered in elegant material. "Goodbye Liv'." Alex said firmly. She took one last look at Olivia. Than turns toward Casey, who was silent, still in utter confusion and shock. "She might say she loves you, but she doesn't, she'll never love you. At least not as much as she did me two years ago." Alex said before walking out the door.

Olivia couldn't move. She couldn't comprehend what had previously taken place.

"I can't believe you." Casey said a hint of hurt in her voice.

Olivia stared at the door. She wanted so badly to go after Alex and explain but, something-someone was holding her back.

"How could you do this, you just played me, like im some kind of toy, like im just another ADA to you?" Casey said stepping away from Olivia. "What you thought you could sleep with every attorney that comes in SVU, liv I thought you was different. I guess I was wrong!"

Olivia couldn't take this in. She needed to find Alex, she needed to make things right.

"You just stringed me along, I was the one person to keep you occupied until your precious Alex comes back, but now you lost her to–."

"You know what Casey, just back to your little date. Im just, im sick of this." Olivia finally spoke.

Casey open her mouth to speak, but was cut off by Olivia.

"Im sick of you!" Olivia yelled. She regretted those words as soon as she finished. She didn't know why she said it. She didn't mean it, but she had said it. All was left. She had to find Alex. That is the one person she...

She didn't give Casey any time to react to the sudden outburst of Olivia. She rushed outside the door...

10 minutes later...

Olivia arrived at Alex Cabot's entrance.

She banged on her door.

"Alex open up!" Olivia yelled.

There wasn't a response.

"Alex please open up please!" Olivia pleaded. She had to make things right. She banged again.

She had to get Alex back. For the sake of their future together. She wasn't aware of Alex intentions on moving to Boston at first, but now it was quite clear.

Olivia didn't know how long she was standing there, pleading with a potential Alex on the other side of the threshold.

"Alex please." Olivia whispered against the door. She was too late. Alex was gone. Gone out of her life forever. Olivia slid down, leaning against the door, her head in her hands.

All her hopes and dreams. Her future with Alex, all gone. Why was she so careless? Why did she have to break so many hearts? Why was she here, its obvious Alex does not want to be with her?

"What the hell are you doing here?" Came a voice in front of her.

Olivia raised her head, only to see Alex in the arms of a younger man.


"You know I hate repeating myself."

"I need to talk to you, alone."

Alex hesitated. "Charles can you give us a minute?"

"No problem Ms Cabot, I'll make sure all your necessary baggage is packed for your flight."


The younger guy nodded respectfully than left out of the suite door.

"You look pathetic down there, stand up and come inside." Alex said taking her keys out.

Olivia obeyed.

She sat down on the vibrant couch.

"Don't sit down, you won't be here long." Alex said in a cold tone.

Olivia only nodded, getting up in the process. This was expected. She knew Alex would be like this.

"Alex I just want you to know that me and Casey is over."

"Really, wow that's a shocker." Alex said in a sarcastic tone.

"I never meant to hurt you Alex."

"But you did, and now you're here too win me back." Alex said as she pushes newly found hair from her face.

"Alex I really love you–."

"Liv this isn't some kind of baseball game, you cant keep pitching the word love around. First you love me, than you love Casey, I mean really if I didn't know you were a lesbian you would probably love Elliot or Charles for that matter." Alex said with a small laugh.

"Im glad you take this as amusing."

"What funny is that you say you love me but when I try to commit to you, you just screw it up. Love isn't a game liv'. I love you, I still do, I love you with all my heart."

"As do I—."

"No liv' you love me from the top of your heart, and I got to work my way to the bottom." Alex said with a small smirk. "I can't keep doing this. I can't be with you. Olivia you changed, you didn't use to be this way."

"Why can't you just hear me out?"

"We're not children liv'. You kissed another woman, you had the audacity to kiss another woman only foots away from me."

"Im sorry–."

"Yes you are, you are sorry. This isn't the Olivia I fell in love with. This isn't the Olivia that I know. This is the Olivia that ended everything." Alex said before going to the door.

"Im leaving tonight, heading to Boston, and not looking bak, I won't look bac, not for you." She said opening the door.

Olivia knew this was final. She walked to the door.

"I really didn't want to hurt you."

"I really don't want to here anything else you have to say liv'. You really need to go."

Olivia nodded, as she started to walk away. Alex took hold of Olivia and gently pulled her toward her. She kissed Olivia passionately. "That is what your losing, and this." Alex kissed her again, backing Olivia against the wall. Alex fingers slid down Olivia's side, stopping at her belt buckle. Olivia moaned, taking in this moment.

Olivia could feel the other's fingers unbuckling her belt. Lips pressed against her own. She could hear the sound of her own zipper. Her own heart began to race. Had Alex had a change of heart?

Olivia could feel Alex leading her towards the nearby bedroom.


Alex silenced Olivia with another kiss, this time succeeding in her mission. Pushing Olivia down onto the bed, she kissed every inch of Olivia's body, feeling her quiver with every touch she had given to the other woman. Alex could hear the rapid breath of the other woman. Taking off the barrier that hinders unity between the two women.

"Alex are you su–." Olivia was yet again cut off by Alex touch.

Olivia could not help but to smile. She was with Alex after all. Still...

Olivia's thoughts were cut off by the unexpected action that Alex had given.

No longer were they separate.

A moan escaped Olivia's lips as Alex explored her. She could feel her tongue inside her, every inch covered. Every single inch.

Olivia was driven to new heights. Never in her lifetime has she felt that way. She and Alex had many sexual encounters but none like this.

Throughout that night all was heard was the late news that played on the nearby tv, an occasional will and grace episode followed by sex in the city and the pleasurable moans of Olivia...

Alex got ready for her flight the next morning, Olivia still asleep, resting at the hands of their previous encounter. Alex smiled as she got her keys and turn off the light.

She walked over to Olivia, still unclothed. She bent down, whispering in her ear, "This, this is what you'll never have again."

With that Alex left. Leaving behind all that was left...

Hours later Olivia finally awoke, her body still affected by the previous night. Her skin cold by the absence of her personal shelter.

She got up, looking for Alex. No sign of her.

The house was empty, all was left was the furniture. There were no news paper, cups, food. Not even...clothes...

"Oh shit." ...