A/N: Yes, Munch and Kay are my H:LOTS OTP. Deal with it. And H:LOTS isn't mine.
We stood on the headquarters rooftop. I didn't now what had possessed us to go up there, but we had. And now we were staring down at the sight below us, or dear old Baltimore, unbothered by yet another murder on its streets. There was a reason, I mused, why they called it the city that bleeds.

"Penny for your thoughts?" Munch's voice broke into my thoughts, and I turned to face him, sighing.

"Don't know if they're worth that much," I replied, "It's just the same old questions."

"Thoughts are always worth something, Kay," came the reply, "What's on your mind?"

I shook my head and pulled my coat closer around me. "I'm just…still wondering how a place I think is so wonderful can be so awful at the same time," I said.

"You're hardly the only one," said Munch, casting me a sideways glance and smiling faintly. "Guess one could even go so far as to call it a crisis of faith."

Certainly felt like one. I turned back and closed my eyes, wondering vaguely as I leaned against the railing if he'd catch me if I started to fall. And then there he was, a tentative arm around me to keep that from happening.

"You scare me when you do that," he said, and I bit back the desire to laugh. A lot of the things that I'd done after the shootout scared him, but I did them anyway. And he was always right there to make sure that nothing happened to me. I decided as I opened my eyes again to look at him that I wouldn't deliberately try to keep him on pins and needles, and turned so that I was leaning back against him. Suddenly his mouth was next to my ear.

"Look at the sky."

I did, startled to see that somewhere along the lines, it had lightened. The sun was rising; dawn had come over Charm City ,and it brought with it a new day, and a new hope. I looked back at Munch and smirked.

"Shift's up," I said, eyeing his watch. "Let's go grab a cup of coffee or something."

He laughed as we started down. "You sure change gears fast, y'know that?" he asked. I swatted at him.

"It's a new day, John. I'll worry about it later."