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The world slowly drew in upon the small child. All the while one question was running through his mind… Why? Why were the villagers trying to hurt him? Why were the villagers mad at him? Why do they call him demon? He was, after all, only a small boy, just now reaching the tender age of five. Darkness started to enclose him. His last conscious thought before he parted this world into the realm of dreams was, 'One day, I'll show you that I am not a monster. One day… I will…show… you… all.'

Written By: Lord Drac0

Produced By: Lord Drac0

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The Bloodline of Armaments

What horrible event could have transpired that the usually calm village would try to kill a small harmless child? One must only look at me to understand. I was a small child just barely over one meter tall, with a mass of spiky unruly blond hair, innocent baby blue eyes, and three black lines on each of my cheeks giving the impression that I had whiskers. Unfortunately, for me, although I did not know it at the time, I was the boy who held the nine-tailed demon fox Kyuubi, the bringer of the destruction and the bane of existence to many of the villagers, Uzumaki Naruto. As everyone knows Kyuubi is the demon fox that attacked the hidden village, Konoha. During this attack the most prominent ninja of all, the Yondaime Hokage, used a kinjutsu that he had created in order vanquish the demon. However, all did not go according to the plan of the villagers and shinobi of the hidden village, as the kinjutsu that Yondaime used required that he sacrifice his life in order to perform the technique. Before succumbing to the Shinigami, the Death God, the Yondaime used the last bit of energy that he had left in order to seal the demon fox inside of poor little me and thus sealing my fate. For you see, while the Yondaime wanted me to be seen as the Hero who gave up a part of himself to hold the monster at bay; all the villagers could see was the fox. Thus, my life of hate and hardships began.

One fateful day I had wanted to go to the festival celebrating the fifth anniversary of the downfall of the fox demon. Upon my arrival at the all day fair, the other villagers glared at me, but being the little five year old that I was, I just skipped along unaware of the danger that I was in. For this night the villagers were going to strike. Suddenly, one of the villagers picked up a near by rock and threw it at the little old me knocking me to the ground, causing me to bleed profusely from the head. As if an unseen bell had sounded a universally understood signal, all the other villagers rushed at the poor little me implementing any sort of tools that they had on hand, within arms reach: broken bottles, long wooden staves, pitchforks, torches, and rocks, just to name a few.

When all the blood loss finally got to me, the world slowly drew in around me. All the while, one question was running through my mind…Why? Why were the villagers trying to hurt me? Why were the villagers mad at me? Why do they call me demon? I was, after all, only a small boy, just barley reaching the tender age of five. Darkness started to enclose me. My last conscious thought before I parted this world into the realm of dreams was, 'One day, I'll show you that I am not a monster. One day… I will…show… you… all.'

Abruptly, my eyes snapped open and I looked at my surroundings, I saw a cavern filled with pipes along the walls going every way imaginable. I stood, shakily, to my feet and started to take a walk around, when I heard the loudest, most inhuman, roar that my young tender ears had ever heard, causing me to stumble over my feet and land flat on my butt. I slowly arose from my highly undignified position in the murky water that was covering the floor, and scanned the area for where the sound originated from. Once again, the roar sounded, shaking the very foundations of the tunnel. Tremulously, I stumbled down the hallway following after the direction that the inhuman roar had sounded from. I peered around a corner of the hallway and saw a sight that almost caused me to fall down: a huge cage with high vertical bars and in the center of it, there was a small slip of paper with the word "seal" on it. Suddenly, the inhuman roar once again sounds, coming from directly behind the cage. Apprehensively, I slowly crept forward and looked inside the sealed cage; when, without warning, a giant claw was thrust from the depths of the cage only to hit the cage and bounce back. Then this was followed by a low growl.

"We finally meet kid," growled the cage's sole occupant, "I would love to reach out and tear your head from your shoulders, but fortunately for you this blasted seal is keeping me trapped." Inside the cage was the biggest fox that I had ever seen in the entirety of my short life. Not even in the books on the Kyuubi invasion was there a fox that was the size of this monster. The giant fox was so monstrous that even with the gargantuan size of the cage it could not move from a laid down position; for sitting up would cause it to bash its head against the ceiling. Understandably, I was so shocked at the sight that I tumbled backwards and smashed my head against the pipes that outlaid the walls.

"Owwwwwwwww," was the pained filled cry that I had let out. At my obvious pain the giant fox let out an ear piercing howl that sounded, at least to me, suspiciously like laughter. Hearing the fox laugh at my misfortune, I immediately stood up and yelled, "Screw you, baka. Don't you know that it is impolite to laugh at others misfortune? You should at least introduce yourself kitsune no baka." With these bold words the howl got even higher (as did my temper.)

"Kid, I like you. You got guts. There are very few mortals that would be willing to talk to me that way, even if they met me while I had been sealed. Very well, I shall introduce myself. My name is Kyuubi no Kitsune the nine-tailed demon of Hell. As such, there is only one demon who is of a higher rank than I and that is Yonta. Making me the second most powerful demon there is and the second in command."

With this revelation I started backwards to fall, once again, on my hind quarters. "What are you doing in here…and where exactly is here any ways? I blankly stuttered out.

Once more the laughing howl sounded from the huge cage along with the reply, "Well, kid, it seems that you are not very bright. This is your mind. And as to what I am doing here, well, that would be the fault of your precious Yondaime Hokage. He used some weird sealing jutsu on me and caused my chakra system to become trapped for all eternity in your stomach."

"Oi, just because I do not have the infinite knowledge that is given to all-knowing demons does not mean I am stupid." I yelled back at the overgrown animal in a voice that represented a bravery that I did not feel. "Besides I am only 5 years old." I mumbled this last part to not allow the fox to hear me.

Whether the fox heard me or not; I do not know, but what happened next will forever be engraved in my mind. "Oh by the way, I noticed that you were having trouble with the adults outside. If you release me, I could help you obtain your dream of being Hokage by killing all who oppose you. If you release me from my prison, I shall come out and kill all who stand in your way." This was tempting to the young me. All of my short life I had been abused by adults for something that I could not fathom. For something that I did not know, poor, young, Uzumaki Naruto was beaten and picked on by both adults and the adults' progeny. Now here, right before me was a creature that said it could end all of the pain, all of the suffering, if I would only release it from its captivity.

Just as I was about to reach for the seal and tear it away, obtaining the long awaited justice that I deserved; a voice cried out from the void, "Don't…Don't tear away that paper. If you do that beast, that monster, won't stop at killing people who you don't like; he will also kill you and any one that you do like. Please, step away from that cage. Please come to me." These words jarred me out of a trance that the words of the Kyuubi no Kitsune had lulled me into. These words were the single guiding factor that lead me to my teammates and the final recognition that I deserved as a member of the Hidden Leaf Village.

I ran from the room with the cage never to return again, or so I hoped. I ran straight to the room where the pleading voice came from. I did not stop to look back even as the monstrous fox howled in despair and anguish having forever lost its chance to break free from the "cursed" seal that the Yondaime Hokage had placed upon him. I ran until I could no longer hear the howl of rage and frustration of the fox and still I ran on; only stopping once I had found the room from whence the pleading voice had arisen.

"Ah, there you are Naruto." The kindly voice said. I looked up from my panting, trying to catch my breath, only to lose it again at what I saw in this second room. There before my own eyes stood the legendary Yondaime Hokage.

"What are you doing in my mind?" I was stuttering for the second time, but this time out of shock and not fear. I had a good reason to be shocked. Everyone thought that the Yondaime had been dead since his victory over the Kyuubi five years ago. As such, I was not expecting him to be ensnared within my mind as was the Kyuubi.

"For the same reason that the Kyuubi is in your mind, I put us here. You see, the technique that I used was a sealing jutsu of my own design, where the caster forcibly removes the very soul of the receiver and is then taken by the Shinigami and eaten forever to do battle within the stomach of the Shinigami. However, before the Shinigami was able to take my soul I was able to seal myself and the Kyuubi inside of you instead of inside of the Shinigami's stomach."

"Ah, I see." Was all I was able to say after that proclamation. Even though I had no idea at all what he meant by what he said.

"Well, telling you all the details on the technique that I used is not really necessary. I only called you here to tell you two things. The first is that under no circumstances are you to allow the fox to address you. Meaning, do not talk to the fox at all, or it will place you in a trance that will force you to do its bidding. The second is to inform you of your bloodline. I am telling you this only because of all the jackasses out there that apparently did not see that the Kyuubi is only sealed inside of you and not you being the reincarnation of it. The Uzumaki clan is the armaments clan. In other words, they create different forms of guns and such, mind you the guns are made out of chakra and thus they need to have a huge chakra capacity, and create the ammo out of different elements, there are five types of ammo you can make: FIRE, WATER, LIGHTNING, WIND, and POISON. Each type of ammo only takes one hand seal: Fire is tora, water is ryu, lightning is o-ushi, wind is tori, and poison is hebi. There are a huge number of other hand and arm shapes required as well as a few maneuvers required in order to load the 'gun' the first of them is the easiest, the hand gun. Just make one of the hand seals you want and then channel your chakra into the hand you do not want to be the gun. Then, take the hand that will be the gun and form it into a gun like so…" here the Yondaime made his hand into a gun and showed it tom me, "after you have created your 'gun' take the small ball of charged chakra that should have formed in the opposite hand and load it in your 'gun'…" again the Yondaime cut himself off in order to demonstrate the maneuver placing his ammo hand under his gun hand and pretending to load something into the chamber of the make believe gun, "after the 'gun' is loaded you only have to point and shoot. The trigger for the gun is in the mind just wish it and the gun will fire. If having a word helps with concentration just say 'bang' to fire it and it will fire."

I was stunned. I had just found out that I have the ability to create guns out of thin air. Not only was I able to make guns, but to be able to make any type of armament I wanted. This was a great thing for a kid to receive. I was just about to walk away when the voice of the Yondaime cut through the air, "Listen to me Naruto. This bloodline limit is an amazing jutsu, but it is not undefeatable. As such, you will still be required to train in order to increase your chakra reserves and control. Also one more word of advice, please do not be mad at the jackasses out there that can't see you as Uzumaki Naruto and not Kyuubi, instead, show them love and kindness and work your butt off to protect them and they will start to turn around. One more thing before I leave, don't try to find me again. I am only a chakra hologram designed to show you your bloodline and to try and keep you safe from the fox the first time you met it. Goodbye and good luck, Naruto."

With those parting words I awoke to see a white ceiling and glowing white lights that were way to bright for the white room signifying that I was in the village's hospital. Slowly sitting up, I looked around the room trying to discern anything that would reveal who would help the demon child. Seeing nothing that would help with the puzzle, I slowly allowed myself to drift off into the state of blissful unconsciousness once again.

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