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Name: Kay Izurill

Age: 13

Height: 4'10

Weight: 88

Appearance: Dark Brunette hair, Tinge of red when the sun hits it, all natural; Light blue eyes, sometimes they seem to shift to green but it depends on what color clothing she wears; Slim, well built figure, scars on her wrist (Will explain later on in this chapter) Wears skin-tight gloves as a self insurance against touch.

Special Information: She has a special condition that keeps her from feeling touch, even the most severe of injuries, such as stabbing, would go unnoticed unless visually witnessed. This causes depression, anger, frustration, but if used correctly, can turn to her advantage.

Attitude: Has learned that to survive in her home, she can only speak when spoken to, which has given her a little 'though buddy' (Imagine Sakura, if you will) But eventually, if given the right persuasion, and a different environment, this could change…

That's all you need to know for now. I'll probably just fill in the rest while writing the story.

Prologue: My Life as I knew it

9:05 AM, City Park, Japan, Saturday morning

She seemed uncomfortable, standing in the soft drizzle of the park, her arms crossed in front of her, staring out into the small stream that the porch offered her to view.

But, in truth? Kay Izurill always looked uncomfortable. And though she was strikingly beautiful, she was always alone, and she strongly objected to any socializing other than that of her friend Marissa, an immigrant from the United States. Yes, in Japan, Kay Izurill seemed uncomfortable. There was only one time that Marissa knew her friend could be comfortable, and that was seated in front of the biggest television available, enjoying the latest episodes of their favorite anime: Naruto. But even more often, they were on various Fanfiction posting websites, flipping through search results like magazine articles.

Nope, they never did open a magazine, it was always easier to find the articles on the internet, anyways.

Marissa, after thinking this, went to her friend, silently folding the Umbrella up. Kay couldn't feel the gentle rain, anyways, and it was so slow now that Marissa couldn't care more or less if she got wet or not.

"I wish…" Kay began, but with a smirk, Marissa cut her off.

"That Neji could suddenly pop up and make all your problems disappear? I know."

A bitter smile, a soft nod, and Kay was silent again.

"It's been so long, but I can't believe Orochimaru killed the Hokage!" Finally, the wall of impassive feeling, (and quite literally, at that) was talking with an exclamation point! Marissa felt like hugging her friend in happiness, as a joke, but knew that it would only make Kay bitter.

You see, Marissa knew that she was the only thing good in Kay's life other than anime. And let Marissa tell you, Kay is not an easy person to deal with. But Marissa knew that their friendship was a good deal stronger than some of Marissa's past friendships.

"I know," She agreed, then sent off on another topic, "And poor baby Gaara! All those flashbacks, it's not like he DID anything to deserve all of that…"

Kay hummed her agreement, looking to the sky with a chuckle.

"Ah, but you and I both know that Gaara turns out good in the end, after all. And without that strife, where is the story?" Kay knew all too well from her own life, that a good story meant sadness, betrayal, and other countless obstacles that had to be leapt over to achieve the 'perfect' balance.

"And then Sasuke, he's just a whole new ballpark in his own. I mean, he has wings out of hands!"

Kay allowed a small chirp of laughter. It must just be the way Marissa's face scrunched up with despair at the thought of their Sasuke lost in such evil, but it was amusing.

"The way you said that, priceless." The girl said, shouldering her waist length hair with a sigh.

"We should get going…" Marissa said with a frown.

"Ya," Kay nodded, and with a small wave, turned and disappeared down the foggy sidewalk, her black gloved hand slipping back into her pants pocket. Kay was going simple today, a pair of stretchy black pants that fell around her black running sneakers but hugged the waist and thighs, and a black and grey hoodie. Kay didn't wear much make up, maybe on an off day you'd find her with mascara on, but today was not that day. Somehow, Marissa mused, her friend got on without it.

12:15 PM, School Courtyard, Japan, Friday

Kay began to panic. Where was Marissa? Her friend was her only respite from the taunting; she needed her comforting presence now more than ever. The girl hid under a willow tree, pulling out a notebook with pictures of some of her favorite Naruto Characters. Basically most of the good guys were in there, they all had their good quirks. Even Shino was on there. It made her feel a bit calmer, helped her concentrate –

"Hey look, it's the emo kid." But that had never been something she enjoyed concentrating on. One of the more 'popular' girls sifted through the tree's once protective leaves, her manicured nails making Kay's nose twitch disdainfully.

"Hey look, it's the prep star. Come to get your fair share of Hospital Time?" Kay replied testily.

"Oh look, girls," Kay stiffened as more girls entered the arms of the tree, "She's all riled up already!" This couldn't be good, Taya somehow enjoyed getting a rise out of Kay, even after her nose had been broken through the act of annoyance.

Kay smirked, hiding her tension behind the mask, and subconsciously rubbed her nose. She couldn't feel the contact, but knew from sight that she was rubbing the area that Taya had so kindly allowed Kay to break. Without warning, however, there were girls all around, and Kay grimaced. This wouldn't hurt, she knew that, but that's what got her frustrated. Just because she couldn't physically feel it didn't mean it didn't 'hurt'.

But the brunette slumped slightly into the tree as a comforting face appeared. Marissa was walking up, and Taya, being Marissa's step sister, couldn't make a move while Marissa was around. Marissa said something to Taya, of which Kay was not interested in hearing, and the girl grudgingly sent her friends away.

"You know, Kay, I hope I didn't hurt your feelings." Taya gave mock sympathy, which made Kay's mouth twitch into a scowl. Marissa took a step forward, and with a hurries wave Taya was gone.

"No-good anime hater." Marissa growled, joining Kay to talk in comfort.

10:30 PM, Izurill Residence, Japan, Friday

Kay stood in her Itachi PJ's, (The store had been out of Neji, sadly enough), looking at her present. Her mother had bought it today, apparently. Kay loathed her mother, she never fought back…

On a less depressing note, Kay thought with a decisive shake of the head, she took out her journal and carefully scrawled down that her mother was trying to buy back her favor. She made notes like this in her journal, not entries like most would.

Opening the little box, Kay found a Prayer Box. What the hell could she possibly pray for? God hadn't been listening so far. But reading the little pamphlet, she decided to write something and put it inside the container. The pamphlet said that if you wrote down a prayer and left it in the prayer box, on your neck and close to your heart, your dreams would come true. Skeptical, but bored, Kay wrote in a corner of her journal a wish, and folding it, carefully slid it into the little box, closing it with a small click. Slipping it over her neck, she crawled into bed, and fell asleep with a pleasant little thought on her mind.

Please allow me to live in Naruto's world, away from all of this… Allow me to start from the beginning.

That's what she had written. The pamphlet had said that if you wrote down the basics of a wish, the finer details would be taken directly from the heart.

12:30 AM, 'Dreamland', Saturday

Kay cried silently as her father tied her up to the wall, and began punching her. The rope was cutting into her wrists, but she only knew this from the sight of blood running down her fore-arm and dripping dismally from her elbow onto the grey tiled floor of the basement. She wept openly, which seemed to satisfy her drunken father, who finally left. Yes, she was still tied up, but at least she could stop pretending it hurt now…

10:28 AM, Konoha Forest, Fire Country, Saturday

Kay awoke in a sweat, and was surprised hear a gentle breeze whisk by. Looking around her instantly, an old habit now, she noticed that she was wearing the outfit of before. The black tank top underneath was soaked in her nightmarish sweat, she could tell when she saw the even darker tint on the fabric. Her hoodie was most likely too warm, not like she knew what it felt like… But she peeled it off for the sake of her health.

She was in a forest, not her bed, this she knew. Was this one of her father's drunken tricks?

Realization struck her half-awake mind, and she looked around. This wasn't any ordinary forest, it looked familiar… She fingered the prayer box, and looking inside, noted that the wish she had placed in it the night before was no longer folded. Hell, it was no longer present. Just gone… Did that mean…?

With a sudden bout of frenzied movement, Kay tried to get up, and fell back down. Noting that her shoes weren't tied when she gave herself a half over, she bent down to tie them. Voices ahead made her look up, and before bothering to see who they were, she dived into the foliage, wincing when she realized it was a small thorn bush. The wince was purely mind based, though, she couldn't feel it break skin even if she had wanted to.

She covered a gasp, her eyes shimmering with emotion. This was only too good to believe! Just as she had thought, Team Seven training grounds. Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, and Kakashi were walking by her bush. She realized in an instant that Kakashi would no doubt be able to tell she was there, so she made for the other side of the bush and stood up, walking casually away. She could only imagine them pointing and asking, and could only imagine Kakashi's wonder. But reverse psychology was on her side, it seemed, the fact that she had made herself painfully obvious wrote her off as a threat for the time being. Once she was out of eyesight she clapped her hands together and laughed, a small, excited giggle that caused her to sit down with its intensity. She was really here! It had really worked! She touched everything, not for the sake of feeling it, but for the sake of seeing the grass bend under her touch, a falling leaf land in her cupped hand. She may not be able to feel the reality, but she could see it as clear as day, and after shaking her head and closing her eyes and counting as many times as possible as if to ward off a dream, she found she was still awake, still in this place.

Oh my god… Kay thought, looking at a gloved hand with a small grin. What time period of the show is it? I need to find out! With that end thought, she got back up, and dashed through the forest, running as fast as she could to get to the center of Konoha. She knew that's where she was now, of course. Hopefully, too, she was pretty early into the story line, she couldn't believe her luck!

The down falls of this new turn of events would only reach her thoughts later, but for now, she ran with determination towards the Hokage's office, she would have to take things as she went.

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