He looked towards the past,

As he went for the future,

To reclaim the memories of life,

With faith in himself,

And trust within others,

He lived as he would after strife,

As he searched for that solution,

He experienced evolution,


He's, forever, our loved Digimon,


To us he is the spirit with guns,


Within fights his true spirit emerged,

As he fought for our world there's a world for us all…

As he fought for our world there's a world for us all…



Impmon: haha! You sure got it right!

Brooke: Thanks Impmon. Ok guys. Tell me what you think in reviews! Really… I just took the beginning theme song from Digimon Frontier and used it in Beelzemon format. I fins it to be much better now. The only reason I did this was because I had the original stuck in my head because SOMEONE was singing it all day!

Gir: I'm naked!

Brooke: Anyway. I had to do something to get that song out of my head so I turned it into this catchy Beelzemon tune. I find it to be a lot better now. Especially since it has bee in it! Hoped you liked it!

Batty: Brooke does not own Digimon.

Brooke: Batty! Shut the hell up already!