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When I think of that word, I think of what means the most of me, family and friends aside. There are several things.

Writing for one. More often than not, I can be found in my spare time, staring at a computer screen trying to figure out what's going to happen next.

Reading also. I can finish a thick book in the time it takes most people to finish five chapters of the same book. When I'm not writing…I'm reading.

Music is another passion of mine. Not so much playing, however, as listening too. I many songs and most of them completely memorized from the first note to the end and can perform upon request. I cannot concentrate without something playing softly in the background.

I would have none of these passions (which are merely for earthly things) if You had not made it so.


Does what I write please You? Are You glorified by it and through it?

If not, help me assess what I should and shouldn't put in my stories.

I read thick books but have never read the entire Bible through.

Help me; give me the motivation, the concentration to make this statement a thing of the past.

In the music I listen to is there content that I shouldn't put into my head? If Jesus Himself were sharing the ear buds with me would I be proud of what He heard?

Of the above isn't true help me separate myself from what I shouldn't pollute my mind with.

Help me moderate these passions of mine Lord, and above all else give me a passion for You. Give me the passion of Your servants Peter and Paul; let me never deny You as my Lord and my God.

Give me a lifelong passion for Your most holy name.

And let every other earthly passion I have pale in comparison.

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