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Shameful Marks


"Because...I've never seen any part of you that you don't normally show. And...as... Friends I think that knowing what each other looks like is important." Said the boy grinning ear to ear like a dog. His real reasons hidden behind his friendly grin.

Kiba and Shino had just completed a Class C mission as lower ninjas with their teammate, Hinata, and their sensei, Kurenai. As it was a Class C mission it involved many hours of hard combat for which they were too young and too inexperienced for. Shino had had to call upon his bloodline powers along with Hinata and Kiba. All three were on the brink of totally collapse and were told to go home and get rest. Hinata had headed to her home while Kiba had convinced Shino that they needed to get to know each other better. Kiba led Shino to the park to "talk" as he put it. Shino couldn't argue with Kiba, who could?

"I'm not comfortable showing anything to anybody." The seemingly older boy spoke softly, sitting on the slightly damp grass, hoping that his teammate wouldn't press further.

"You don't trust me?" Kiba looked hurt, staring at Shino with his black puppy dog eyes. He was sitting across from Shino with his legs crossed Indian style.

"... It's not that... I..." Shino was nervous, fidgeting with the hem of his jacket. He didn't want Kiba to get the wrong idea, but...how to tell him? I'm acting like Hinata, he thought silently chuckling to himself.

"Then what is it!" Kiba glared, seeing the amused look on Shino's face. Why is he being so difficult? It wasn't as if he asked him to get totally naked. Just to see his arms, legs. anything to allow Kiba to get close to him. Kiba relied heavily on being close friends with his teammates and Shino had not allowed him to get know him at all. This frustrated Kiba, who was very open and shared lots of knowledge about himself with Shino. With nothing in return, at all!

Shino looked to the ground and his face turned red. The dog boy pounced landing on top of Shino's lap, causing him to fall into a laying position.

"Tell me." The look on the ninja's face was strong, demanding and serious. Shino studied it, suppressing a gasp that was caused from the sudden pressure on his hips and pelvis.

"...I... Don't...want to." The quiet, stoic boy whispered. Trying to get the thoughts that were coming into his head out. No, he told himself, you don't like Kiba like that. He's too loud, too demanding, and way to...sexy. No. I don't like him like that.

"This isn't a matter of whether you want to or not. You're going to give me a valid reason or your going to do it." Kiba said, voice dangerously low. Dammit. Why was he being so difficult? It was just a little skin. Nothing that could hurt him, right? Dammit...If I could only see your eyes. What are you feeling?

"Kiba...I'm...ashamed." Shino finally admitted after the tense silence.

"...Of...what?" Kiba pried, before suddenly ripping the glasses from Shino's face and dropping them to the grass below. He waited, for what seemed like an eternity, for the bug boy to open his eyes. When he did he found himself staring into beautiful mahogany eyes. Shino looked up at him with a look that said it all.

"Heh heh. So that's what you look like. Don't be ashamed in front of me. Shino..." Kiba stared getting lost in the deep recesses of Shino's eyes. They were so beautiful, full...emotional. Kiba found it hard to look anywhere else.

"...Why did you do that? You could have asked." There was slight annoyance in Shino's voice. He looked up, his face flush and embarrassed. Kiba, however, knew that the annoyance in his voice was forced. Shino's eyes told him that he was afraid...and excited. The dog grin appeared on the boy's face once certain that Shino didn't really object.

"I wanted to. So I did." He look down at Shino, noting the slight intake of breath when he squirmed to get more comfortable. So...I'm turning him on...Just what I hoped for. Kiba smirked.

"...It was rude." Shino stated his eyes saying so much more to Kiba. So Kiba squirmed again, looking oh so innocent but causing Shino to gasp.

"Kiba, Stop that. "The bug boy stated as a frown slid across his features.

"...What?" The dog snorted innocently.

"I have no clue what you talking about." His innocence was blown as a smirk showed up on his face. Shino tried to squirm out from under Kiba, earning a glare from the puppy brown eyes.

"...Don't you like it, Shino?" Kiba asked his eyes watching every expression in Shino's mahogany ones. Shino glared.

"That's not the point. Get up or I'll make you get up." Shino sounded angry. Really angry, all of a sudden. Kiba stared. Akamaru barked up at him, warning him that Shino was indeed very angry.

"...But...You...I...thought...I'm sorry..." Kiba stamped standing up and walking a short way away from Shino. Standing with his back turned to Shino. He heard Shino's movements, felt the eyes on his back and put his face in his hands. What had he just done? You fucking ruined the best relationship possibility; he probably likes Hinata...or Kurenai. He can't like you; he doesn't even acknowledge you. Kiba tried hard to keep the tears that were stinging his eyes in.

"...Goodbye." Shino parted awkwardly. Trying hard to think of what had just happened. Kiba...just tried to excite him, to fool him into letting down his guard and then would beat him. Just to prove he was better. That or he would try to kill him for thinking the scene was more than it was..."Dammit." He muttered to himself as he was walking home. "I don't understand what happened...does he like me? Or was he trying to get closer and I took it too far. I opened up much too easily to him." Nonetheless Shino had to keep away from Kiba until he sorted this all out. Or else he would get hurt. Again.

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