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Advice from an Expert

The sun's morning glow lit a small patch of grass upon which sat a boy of twelve years. He had on his normal trench coat but the sunglasses that normally hid his eyes were absent. His intently following a small beetle as it made its way across the arm of his trench coat.

"What do you think?" He murmured to the beetle. Which promptly ignored him as it crawled from his finger tip to his wrist and back up again.

"I think he really likes you, Shino-kun."

"Kurenai-sensei!" The boy's head snapped up to see Kurenai standing a few feet from him, smiling.

"How do …you know?" The beetle scurried into his sleeve and pressed into his body. Shino, seemingly unaware of the annoyed beetle's actions, kept his eyes rapt on his instructor.

"Never mind that." Kurenai set herself next to the boy on the ground. Her eyes flowed to the sky watching the clouds as she talked.


"No but's Shino. Why did you get angry with him? Its very obvious you like him as well." She asked, her blood red eyes intent on the clouds flowing above her.

"It doesn't matter…He'll never like me." Shino's emotionless monotonous voice rang clear in the morning air. He took his glasses from his pocket and slid them onto his face.

"I think your wrong about that." Kurenai replied, pulling up a piece of grass and fiddling with it.

" How so?" He demanded. Very uncharacteristicly.

"Kiba seems to have a genuine attraction to you."

"Why do you think so?" His voice still reeked of monotone, though it now had a tinge of bitterness intertwined. Shino was looking away at the sun shining on the trees near by. The red glow of the light shining through the leaves of the cherry blossoms danced on the ground in front of the boy and his teacher. Shino watched the colors change with bitter eyes.

"The way he strives for your attention. He makes the effort to talk to you over and over even though he knows you won't choose to answer him. The way he looks at you, with longing in his eyes. The way he smiles when y9ou give him the smallest of glances. When you say something to him, no matter how bad his day has been, he perks up. His grin returns and, even, Akamaru barks with glee. Don't tell me you haven't noticed? One of the most important rules of a ninja is to always be observant."

"Does that really mean he likes me?" The boy looked slightly startled. A black bug crawled to his knee and slowly made it's way to his toes. It paused for a second before burring back into its host. Shino sighed and rubbed his toe, to ease the slight pain of its entrance.

"Yes, Shino. I think he really likes you. Possibly even loves you. You don't get many chances at true love. I, personally, would take the oppurtunity. Not that I don't have someone I admire." She finished with a mischievously smile playing on her tenderly rough face.

"Who do you love, Kurenai-sensei?" He asked in a low voice to hide his curiosity. She chuckled, lightening the mood, as he took her bait.

"Why would I tell you that? It wouldn't be any fun."

"..." Was this one of those motherly bonding things?

"All right...How about you ask me yes or no questions and then you can guess for yourself?"


"All right...Go then. Ask away."

"Is it a man?" Shino hid the curiosity that glazed his eyes. His voice remained low and emotionless, almost as if he was commenting on the weather.


I didn't know she was that way... he thought before continuing with mild amusement.

"Above age or not of Age?"

"Not." She blushed uncertain of the reaction she would receive. Shino merely continued, seemingly unperturbed by the admitted of her morally incorrect sexual attraction.

"Does she work closely with you?" He seemed to have an idea of who it was but wanted to be certain that he was correct.

"Yes. Very closely" She blushed again, smiling.


"Yes, well. What do you think of that? Shino-kun."

"I hope she likes you as well." He said.

"Well I should be going now. I told the other two to meet me at Ichiraku, to train. You need to be there also." Kurenai smiled in that way that only a mother could.

"Yes, but...how did you find out what happened?" Shino asked letting his curiosity get the better of him.

"I'll never tell" She sang in a sing song voice before jumping into the trees and out of sight.