Why I hate you

May swallowed hard; she was about to confess her love for Drew. She fiddled with her thumbs and breathed deeply.

"Drew?" she called. He turned around.

"What is it?" He asked coldly. For the past three days he'd been acting rather eccentric: avoiding May, not giving her anymore pointers about coordinating and just plain ignoring her.

May figured; if she told him how she felt, then perhaps he'd start noticing her once again.

"Drew, we've known each other for some time now…So I figured that, it was time I told you…" She paused. Drew cocked up an eyebrow. May could see the aggravated expression on his face, and didn't like it.

"Well?" He said impatiently.

"Drew, I like you…In fact, I think I love you…" May trailed off. She blushed furiously, and looked away. She anxiously waited for his reply.

"Is that all you called me for?"

May's eyes widened and she looked directly at him.

"Drew I—"

"I honestly don't care; alright? I couldn't care less if you'd jump in front of a bullet for my sake."

May's eyes began to water ever so slightly.

"Drew……Why?" She sobbed. He swore under his breath.

"Because, I hate you…"

May felt her heart stop for a second. The tears escaped her control, and streamed down her face.

"Why? Why do you hate me!" She cried stridently. Drew sighed; goaded by her presence.

"Why? Why do I hate you? Well let see shall we?" He said and leaned back on a tree.

"I hate the way dress for one thing. I hate the way you act to upset when you lose to another coordinator and seem miserable and crap. Quit being a crybaby. I hate the sound of your voice and how you act all cute. You're not cute…You're just a wanna be coordinator; looking for something to do because you couldn't battle to save your life.

I hate the way you prance around when you release your pathetic pokemon. I hate the way you keep convincing yourself those roses were secretly meant for you. Like bloody hell! I said they were for your pokemon, and they were! I may have acted nice to you before, but that was just so you'd let me watch you train and crap.

I gave you pointers and constructive criticism to befriend you as well; and you fell for that too. I watched your every move and made sure I came up with a full proof way of defeating you. And I did. Just shows your not only obtuse, but too naïve for your own good. And that concludes, why I hate you."

May was shivering were she stood. She fell to her knees, and let the tears run even faster. She was crying hard.

"Oh and one more thing," he said bending down and lifted up her chin.

"Today's the 26th of March…Do you know what special week it is in this city?" He asked. She shook her head and he handed her a calendar.

May looked for March 23rd Monday till 29th Tuesday. She found it and read in her mind,

'23rd March-Beginning Of Opposite Week…

29th March- End Of Opposite Week…'