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Chapter 6: Can't Get Away

A young woman in her early twenties is running. Panic and fear are radiating off her. A big burly man with an axe is chasing after her slowly catching up with the young woman. She trips over a tree branch and falls to the ground face first. She turns around to see the axe murder and her face is shown. It's Paige. She quickly gets up and runs until she hits a dead end alley way. The axe murder has a look of pure evil on his dirty face while Paige's face is contorted in terror. He raises the axe over his head and Paige lets out a blood curling scream as he brings the axe down onto her defenseless body.

Prue came out of the premonition gasping for air. She couldn't believe she had just gotten a premonition. So many questions and possibilities were running through her as Piper and Leo helped her back up to her feet.

"Are you alright? What happened?"

"I… I had a premonition."

"What? How? You don't get premonitions they're Phoebe's power?" As soon as the name Phoebe had left Leos mouth he regretted it. It still left a sting in their hearts at the mention of Phoebe.

Prue was the first to recover. "I don't know but we have to save that girl."

Confusion clouded both Piper and Leo's features. "What girl?"

"The one I was just talking to. She was in my premonition. She was running from this axe guy before she was cornered and he killed her with an axe. We've gotta go find her before this demon… this axe murderer gets her."

"Wait, wait. How do you know it was even demonic? What if it was just some psycho?"

"No, it's definitely demonic. Come to think of it, it kinda looked like Paul Bunyan with a lobotomy from Axe Husband."

After Piper had given her a quizzical look, she replied with a shrug and a small grin.

"I saw it last week with Jack."

A moment after the words left her mouth her eyes spotted a small round tube in front of her. She picked in up to see that it was a tube of lipstick.

"Piper, did you drop this?"

Piper checked her purse before responding, "No."

An idea was then spawned in Prue's mind.

"Maybe this lipstick is the girl's I saw in my premonition. We could use it scry for her so we can save her from the axe guy."

A small smile played on her face. "I like the way you think, sis."

With those final words they left the sanctuary and Phoebe behind… forever.

By the time the trio had arrived at the Manor it was night and filled with grieving mourners. As soon as Prue crossed the threshold into the Manor she immediately headed for the attic leaving Piper and Leo by themselves. They stood in the foyer in awkward silence looking everywhere but at each other until Piper couldn't take it any more.

"We need to talk."

Leo sighed lightly and nodded his head in understanding.

"I know but is this really the appropriate time? Shouldn't you be with Dan?" He had practically spat Dan's name out with disgust.

"No, Leo. We are going to settle this right here, right now." But as soon as the words came out of her mouth Dan came up behind her wrapping his arms around here waist and resting his head on her shoulder.

"Piper, I've been looking all—" his words trailed off when he saw Leo standing there rocking back and forth on his shoes awkwardly and jealously enveloped him at the sight. "over for you… Piper, what is he doing here?"

Piper knew that is she didn't get Dan way now they would probably end up in a fight.

"Well, uh, you see Leo was close to Phoebe too. She was like a little sister."

After he had a chance to soak in her words he looked convinced and that made Piper damn happy. Crisis averted… for now.

"Um, Dan could you give me and Leo some time to talk. We need to tie up some loose ends."

"Yeah, sure." Dan gave her a parting kiss on the cheek while Piper looked guilty and the fire of jealousy still burned in his eyes.

As soon as he was out of the room Piper's resolve face was back on.

"Leo, Phoebe's death has made me realize a few things. The most important was that life is way too short to be wasting it dancing around the issues or denying ourselves what we really want, especially in our line of work. I love you, Leo. You have me, heart, mind, and soul. And I don't care if it's against the rules, I don't care that it's not normal, I don't care if everyone else is against us. You're my first thought when I wake up and the last when I go to sleep. I just want to be with you."

Leo felt tears prickling his eyes at the confession. Never had he imagined she'd say those things to him again and while his heart was soaring that she still loved him as much as he loved her his mind reminded his heart of one problem that shot his heart down.

"But what about Dan?"

"What about Dan you say? I don't love him. Yes, I do care about him a lot but he's not you. No one could ever be you."

Those words seemed to dissolve all his fears and Leo let a smile play on his lips. Piper too had a smile on her face as she moved in to hug him. Leo wrapped his arms around her and just held her, knowing that in the end everything would be alright.

Unbeknownst to the lovebirds, a pair of jealous eyes and ears had seen and heard the whole exchange. Dan had always known it was a matter of time before Piper ran back into Leo's arms. He had never wanted to believe it though. His shoulders were sagged as he made his way back into the mass of mourners.

They only broke apart when Prue came running down the stairs changed out of her mourning clothes and in her usual attire of fitting jeans, a classy back top, and combat boots.

"Piper! Leo! Hurry up and get changed. I found her!"

Both Piper and Leo dashed up the stairs ready to go demon battling to get their minds off the situation.


In Golden Gate Park Paige was wandering around clearing her head of the afternoon's events. But she was disrupted from her thoughts when she saw a masculine heavy built shadow coming towards her where there was no light.

She stayed at the spot until the figure started going faster and came into the light. What she saw sent her blood rushing and gasp in fear; a burly man in his early forties carrying an axe and running straight for her. Paige was snapped out of her terrified daze and started running for her life when he stepped on a stray branch, snapping it in half.

Her steps were fueled by pure fear and adrenaline. Paige looked behind her every few seconds to see if he was gone but he wasn't in fact he was gaining on her. He gained even more when she tripped on a tree branch but got up quickly and started off again.

Paige didn't know how long she'd been running but she knew it was long enough to get out of Golden Gate Park and hit a bit of city. The axe murderer was still behind her with a look of pure evil and hatred on his gruff features. Soon he had run her into a dead end. Trapping her and closing in on her like a vulture.

He was slowly inching towards her reveling in her fear as she backed herself into the wall where she couldn't go any farther. Now he was right in front of her raising the axe above his head when the remaining Charmed Ones plus Leo made an appearance. The trio ran to them as fast as they could but they knew it was too late. The axe murderer ignored them as he brought his axe down and Prue shouted, "NO!"

Just as he was about to hit Paige she let out a scream of sheer horror and blue lights surrounded her as she disappeared from sight.

Paige had orbed.