Killer Of All Family Guy-Related Pain

A/N: This is a one shot character death.I had to make some last minute 's gory so cry to me as much as you like, Enjoy. This is my FIRST FAMILY GUY FANFICTION! Evil Andy is the property of THE PETE PETERSON EXPERIENCE. Use him without permission and I'll have the Fanfiction administration gut you. You shitkickers.

Peter Griffin lrooked around in the place. He stood in the streets of Quohog, Rhode island.

"That serial killer Evil Andy is around here somewhere?" Peter said."But where? He heard a loud noise behind him.

"What the Fu-" Peter said as he was grabbed by someone behind him. It was Brian the dog.

"Hi Peter" Brian the dogsaid.

"Yes." Peter said.

"Guh-what?" Brian said. "It is Evil Andy the Inspector."

"G'what?" Peter said. They were really scared.

"I am going to giggity goo kill you." Evil Inspector Andy said.

"Brian! Run I-ARHGH!" Peter said said as Evil Andy threw a dagger at his throat. It didn't miss its target. The dagger was lodged deep in Peter's neck.

"G-g-g-g-gurg." Peter said. as blood flowed out of his mouth like a Andy ran at Peter with a chainsaw. He thrust the pwoer tool on Peter's skull. It cut through his head like a knife through warm butter. Peter's head was sliced in brains were Andy wasn't done yet though. He took out the Jaws Of LifeĀ® and ripped out Peter's spine. He wrapped the spine around Peter's neck and squeezed as hard as he could to choke Peter was dead. His blood was all over the place.

"Oh my god! They killed Peter!" You bastards!" Brian Andy had to destroy the evidence. He got up on a steamroller. Brian watched with horror as Evil Andy crushed the carcass that used to be Peter with a steamrolller. More blood was squeezed out. By now a few maggots were feasting on Dead Peter's flesh.

Brian escaped. in a helocopter

"Okay!" Brian said. They flew away.

"I'll get you BRian, even if I have to do something to do it." Evil Inspector said.