A Man Named Mustang

Roy knew he had been away for a while. Okay, make that a long while. About 4 years, to be exact. And he had left to go to war, and had a horrible time there. His unit had gotten lost, and his plane (1) had crashed, and all sorts of crap happened. Then he, alone, had been rescued after the war had ended.

He was now on his way to the military base in Central. He had a large grin on his face as he opened the large doors. No one even gave him a glance. It was as if he were nothing to them. Roy sighed and went up to Hawkeye's desk.

"Can I help you, sir?" she asked. Roy noticed she had definitely changed. Her hair was worn down, and it flowed down to her ass.

"You mean you don't recognize me?" Roy asked with a smirk. She didn't move.

"I'm sorry, sir, no I don't. But I can help you if you are looking for someone."

Roy sighed. "Elric."

"Which Elric, sir?"

"Edward." 'Who else could it be?' thought Roy.

"And what is your business with the Colonel?"

'What the hell? He's a Lt. Colonel?' "I am an… old friend." He decided that would be better than saying "I was his lover, and now I want to see my boyfriend again!"

"Alright then. Here is his address and phone number. (2) Good day, sir." Hawkeye handed him the paper and turned back to her work.

Roy was astonished to find out that Ed was living in Central. As Roy turned the corner he smiled. He pictured Ed's smiling face as he opened the door. He would wrap his arms around Roy and never let go.

Roy reached the house. He took a deep breath and headed up the steps. He paused as his finger hovered over the doorbell. 'Can't back down now,' He thought.

He rang the doorbell twice before someone opened the door. It was Ed, or, an older version of him. He had the same blonde hair, but it was in a ponytail in the back of his head. He was 20 now. Ed looked to be about 5' 11", just enough so his eyes met Roy's nose. Roy smiled.

"Can I help you?" Ed said with a grin.

Roy's heart broke. This was not the greeting he expected. "Of course you can, Ed." He said calmly.

Ed's smile faded. "How do you know my name?" he said harshly.

"Ed, it's me." Roy put a hand out. "It's me, Roy." A small grin came over Roy, but Ed glared at the dark haired man.

"I don't know who the hell you think you are but you are not Roy Mustang." Ed spat it out, tears forming in his eyes. "That bastard is dead and gone and I will NOT have you pretending to be him."

Just then, a little girl appeared behind Ed's legs. "Who's dis, Daddy?" she gave Roy a questioning look.

Ed bent down and came face to face with the girl. "It's no one, Nina. Now go back to your dinner." She did as she was told.

"Nina?" Roy asked as the blonde stood up. "You adopted a girl named Nina?" Roy felt a hard slap on his left cheek and saw Ed with tears finally falling.

"I have never adopted. Now get the hell out of here." Ed slammed the door on Roy's face.

'Never adopted?' thought Roy. 'Then why did that little girl call him daddy?' Roy was left to wander the streets as the sun set. He decided to get a room at a hotel and talk things over with Ed in the morning.

Ed smiled as he looked down at his sleeping daughter. Sure, it wasn't normal for a single guy to have a 3-year-old daughter, but it was normal for him. Ed turned off the light and walked out of Nina's room. He closed the door so that it was just open a crack, and then walked down the hallway.

Pictures were all over the walls of the hallway. There were pictures of Ed and Al as kids, of Havoc smoking in front of a "no smoking" sign, many of Nina growing up, and tons of Ed and Roy. Ed stopped in front of one.

It was of the day before Roy had gone off to war. They were sitting in Roy's office, on the couch. Ed was on Roy's lap, and Roy had a book in his hand. They were both glaring at whoever was taking the photo, which was most likely Hughes. Ed smiled as he thought of Roy.

"What a bastard." Ed whispered and the smile was gone. "Leaving me right when I needed him." 'And I can never forgive him for that.' Ed didn't dare say that when Nina was there. Even asleep, she might be able to hear him. Ed sighed and thought of his little Nina.

He had been with Roy for two years, and they had had sex a few times. Okay, maybe more than a few. But about three months before Roy left, they had sex without protection. And Ed hadn't realized it, but Roy had somehow gotten him pregnant. Now, when Ed found out, not only did he call the doctor a "dumb ass doc with no idea what the hell is wrong", but he had fainted after seeing the proof. He was going to have Roy Mustang's baby.

Yet Ed never told Roy. He was going to, but Roy left before he had the chance to. When the baby was born, a little girl, Ed had already chosen a name. Nina, after Nina Tucker, whom he felt should have a chance to live a nice, long, happy life. He was going to name her Trisha, but Winry and Al beat him to it. Yes, Al had gotten his body back and proposed to Winry and they had Trisha. But Nina, was Ed's little girl.

When Nina was one, Ed was only 17. But he waited for Roy to come home. Then, when Nina turned two, Ed got a letter from the military. It said that Roy's plane had crashed, and he was proclaimed dead. He did his best not to let Nina see him cry.

Nina looked like Roy. She had jet-black, thick hair. She even could smirk like him. She also had his cute nose and petite lips. But she had Ed's tan skin and golden eyes. She was the most beautiful thing in Ed's world.

Ed slipped off his clothes so he was just in his boxers. He then climbed into his large king sized bed. On his nightstand, which sat beside the bed, was a picture of Ed and Al once their bodies had returned to normal. There was also a picture of Nina, Trisha, and Sam, Trisha's little brother, opening their presents at Christmas. There was one other one, slightly covered in dust. It wasn't a picture though. It was a letter from Roy.

Hey Ed,

God, war is even more brutal than before. But that's okay. I mean, I'm leaving soon. My flight leaves in about 4 hours. It won't be that long of a flight, and it's a real safe area. My main concern is how you're doing.

I know you probably hate me for leaving you for war, but honestly, I couldn't sleep thinking you were going to have to see all this death. So I'm glad I convinced them to let you stay. You're way better off.

Not that I mean you should go off and find someone else. Hell, once I come back I'll kill them for taking you. Nah, I won't. But that's not a promise I can keep.

---New ink, probably a different day---

I heard them saying we can come home soon. So don't you fret. I'll get home, alright. Nothing will stop me. I promise.

My plane's about to leave. I miss you so much I hide a photo of you under my shirt and helmet. The others make fun of me, but I don't care. I get to see you soon.

Never forget me.


Your Roy

Ed closed his eyes and an image came to his mind. It was of that man who had come to his doorstep. 'He had some nerve.' Ed thought. 'You shouldn't pretend to be the dead.'

His mean thoughts slowly faded away and turned into dreams. He dreamt of a man named Mustang.


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