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We All Fall: Crying

Ed was dizzy.

He hadn't eaten a lot recently, and hence he was almost twelve pounds lighter. He'd been working late and not getting a lot of sleep, too. Nina always wanted to play, but that was just for a bit when he was home. And then, he was making out with his dead lover.

The scene played out like it always did. Roy convinced Ed he was himself by some random stupid reason. Then Ed would take care of Nina, and then go find Roy. He'd try and get Roy out of the house, but they'd end up kissing, making out, and basically snogging all over each other. The dreams were always like that for Ed. And he'd wake up, tears gently falling down his face. He'd wipe them and go on with his day, trying to move on from the past that haunted him.

But his time was different. No dream Roy had ever gone slow, as if unsure. No dream Roy would just give little pecks. No dream Roy was that gentle, or kind, or patient. They would rush it all, making it harder for Ed in the morning to wake. No, this Roy was taking it slow, making sure Ed knew he wanted to kiss him harder before doing so. Ed opened his eyes.

He still felt dizzy. And he still felt the lips on his jaw, working their way to his ear. Ed felt strong arms tenderly holding him up so he wouldn't crumble to the ground. He felt the breath reach his ear and heard the soft whisper.

"I would never die without telling you." said the whisper. "I would strive to live, if only to say three last words." There were fingers whisking on the skin of Ed's bare arms. "I love you." No dream Roy had ever said those words, no matter how hard Ed wished they would. So he pushed the Roy away, looking at him with sheer discuss.

"How dare you." Ed hissed through his teeth, his eyes watering once more. "You come into my house, disturb my daughter, kiss my lips, and tell me you fucking love me?" he glared at the fraud. The man looked extremely hurt, but so did paid actors. "The Roy Mustang that I knew, that died four years ago, never said love. He would say his only love is himself, being the egotistical bastard that he was." Ed felt the anger rising just mentioning the man so much. He felt a heavy pain in his chest.

Roy, or the fraud, as Ed presumed, was speechless. Sure, he had never told Ed he loved him, let alone anyone else. The last person he had probably said the words to was his late mother, may she rest in peace. (1) And yes, he had always said he loved himself more than anyone. But in his heart, as cheesy and corny as it sounded, he knew he loved Ed. He just never got the chance to say so. Or maybe he did, and he'd missed his chance. Roy's eyes watered too as he watched the blonde in cover his mouth and cough heavily.

"Dammit!" Ed swore as quietly as a yell could get. He glared at Roy. "She," he pointed up the stairs. "Is the only reason I'm alive, did you know that?" Roy didn't move; didn't answer. Ed continued. "I'm dying, but I have to make sure I last another fourteen years so she can support herself WITHOUT joining the fucking military." His words verbally slapped Roy.

"Dying?" He asked, his own anger fuming. "If your dying, why are you so happy, peppy, loving? Why are you still in the military? You know you could go off to war and easily die." He didn't notice the tears drip onto the carpet. He didn't notice anything except the blonde in front of him.

"Daddy?" she called. The men turned their heads, Ed not to cry; trying not to show the tears. "Why are you dying?"

Ed fell to the floor, his head in his hands. The tears fell freely now, even though they weren't the only noise in the room. Roy ran a hand through his hair and discreetly wiped his own tears away, unaware that the little girl had been watching him, her tawny eyes glaring at him through tears.

"And my soul…" Ed whispered as he heard Nina yell at Roy to stop hurting him. "…From out that shadow…" Roy tried to calmly tell Nina he hadn't done anything. "…That lies floating on the floor…" Nina let out a howl of a cry and Roy crouched down to Ed. "…shall be lifted…" The two men looked each other in the eye. Roy didn't know what to say. "…nevermore."


Made that up for plot thickening.

The last paragraph is the last line of The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe. Rather morbid, no?

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