Author's Note: This just came to me last night when I was looking for photos of Naruto. After I saw a funny screen cap, and this just all of the sudden came to me. I started to laugh my head off so I just had to write it. This is going to be only maybe three or four chapters for now at least. I'll still be working on my other ones but if I get frustrated or inspired I'll work on this one. It's nice clean humor so enjoy! LOL!

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The Trickster Strikes:

TenTen's Funny Plan

It was nice normal day. Therefore, Naruto Uzumaki the number one Hyper-active, knuckled-headed ninja decided to go to his favorite ramen stand to get a good help of the world's best food. As he sat down to eat little did he know that a certain ninja was watching him…

TenTen was hiding on a roof top not far from where Naruto was sitting. She was giggling her head off when she then heard someone behind her. She turned to see Sakura, Hinata, Temari and Ino looking at her with confused faces.

"TenTen what are you doing?" asked Sakura going to where Tenten was crouched, looking to see what she was looking at.

"Giggle. If you must know I have been playing tricks on our favorite boy ninja." She smirked.

"What!" said all four shinobi running over to look at her handy work. The girls saw Naruto was sitting and was about ready to eat some ramen.

"Ah, nothing like a bowl of ramen!" he smiled and just as he was about to take a bite…the bowl exploded.

And there sat Naruto in total shock, his chopsticks still in mid-air mouth wide open.

Sakura, TenTen, Temari, and Ino were holding their sides as they laughed their heads off, while Hinata had her hands over her face, blushing, not sure if she wanted to laugh or not though it was really tempting.

As for our poor ninja Naruto, he looked at the bowl in disbelief.


"What's with you?" asked a voice from Naruto's right. (The girls are watching Naruto from the back of him.)

Naruto turned to see Sasuke and Sai walking towards him.

"Somebody bobby trapped and blew up a perfectly good bowl of ramen in my face!"

Sasuke cocked an eyebrow and Sai started to laugh.

"Your kidding." Laughed Sai.


"Calm down Naruto it's just a bowl of…" started Sasuke

"Don't you ever say that! I mean I didn't even get a bite!" complained Naruto with a pout.

"Good for nothing, stupid rotten…I am going to kill…man that reeks!"

"WOOF!" (Dog whimpering noises)

The three boys looked to see Kiba and his loyal and LARGE dog Akamaru coming towards them and they could already smell something really bad.

"Urgg! What the heck? What the heck happened to you two and what stinks?" asked Naruto holding his nose. Sasuke turned his head; Sai turned his head and well as holding his nose.

"Dang it, some how SOMEONE hid a skunk on our training field so when Akamaru and I where practicing the rotten animal got us!"

It was getting harder and harder for Hinata to not laugh. The others had calmed down enough so that they were breathing but they were still chuckling.

"Man, if I ever find out who did this…Hey Naruto…What happened to you?" asked Kiba doing a double take.

"Uh? Oh somebody booby trapped my ramen!" he said with his noise pinched.


Suddenly, Sasuke looked past Sai to see Neji and what he saw made him laugh like he had never laughed before.

"W-what happened to YOU?" asked Sasuke as Neji came towards them. The others turned to see Shikamaru, Shino, Choji and a not-too-happy-looking-Neji walking towards them. And what the group saw made them all laugh like nuts. Neji's hair was partly pink. The bottom of his hair was still black but the top was the same shade of pink that Sakura's hair was.

"Don't ask." Said Neji through clenched teeth.

By this point the girls were beside themselves. Hinata was the only one still standing. The other four were on the floor roaring in laughter. It was a wonder that the boys didn't hear them they were laughing that hard.

"No, (laugh) offence Neji, (raspberry), but I think Sakura looks better in that hair color than you do (laughing while hitting the counter with hand)!" gasped Naruto.

"Neji, what happened?" asked Kiba trying to control his laughter. Even Akamaru was barking in a kind of dog laugh.

"If you must know, he said glaring at Naruto's laughter,

I was practicing my Byakugan, when I noticed a strange trail of charka. I followed it and some how when I was passing a tree I missed a trap wire and this pink ink of some sort fell on my head." He finished glaring at Sai.

"Well don't look at me." Sai chuckled still shocked at the change of color of Neji's hair.

"Any of you beside me, and Kiba, get a prank pulled on you?" asked Neji wrinkling his nose; obviously he had already figured out the Kiba probably had one done to him due to his smell.

"Yeah, me, I had a bowl of ramen blow up in my face." Complained Naruto who had stopped laughing at the thought of his poor bowl of ramen.

"Anybody else?"

"Nope not us." Said Sai and Sasuke shacking their heads no.

"Not us either." Said Shikamaru pointing to Shino, Choji and himself.

"I wonder if…" started Naruto but then, Rock lee came running towards them, with no weird smell, hair color, or marks of being tricked by a trap on him. When he saw Neji, Naruto, Kiba, and Akamaru, it took him a good five minutes to calm down and stop laughing. After Naruto had smacked him on the head for laughing, he looked at them and said,

"Well some body must be mad at you or something, for I have not had any tricks pulled on me either."

The girls mean while had finally calmed down themselves, the four of them turned to look at TenTen,

"TenTen, you are a genius!" giggled Sakura.

"Yeah, I'll say, have you got any other jokes up your sleeves?" smirked Temari.

"Well-l, I hadn't come up with any yet for the rest…"

"OH please, let me get Sai and Sasuke." Begged Sakura.

"I claim Choji!" smiled Ino.

"I want to get Shikamaru." Smirked Temari with a grin that told them that she already had a plan whirling in her head.

They looked at Hinata and she shock her head.

"N-no. I don't want to play a trick on Lee or the others. I'll just watch."

"Okay, then you and I can come up with something for Rock lee and we all can do Shino. Said TenTen looking at Sakura who nodded.

"Now you guys nothing too mean. Just something that will annoy the heck of them but not too much that they won't get over it and no permanent stuff just temporary."

"Hey, I wanted to ask, what about the ink?" asked Temari jerking her thumb towards Neji.

"Oh that just some ink that I found in Tsunade's office. It should come out in one or two washes." Snickered the weapon master.

"Hey…I may have an idea for Rock lee…" thought Sakura out loud with a smile.

"I have a feeling this is going to be good." Smiled Temari.

"Alright girls are we all in this?" smiled TenTen.

Shikamaru just shook his head and said,

"I don't know, maybe it's the girls having fun. They're so troublesome I won't doubt it."

"Nah, it just couldn't be. I can't see them doing this." Said the biggest knuckle-head which is Naruto of course.

"Oh who cares." Sighed Sasuke.

"I DO. So does Akamaru." Complained Kiba. Akamaru barked in agreement.

"Eh, well it's over and at least it wasn't anything too bad." Said Choji shrugging.

"I guess your right." Sighed Naruto.

"Yeah, things couldn't get any worse." Smiled Rock Lee. (AN: Well, they're done for, never say things couldn't get any worse for they always find a way…)

"So it's agreed?" smiled Sakura putting her hand in front of her.

"Yes, I'm in!" smiled TenTen putting her hand on Sakura's.

Temari, Ino, and last of course, Hinata, put their hands in.

"To making the guys squirm, and have fun doing it!" yelled TenTen.

"And as Naruto says, BELIVE IT!" laughed Sakura.

"RIGHT!" they said together laughing and throwing their hands up into the air.

The boys had no clue what cloud of darkness was about to be fall them….

To be continued….


LOL! Was that funny or what! If you have any ideas for a good prank to play on them, either tell me it in a review or PM me. However the rules are just like the girls: It must be clean (as not too crude/rude) nor can it be permanent. And no cutting hair or something like that. That's a little too mean. I really need ones for Sasuke, Choji, Shino, and Shikamaru. I mean I have ideas but if I can get better ones…I've got a really good one for Rock lee and Sai but you think of good one I might use it instead but I really like the ones I've got for them. LOL, Kiki

P.S- I will at the end of the next chapter give full credit to whomever's ideas I use. I'm not that kind of mean person that wouldn't give credit when it is due.