Hello! Welcome to my first ever RENT fanfic. (Yay!) This will be multi-chapter and involves canon relationships and Mark and Roger friendship only (no slash). I have no problem with slash; just to me they always seemed to be more interesting as friends rather than lovers. As you can tell by the dates (which are important) this is post-Rent by a few months

December 24th, 1991


It was a dark and blustery evening, the brisk, chill wind whirling through the narrow alleyways of Alphabet City as a man hurried through, coat collar turned up against the cold. Snow was gathered in corners and gutters; old, dirty snow, stained with the detritus of Bohemia, namely dirt, urine and old syringes, but the man ignored it. The walls of this particular thoroughfare were papered with hundreds of posters: advertisements for upcoming gigs, advertisements for new cars, notices about support groups, about places to rent, notices about drug clinics. In among these larger items were the smaller pieces of paper, the more personal items – the homemade posters. There was nothing special, nothing extraordinary, to distinguish these from each other, to emphasise their importance to those that wrote them. They simply blended into the mural, part of the collage of colour and life that characterised this part of New York. However for some reason, one caught his eye. It was old, the paper torn and curled at the corners, and the date at the top read "30th September 1991". Below was a photocopied picture of a young man, with pale hair and glasses, beaming at the camera. It also had words:


Have you seen our friend Mark Cohen? He is thin, 5'7'' with blond hair and blue eyes. He usually wears glasses. Mark left home at 2:00pm on the 25th of September to film some footage for a documentary he was making. He never came home. Two days later we found his glasses, smashed camera and his bloodstained scarf in an alley of Alphabet City. If you know what happened to Mark, or have any information on where he might be, please contact us at the numbers below:

Joanne: 87691438

Roger: 87009234

Or leave a message for Tom Collins at the Life Café

REWARD for information!

The man sighed. Another young thing snuffed out for a few dollars, a warm coat for the winter. What a waste. The poster fell from his hand and he shuffled off, intent on getting indoors before the snow began to fall.