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Chapter 22

"I do not have a sudden Increasing Protectiveness of you Potter. This has always been present, but perhaps just as you once jokingly've grown on me." He stated and smirked when Harry's jaw dropped….

Snape shook his head at the teen and stood again.

"Are you quite done with your fish out of water imitation?" He said in a dry voice, which had Harry snapping back to reality, the last few days just kept getting weirder and weirder.

"Yes sir." Harry said. Snape nodded as Draco came back into the room holding a vial out to Snape who in turn took it and held it out to Harry.

"Take it with no complaints and explain." He commanded, with a scowl Harry took the vial and downed it.

"You're getting bossy." He snapped in what was almost a whine. Draco snorted as he walked into the kitchen still within ear shot should Harry choose to alter his story, but far enough away to give the two some piece of privacy.

"Mr. Potter would you kindly stop stalling?" Snape pressed. Harry grumbled and slouched on the couch feeling very much like a child.

"The meeting didn't go well." Harry said bluntly earning himself a dry look from Snape forcing him to explain further. "The Slytherins and Gryffindors seem intent on keeping the hostility up. I blew up at them, no I didn't use magic, I just lectured them, trying to explain why they need to shove aside the differences." Harry said and lurched to his feet, the potion had only begun to take the edges of the headache away.

"Is that so." Snape commented watching his charge pace the length of the living room.

"Is it really that hard? I mean Draco and I hated each other before this summer now we are best friends!" he said frustrated. Draco shook his head as he leaned on a wall that separated the living room from the kitchen.

"Harry, I saw you beaten within an inch of your life from your relatives. Any misunderstandings I had were cleared up there. And then you took a curse from my own father meant for me. It's kind of hard to stay enemies after something like that." Draco pointed out. Harry sent him a dark look.

"That isn't the point! Dumbledore has harbored this stupid feud for so long! You cannot tell me that this has always been the case!" Harry said throwing his hands into the air.

"Your headache Harry?" Snape inquired while he watched him pace. Harry stopped and sent Snape an annoyed look.

"It's fine." He said between his teeth, he froze when Snape narrowed his eyes.

"The potion hasn't helped?" he inquired.

"It took the edges off of-Hey!" Harry yelped when Snape had stood swiftly and grabbed his chin tilting his head up so the light shone into his eyes. Snape frowned as he stared into them.

"How much is it hurting?"

"It's fine!" Harry said finally whining. Snape tightened his grip on his chin.

"Potter." He said coldly. Harry jerked his chin aggravated both with Snape's pestering (as well as to keen perception) but the pain.

"It hurts to even move my head, like I said it's fine. Once the po-"

"Harry the potion should have already kicked in. and that was a very high level potion as well." He said frowning, he released Harry's chin and gave Draco a pointed look before he quickly left the room. Draco cleared his throat as Harry collapsed back on to the couch.

"Harry did you eat at supper?" he asked as he moved closer to the teen. Harry snorted.

"Yes, I ate some, I wasn't really hungry." Harry said as he lowered his head into his hands. "Draco do me a big favor and leave me alone right now."

"I can't." Draco said earning a surprised look from the green eyed teen, he sat down next to him with a shrug.

"If you can't figure out why then it isn't my job to tell you why." He said. Harry growled at him as Snape made his way back into the room. His hands were empty which caused Harry to send him a sneer.

"Wipe that look off your face Potter." Snape snapped and reached down taking one of Harry's arms he pulled him so he was standing. "And before you argue or ask questions, your going to bed."

"What!" Harry yelped as he was dragged down the hallway to his room. "That's stupid! Just because I have a headache I have to go to bed?"

"No Harry, just because you are in pain and no potion helps is why you have to go to bed. Knowing you, you were unconsciously sending magic into that meeting to try to sooth and calm those that you could, and when your magic couldn't keep the emotions at bay you took action. You're soft hearted Harry, and it is one of your downfalls…as well as endearing features to many. Now get ready, I will be back in." Snape said leaving Harry alone in his bedroom. Harry sighed and rolled his eyes at the door. Snape was being completely ridiculous as far as he was concerned. He glanced around the room still unused to it. Snape had created, well had had the house elves create for Harry. It made him feel like he actually belonged. Shaking his head he tried to push the feelings he felt away, lecturing himself as he went to his wardrobe and pulled out a red t-shirt and a pair of black sweats. It was stupid to be happy about something as simple as a room, of course Snape wanted him to have his own room he couldn't very well continue to have Harry sleeping in his room all the time. Harry nodded to himself and winced as the pain in his head spiked from the movement quickly he changed into the other clothes already more at ease. He glanced around the room until his eyes fell on the pictures by his bed would his parents approve of everything? And Sirius…Harry felt his throat clog and his vision blurred vaguely over his emotions and the pain he heard his door open.

"It wasn't your fault you little fool!" Snape's voice said. Harry took a deep breath and turned to face his guardian.

"If I had listened to adults…" Harry stammered he took a deep breath trying to bottle his emotions again.

"Somehow I doubt that. Regardless of the choices that you made, the fact remains that it was his fault. He chose to leave the safety of headquarters. He could have contacted any of the order members to tell them what happened but he chose to go on his own." Snape pressed. Harry shook his head.

"He loved me that's why he went on his own!" Harry snapped.

"Yes Harry he loved you that does not make this your fault. He was an adult and should have stopped to think of the consequences his actions could have had." Snape said with a sigh as he took Harry's arm and guided the distraught teen to sit on the bed he sat beside him.

"Yes it is! If I-"

"Harry stop! It is not your fault!" Snape pressed and was forced to keep a grip on Harry to keep him sitting down.

"You were right! Merlin why are you even talking to me! Let alone why did you become my guardian after what I did last year?" Harry protested sighing Snape shook his head, he was wondering when this would come up. He was honestly surprised that it hadn't come up during the summer.

"Harry stop." He said trying to keep his voice neutral, he didn't want to upset him anymore than he already was.

"No I cant! You don't understand! Its my fault its just going to happen again, something always does every year like clock work!" Harry exclaimed he didn't notice Draco standing in the doorway, nor the look Snape shared with the blonde which caused the teen to hastily leave the room.

"Harry, I want you to listen to me very carefully, are you listening?" Snape said in a stern voice, he lost count how many times he had to have talks such as this with his snakes. When Harry nodded he scowled. "Verbal answer Potter." He commanded.

"Yes sir, I'm listening." Harry said after a moment.

"Last year, no. None of the events that have happened since you were born have been your fault. You are a child, it was not your job, it was the adults that were in your life. Further more, while you are at Hogwarts it is your teachers job, ensure your safety. Not because you are the boy-who-lived but because you are a student at Hogwarts." Snape said in a soft voice that forced Harry to listen to every word carefully just so that he could hear them.

"Professor." Harry began, his voice was dry, and it was clear he was beyond exhausted.

Snape held up a hand shaking his head he stood.

"It will take time for you to understand that it wasn't your fault, especially since no one has paid enough attention to notice what you are feeling." He said and Harry jumped as he heard a quiet mew come from the bed, twisting Harry saw that Galahad was jumping over the comforter on the bed towards him. He felt a slight smile light his lips.

"You knew I'd be coming here tonight and not back to Gryffindor Tower." Harry accused and scooped the kitten into his arms and raised his eyes to stare at his guardian who had placed a mask of indifference on his face.

"It was the logical option, the meeting was going to get out late, and I did not expect that it would go over smoothly, no I did not know that they would fight as hard as they did, but I had a feeling with the feud between both houses being an obstacle that is going to take time to overcome." He said Harry frowned even with his head an idea popped into his head.

" you have any idea how I can speed things along? There has got to be a way to make them see that they don't have to be enemies just because their parents were, and that Slytherin isn't evil even though Voldemort was in it." Harry said, Snape shook his head.

"This can wait until you have rested." He deemed and headed towards the doorway.

"No it can't! Snape please! It's important." Harry said all but begging. Snape paused and turned at the door way to look at his charge, green eyes begged his own and in them he could see the haze of pain, to want to push himself again, he shouldn't allow it, but he had insisted that Harry keep him updated on what was going on with the blasted little club of his. And now the boy had actually calmed down some, which was surprising considering he had been close to hysterics minutes earlier. Harry opened his mouth to beg again but Snape held up a hand.

"Do you truly insist on discussing this tonight?" He asked hoping the boy would back down, but Harry nodded.

"Yes!" Harry said as Galahad jumped to perch on his shoulder. Scowling Snape gestured.

"Very well, we will discuss this in kitchen, and I am sure Draco will have ideas that can prove to be useful. You will drink some herbal tea, perhaps we will be able to dull that headache of yours enough for what is said to sink in." Snape said in a bored voice. Harry stood unable to hide the smirk.

"Things sink into my head already." He countered as he stood beside Snape. The Potion's master looked down at him with a raised eyebrow.

"Is that so? Whose fault was Black's death?" He said, Harry's breath caught and he almost claimed blame again but he paused Snape's words from earlier echoing in his mind, unfortunately he could actually see some truth in his words so he answered as best he could.

"I don't know...maybe some of it was mine, maybe all of it was his. I need to think..." Harry said looking at the ground. Snape blinked in shock, then he let a rare smile light his face.

"Good answer Mr. Potter, now I believe we need to be outlining a plan to unite all four houses." He said as green eyes stared into his own and he led Harry to the kitchen where Draco already sat reading a book, glancing up he too seemed surprised.

"Severus?" he asked.

"Harry wants help to figure out how to get these idiotic fools in this school to work together, and has asked for help. I could order the Snakes to listen to you but somehow I doubt you'd agree to that." Snape said as he took one of the chairs waving his wand to start a pot of tea on the stove, Harry sat beside him across from Draco. Galahad jumped down and curled up on the end of the table out of the way. Draco frowned ready to object to such an order but Harry spoke quietly.

"Draco has already been working on getting them to respect me sir, I don't want to abuse a trust that is not yet solid. I think..." Harry trailed off shaking his head holding in another wince. He jumped when a cup of tea was placed in front of him. Harry looked up and saw Snape appeared to be waiting to hear what he said, a glance at Draco confirmed the fact.

"It was a stupid idea, and you said you'd help." He countered, Snape sipped his own cup of tea.

"One never knows until one voices it to others." Snape commented.

"In other words Harry tell us, and we'll be the judge of that." Draco said. Harry rolled his eyes.

"Fine, I was going to say I should be spending more time with the Slytherins. And not only in private. I should be seen around them in public, as far as anyone knows I'm still Dumbledore's golden boy. It may make them think twice about this feud." Harry explained. Draco smirked.

"Let it always be said that the smart side of you Harry is the Slytherin in you." The blonde said grinning Harry rolled his eyes at him.

"That Harry is an excellent idea, and you should start as soon as possible. Draco why don't you take him to the common room, your year mates should be back by now and knowing them they are not in bed as of yet." He said Harry jumped to his feet ignoring the way the other boy rolled his eyes.

"Don't get so excited, we wont have much time." He explained as they left Snape to exit the rooms. Harry smirked.

"Draco I haven't had a real chance to talk to them, heck even though they were threatened they came to my birthday party." Harry said.

"Potter...your mood swings are complicated to keep up with." Draco said as they entered the Slytherins dorm. Walking in they saw that Snape had been in fact right, Draco's year mates were gathered by the fire each had a frown on their face. It was Millicent who looked up and saw them, standing she walked over to Harry her long black hair was tied back and held out a hand.

"Hello, I'm Millicent Bulstrode. We never properly spoke before." She said softly which caused the rest of the Slytherins to look over and gape at Harry. Harry smiled and took Millicent's hand shaking it.

"Harry Potter, and I agree we haven't but I feel that has to change...for all of us." he said his eyes sweeping the rest of the Slytherins. Crabbe and Goyle glanced at Draco who nodded.

"Draco says your more Slytherin than Gryffindor." Crabbe said. Harry grinned.

"Truth be told, had I allowed the Sorting hat do its job I would've been in Slytherin." Harry offered. Draco smirked at his year mates.

"Alright Harry here wants to spend more time with us, and I am all for that, we may yet brake some of his stupid Gryffindor habits." He said. "Right then you know Millicent now, and Crabbe and Goyle, though try to call them by their first name. The boy of there is Blaise Zabini, that's Pansy Parkinson, Tracy Davis, Thedore Nott and last Daphne Greengrass." He said pointing to each in turn. Harry nodded to each one and smiled as Millicent seemed content to stand by his side, it seemed he already had an ally here.

"I hope you lot don't mind having me around." He offered. Blaise and Thedore stood up walking over to him.

"Potter...when we are through with you, your the one who will be minding." Blaise said. Harry smirked.

"I was trapped with Snape and Draco all summer, do your worst. Now do I explain what I'm trying to do?" He asked.

"You want to show off for your lions." Pansy sneered. Harry nodded.

"Actually the whole entire school, but I do want to get to know you. Draco said I should, and I was never one for feuds. I figure if Draco and I can settle ours then we can do the same. And then try to get the rest of the 'lions' to realize how stupid this is for a school to be divided as it is. I do need to ask are any of you planning on becoming Death Eaters?" He asked and got a entire room full of laughter. Tracy spoke up this time.

"Potter, we aren't as stupid as our parents, not quit stalling and tell us what to do. It sounds...interesting, and it would torment good old Dumbles and of course the lions before we tame them." she said as they all sat down. Nodding Harry began to tell them what he needed them to do...