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Harry found himself being shaken awake, groaning he tried to swat the hand away.

"Potter if you want to be seen going into the Great Hall with Slytherins you need to get up now and get ready!" Draco's voice snapped sounding annoyed as if he had been trying to wake Harry up for a while. His words broke through the fog in Harry's mind and he snapped awake sitting up in his bed barely remembering coming back from the Slytherin common room the night before to Snape's rooms.

"Maybe I should do that tomorrow, I haven't had a chance to fill Hermoine or Ron in on what I'm doing. And I really don't feel like another fight." Harry said biting his lip. Draco rolled his eyes and grabbed Harry's arm pulling him out of the bed.

"Potter, you are going to breakfast with the Slytherins whether you like it or not. If Granger and Weasley cannot figure out what you are up to, then they are slower than Vincent and Gregory once were! Now get ready we are already running behind because you refused to wake up!" Draco commanded all put shoving the Gryffindor teen into the bathroom. Once Harry closed the door, the blonde turned to the mirror adjusting his own uniform until it showed perfection. He really did need to get Harry to a wizard hairdresser. What was done to his hair on his birthday was good but it didn't truly suit him. He needed a regal look Draco thought nodding to himself as he finished adjusting his robes. One thing Snape always insisted of his house was to make sure they looked neat and respectable, not that when they were younger they did all the time. He turned as Harry opened the bathroom door mostly dressed his tie in his hands, as he looked at Draco he began to tie it making Draco shudder, grabbing it from the other teens hands he began to do it correctly.

"Mcgonagall really needs to teach her Gryffindors to look more presentable." Draco grumbled as he finished with Harry's tie. Harry rolled his eyes.

"Just because we don't obsess with our looks…"

"Harry…a lot of Gyrffindors show up looking like they just rolled out of bed. As sixth years we need to hold ourselves to a higher degree." Draco sniffed as he gestured for Harry to follow him.

"I forgot you made Prefect that explains everything." Harry muttered, it reminded him that both Hermione and Ron were Prefects as well.

"No the fact that I am proud of being a sixth year Slytherin at Hogwarts explains it. Though after what I found out this summer I can't really hold how you used to dress against you." Draco said shrugging as he ushered Harry out of Snape's rooms and towards the Slytherin common room.

"I honestly don't know if I should say thanks or…" Harry trailed off letting Draco figure out what he was implying as the second option.

"Your welcome. We did warn you that you would be the one minding after hanging around Slytherins." Draco groaned as they reached the common room entrance, Millicent was waiting quietly.

"We missed everybody!" He said annoyed, Millicent shrugged.

"I told them I would wait behind, at least it will look better if he showed up with two Slytherins instead of just one. They said to have him sit at our table." She explained. Draco sighed nodding.

"That does make sense, well come on Potter before they eat all the food!" He said grabbing Harry's arm to make him walk faster. Harry rolled his eyes again.

"What is with you, you are in a mood today!" He protested. Draco paused and glanced at Millicent before he shook his head.

"We'll talk later right now we do need to get going unless you want to be late to Potion's and explain to your guardian you were sleeping like the dead with no potion which of course never happens so he will worry." Draco threatened. Harry freed his arm and nodded keeping pace with him, thankful that his bad knee wasn't acting up.

"Good point, I wasn't ignoring you." Harry said glancing at the blonde, Draco gave Harry a look.

"I am well aware of that, you just wouldn't wake up." Millicent cleared her throat causing both boys to look at her.

"Not to intrude…but it could be his body trying to make up for lack of true sleep." She said, Draco frowned and nodded, Harry groaned.

"Great just what I need, to be so deep in sleep I can't be woken." He grumbled. Draco snorted and slipped an arm around his shoulder as they walked through the doors to the great hall, already students from other houses were staring as Harry was led to the Slytherin table.

"Relax, they just don't know what to make of the fact that last year we were at each other's throats, and now you seem to be getting along well with me and the entire Slytherin house." Draco said as he sat down Harry sat next to him nodding a greeting to the rest of the sixth years.

"We did try to wait for you, but it would have been unseemly to show up late to breakfast." Pansy said with a sniff as she offered a plate of food to Harry. Harry sighed.

"Yeah sorry, Draco tried to wake me but I guess between the DA meeting, or whatever I should call that disaster, and talking with you all, I was very hard to wake up." He offered as a apology. Pansy nodded her head regally as if she were the Queen accepting the excuse.

"Please try and remember to set a time spell to alert you to wake with enough time to meet us, we can't have you being late anymore. After all you are being seen with us now." She said and went back to her food. Harry felt his body tense up, he really didn't need to have a Slytherin accuse him of being late, much less thinking it was their job to now dictate when and where he went. He was about to say as much when surprisingly Millicent who had chosen to sit at his other side touched his shoulder.

"Don't pay Pansy much mind, she is just annoyed that the grand entrance they had planned for today was a miss. She really doesn't mean anything by it." She said, Harry relaxed and nodded slowly.

"I should ask why you are so tense today Harry. But like I said we need to talk alone later." Draco said as he helped himself to more food. Harry sighed, he didn't know if he should be worried about that talk. Glancing at the head table he noticed Snape watching him closely, he probably still wanted to talk about the blasted nightmare from before, Harry thought with a grimace, he glanced at Draco his frown deepening, he really shouldn't be allowing himself to get closer to either of them. Not if he wanted to keep them safe and healthy. Unlike what he had done with Sirius, this time he was not going to rush forward into danger.

"If you keep staring like that Snape will know something is on your mind and come down here to steal you away so that he can find out what it is." Draco said softly, Harry jumped and glanced hastily at his guardian who indeed was frowning at him. Harry shook his head at him and shrugged a half smile on his face, the frown on Snape's face vanished but he could tell by the look he was getting it wasn't the end of the silent discussion that had taken place. Harry sighed it seemed like today was going to be a day for talks.

"You need to hurry up and finish you breakfast so we can leave together. Oh and Granger and Weasley appear to have figured it considering when you sat down they gave a slight nod towards us." Draco said as he finished his plate turning to stare at Harry making the young Gryffindor want to shovel his food faster so he could get out of the spot light of the Great Hall. "Not that fast, last thing we need is you to choke on your food everyone will think we were trying to off you!" Swallowing Harry sent the blonde a nasty look.

"Can we please just leave?" Theodore looked up from his own place next to Pansy finally speaking up.

"What's the matter Potter?"

"He doesn't like to be the center of attention." Draco answered for Harry who nodded. Theodore frowned then nodded as well.

"Guess that always explains that pained look you get whenever you are singled out." Pansy sniffed again.

"You are just going to have to get used to it, you are the famous boy-who-lived, and nothing is going to be able to change that." She said but then her eyes went to the famous scar which now was perfectly blended in with the one he had received rescuing the Dursleys. "Though…maybe they won't be able to tell that easily anymore." She added trying to be kind. When Harry stood up so did Draco, as well as Millicent, Pansy and Theodore.

"Why don't we walk to class together?" Pansy suggested delicately, she had read the under currents knowing Harry was not in as much ease as he had been the night before. Harry frowned and glanced over at Hermione and Ron, the two looked up glanced at the Slytherins before nodding, indicating they would see him in class.

"Sure." Harry said dryly, between Snape watching him and Pansy putting on airs he wasn't much in the mood to try and show off for anyone. As they walked into the hallway Pansy cleared her throat Harry swore he could feel his left eye twitch.

"I suppose I should offer an apology. I did not intend to make you…regret wanting to get to know us all." Pansy said, then she sighed as they began to make their way to potions. "I am not how I shall put this…" Pansy trailed off, Harry let out a sigh and turned to her.

"Pansy stop. You don't have to change how you would normally act, when I said I wanted to get to know you I mean the real you, not some face you feel you have to put up because you don't think I will like you." Harry said bluntly, Pansy looked taken a back then slowly nodded a smile lighting her lips.

"I think I can see now what made Draco change his mind about you. Very well no masks, however I ask for the same in return from you. As well as I am sure I speak for all of Slytherin, we would like to get to know you and not the front you put on to the wizarding world." She said, Theodore and Millicent nodded in agreement. Frowning Harry glanced at Draco who smirked.

"Hey we are Slytherins you think we can't see when you are faking something? You can pull that off with your Gryffindors but we will always manage to get something out of you, or just trick you into admitting whatever it is." Draco answered Harry's unspoken question.

"Great first you decide that I need to be watched like a hawk, then you get along with Ron so he can do the same thing, and you forgot to mention the rest of your Slytherin year mates were going to do the same?"

"Look at it this way Potter, when you are actually upset about something, even if it's just needing to let your frustration out come over to our common room we can keep secrets and also we don't mind if you feel the need to throw hexes or even punches to release your feelings." Theodore said, Millicent laughed.

"Just don't walk into the common room and punch someone though, we would take offense to that, but sparring is another matter entirely." She explained as they walked into the Potions classroom. Harry blinked.

"You spar?" She nodded.

"Snape thought it would be a good idea for his house to learn more than spells for self-defense, and even though Physical defense is beneath many of us, it does provide a solution to controlling emotions."

"What she means Harry, is Snape is instructing all of Slytherin in hand to hand combat in case we are disarmed, even in muggle methods because like it or not we do have a war on our hands." Draco said pulling Harry to sit next to him. Harry glared at him.

"I would like to sit next to Ron and Hermione, or even Neville."

"Neville can sit with the two of us." Draco said managing to say the name without a sneer. Harry gaped at him. "What? He didn't alienate you this summer, besides since you lent him your notebook he's hardly ever blown anything up." The Slytherin stood and gestured for Neville to come sit with them, poor Neville looked like was about to faint at the idea of sitting so close to the Slytherins but he saw Harry and made his way to him.

"Thanks for the book Harry…" he said as he sat down. Harry smiled.

"Neville you have seen me since I gave it to you, you don't have to thank me every time." He said, Neville smiled back.

"Just wanted to make sure you knew it was a lifesaver, when Snape saw I had it he actually gave me points!" Harry grinned.

"It's about time if you ask me." He said as the Professor stormed into the room, it looked like it was going to be another normal potions class...

Harry rolled his neck as he leaned back in the chair in the library, all in all since he returned to his classes, nothing had changed, and if he could avoid slipping again he might actually make it through the year. He rolled his eyes as Draco slid into the chair across from him, a frown on his face.

"You ditched me." He accused. Harry rolled his eyes.

"Of course I did, you haven't let me be alone all day! Well expect to use the loo, but I don't know what's gotten into you but that doesn't look that impressive to the other houses." Draco waived his words away.

"I need to talk to you."

"So talk."

"In Private Potter!" Draco snapped, Harry sighed, he was hoping that Draco had forgotten or given up on talking about whatever he wanted to, seeing as he hung by Harry's side all day.

"If I say yes will you stop being clingy! You are up to something otherwise you wouldn't have done that." Harry said narrowing his eyes. Draco tried to look offended but gave up when he saw Harry wasn't in a joking mood.

"I figured you were going to go and disappear because I told you that I wanted to talk to you so if I stuck to you then you wouldn't be able to."

"And how'd that work out for you?" Harry said finally feeling amused. Draco glared.

"Obviously I shouldn't have taken my eyes off of your after the last class!" Harry smirked and stood.

"Fine we can talk come on, you should be able to guess where it is we are going." He said and began to walk away, the blonde quickly followed him.

"I know I was annoying but this is really important." Draco said in defense. Harry shook his head, he should have guessed that he was up to something all along, then he could have gotten Draco alone and found out what he wanted and gotten on with his day!

"Okay Draco, we are going to talk." Harry said somewhat concerned, Draco hadn't mentioned his father or even his mother since the attack, he was hoping it wasn't about them. Once they entered the room of requirement the doors shut quickly, the room was empty which surprised Harry, obviously Draco had a lot on his mind. "You wanted to talk in private can't really get more private than here." Draco began pacing glancing at him every once and a while.

"I want us to take a oath." He finally said. Harry blinked.


"Yes Potter an oath…see this is how I finally see things, as of this summer I can't go back home, but neither can you-"

"I have been meaning to ask you what about your mother?" Draco sneered then.

"She is siding with my father, she feels I should be punished for associating with you and not turning you over to the Dark Lord, and that I should take his mark. And that is not going to happen, so as I was saying we are pretty much on our own. You, me and even Severus." Draco said. Harry leaned on the wall folding his arms.

"And this oath is?" He prompted.

"It's similar to an unbreakable vow…but well…here's the thing it makes it magically speaking and on all records say we are…"

"Draco will you stop skipping over things and just spit it out? I do have homework I could be doing." Harry snapped losing his patience.

"We would become brothers." Draco said. Harry stared at him, the blood drained from his face, the dream he had was actually coming true, no he hadn't known that they would be brothers but…he knew that Dumbledore felt he had a right to know about Draco's condition. He shook his head in denial.

"No." He said trying not to take in the pained expression on Draco's face.

"Why not?!" Draco demanded. Harry paled more, shaking his head.

"Draco please no offense but I can't. Besides why would we even need to make some kind of oath for that. I am leaving." Harry said taking out his wand heading to the door.

"Accio Harry's wand!" Draco snapped and his wand flew into his hand. Harry spun around as Draco pointed the wand at him. "Now…what is it that's been bothering you, and don't tell me nothing because ever since a night or so ago you have been pulling away. So spill it, we are not as you once said to Ronald and I, not leaving here until you do." Draco said. Harry stared at the blonde, he was serious he wasn't getting out of the room unless he actually told Draco…he saw stars light in his eyes and heard Draco swear just as he passed out…this was not something he needed right now was his last conscious thought.