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Harry sick of being abused by the Dursley's runs away where Snape finds him outside of the Leaky Cauldron, taking it upon himself he brings Harry to his manor winding up Harry's permanent guardian along the and Draco mend the fences and become close friends after Lucious tries too curse Draco for being near Harry, Harry takes that curse onto himself. Voldemort has his lovely friends go and try too torture the Dursley's too lead Harry away from safety which works expect Harry fights back taking two curses too his face extending his scar down too his left cheek which he asks Snape too leave untouched.

Snape figures out Harry's hidden passion about healing tries to encourage his young charge to pursue that instead of concentrating only on DA. When they return to Hogwarts Harry starts having dreams-I won't go into them as they are actually going to be brought up in this chapter for the most part. Harry and Snape are getting closer and Harry fears this so he starts to pull back, and tries to bury himself in his mission to end the House rivalries once and for all, though Lions are having a hard time accepting it so he takes too spending more time with the snakes.


Draco paced glancing every once and while at Harry who was still out cold on a pile of blankets he had conjured. He probably should have gone and gotten Snape but...something told him it wait it out. He could tell Harry was just asleep and it wasn't even close too dinner yet,they had time.

He jumped when he heard Harry groan and knelt next to the 16 year old as he woke. Green eyes gazed into his own as if searching for answers to some unknown question then Harry lowered his eyes and signed.

"You aren't going to let this go are you." Harry said quietly. Deaco let out a breath he had been holding, Harry wasn't just bringing up the oath but also whatever was causing him to pull away.

"Harry I get that you too wear masks and fake being happy and all in front of most people but we have been through this I can through it." He pressed.

Harry groaned bringing his good knee up and rested his chin on it staring at the blonde.

"Do you know anything about dreams?" Draco blinked.

"A dream has you acting this way?"

Harry shrugged but went on. " I've had two dreams, and I've heard the same voice and seen the same face in both. Each time he freezes the dream I am having. The first dream he told me I destroyed Hogwarts and killed everyone." Draco shook his head holding up a hand.

"You couldn't, of course if you let everything bottle up your magic may lash out...but I know for a fact even if it went wild it wouldn't touch Hogwarts or anyone for that matter. No offense but you are no killer." Harry stared at Draco before he allowed himself to snort.

"Um Draco I am the person that's supposed to kill Voldemort." He pointed out. Draco rolled his eyes.

"Harry do you honestly think Severus is actually going to let you get within ten feet of the Dark Lord? If I know him he's already coming up with a whole other plan to get rid of him without you being even involved." Harry frowned at that and opened his mouth but Draco shook his head. "But please do go on about somehow managing to kill every witch and wizard in Hogwarts."

Glaring at him Harry shook his head. "He didn't explain how I did it, besides that isn't the dream that has been bothering me…" Harry trailed off and looked at the ground and jumped when Draco grabbed his chin much like Severus did and forced him to look him in the eyes.

" No you are not allowed to pull back, you already agreed too tell me! So tell me already maybe it will stop eating at you." Harry sighed and rubbed his forehead before he nodded.

"It was weird. I woke up in the hospital wing, Dumbeldore was there and was ushering me out, telling me Severus was in a coma and you were at he said that you would both be alright but that Severus wasn't well enough to look after me so I was going back to the Dursley's...and he showed me a document and told me that even though I wasn't going to be with Severus that summer it wasn't going to change what that said…" Harry trailed off again and Draco growled in frustration.

"Potter…" He hissed warningly. Harry held up a hand and took a deep breath.

"Snape adopted me as his son." He said in a rush and hid his face not wanting to see Draco's reaction. The Slytherin stood and wondered around the room before came back too stand by the raven haired teen.

"Are you pretty positive its going too too come true." He got a nod. "How?"

"That man I keep seeing he says his name is Salazar Slytherin…I don't know how but I know that's who it is...for some reason your house founder is plaquing my dreams." Harry said with a scowl.

"Well for one I bet he's annoyed that you aren't in your right house." Draco pressed on ignoring the glare he got from Harry. "Okay so he told you it was we just need to prevent you from going back to the Dursleys." Harry jumped to his feet and began pacing limping slightly as his knee throbbed.

"Do you honestly think that's the part that is bothering me? You and Severus got hurt from some kind of raid trying too protect me!" Harry jumped when the blonde grabbed his arm and spun him around.

"Then we will be prepared you have to tell Severus…"Harry shook his head and Draco rolled his eyes, he would press that issue later. "Salazar is a Slytherin stop looking at the dream like a Gryffindor use your Slytherin side." Harry blinked trying to figure out what Houses had to do with it. Draco rolled his eyes. "Slytherin lied to you saying it had to happen, he must have some sort of rules he has to go by, he was giving us a chance to prepare for something."

"I can't get close too Severus or you…"Harry said in a small voice, rolling his eyes again Draco guided him to a chair pushing him down in it.

"Well I hate to break it to you but that's not your choice. You can't control how other people feel. Just like with or without the oath I consider you my brother." Draco said sternly and Harry looked down at his feet his shoulders slumping. "So how about showing some of the famous Gryffindor Courage." Harry glared at him.

"I thought you wanted me too think like a Slytherin."

" You have been doing well being both why stop now?" Draco countered. Harry glared at him as he stood. Holding out his hand with a smirk Draco knew he had won the battle…

Hours later Harry found himself in the Library with Draco and several other Slytherins. Doing of all things their homework. Harry kept glancing down at his wrist, a Celtic knot design was there now just like on Draco's wrist and in Latin what he could make out was the words blood brother. Draco reached around Goyle and smacked Harry on the back of the head.

"Stop staring at it and get to work, you know Snape will want to talk to you today, I doubt you are going too escape answering him. He knows something is up." Harry glanced at his new was an odd feeling too know that magically they were bound as was nice but terrifying.

"I am not telling him…"He hissed and went back to his Transfiguration homework. Draco snorted again.

" The longer you keep it to yourself the angrier he is going to get, you are well enough too scrub cauldrons, if you can't concentrate go see him." Harry glared at him.

"He is teaching seventh years right now."

"So? As your Guardian he would allow you to interrupt and wait in his office for his lesson to be complete." Draco countered as he continued to work on his essay. Harry stared at the parchment in front of him but he couldn't even figure out where to begin his essay. He jumped when his books all slammed shut and stacked them selves, turning he saw Draco setting his wand down giving him a pointed look while the Slytherins around them tried to pretend to not notice. Rolling his eyes he grabbed his books and shoved them into the bag he brought them in capping his ink and setting it and his parchment and quill in there as well.

"You are such a pain in the ass." He muttered under his breath and jumped as he felt a jolt of static hit his back he glanced back and once again saw Draco putting down his wand.

"I heard that Potter now move it before I march you there myself."The older Slytherin threatened. Harry picked up the pace muttering under his breath. He never should have agreed or rather been pushed into taking the damn oath...but when their magic settled it felt right as if it was always meant to be. Groaning he made his way down the Dungeons right in time too hear Severus declare a couple of students complete and utter idiots. The potion's master was probably going to give them a severe tongue he lashing but he held off as he saw his ward , with his head down in the doorway moving as if he was about to leave.

"Redo that potion."He snapped instead and walked billowing robes reaching Harry just as he had started walking away, reaching out he grabbed his arm and pulled him back, sighing with Harry wouldn't meet his eyes, it seemed to be the habit, either everything was about the D.A., or unifying the houses.

"Harry." He commanded and was pleased when the teen raised his eyes to meet his, and Harry definitely seemed like he was pouting.

"Draco made me come…" Harry said Severus nodded and pulled Harry back into the classroom.

"Go to my office, I will be there in a moment once I am sure everyone is doing what they are supposed to be doing." He commanded. Harry sighed and made his way through the classroom ignoring the looks he was getting before he finally made his way into the Potions office. Sighing he sat in one of the chairs rubbing the wrist glaring at the words. A few minutes later a hand came into his view pulling the wrist up Severus frowned at it and stared at Harry until he sighed and gave in.

"Draco...pretty much didn't give me a choice. Wouldn't let me out...made me….talk and then take this stupid oath." Harry said angrily. Severus smirked and sat across from Harry still not releasing the wrist.

"And what did Draco make you talk about that has you spitting venom...could it be what I myself have been trying to drag out of you?" He asked with a raised eyebrow and smirked when Harry hunched lower and literally had a pout on his face. "You are going to have to tell me sooner or later Harry. Or I could just pull you out of classes and ground you in the rooms." Harry gaped at him.

"You wouldn't!"

"You are giving me no choice! I can easily have all of your teachers give you homework too make up for missing lessons." Severus threatened he felt Harry's pulse quicken in the wrist he held. Sighing he reached over and moved Harry's face too meet his eyes.

"Harry, I am asking you to please tell me what's wrong." He said as gently as he could, he could see Harry biting his lip before sighing and nodding.

"Not until you are finished with classes." Harry said stubbornly. Severus nearly shook the teen, did he really think that classes that he hated to teach were more important than he was? Looking into the green eyes staring at him was the only answer Severus needed. He pointed to the chair Harry was currently sitting in with a pointed look.

"Do not move from that seat, I am going to dismiss the class...shut your mouth, it is almost time anyway they can redo the potion they were working on at a later date." Severus snapped and left his office with Harry staring after him. Harry groaned leaning his forehead against the side of the chair what had he done? It was all Draco's fault, he should have just ignored the blonde now he was trapped in Snape's office with no way out of talking about the one thing he wanted to avoid the most!

After a few minutes Severus walked back, the sight of his charge made his lips twitch in a smirk, the teen was clearly having seconds thoughts about talking. Well that was too bad, Severus thought shaking his head as he smartly spelled the door shut silently adding a few wards too prevent others coming in or a certain dark haired wizard from leaving.

"You Potter are a hero too the Seventh years apparently." He said softly and noticed how Harry flinched at his last name and being referred to as a Hero. That was a topic for another day. "Where do you want to begin?"

"No where." Harry said darkly sitting up, meeting the coal black eyes he sighed and slouched in the chair. "I already told Draco…"

"Who felt whatever it was that you told him needed to be told to me. Do I have to assign you homework perhaps writing an essay on how stalling does not work with ones guardian?" Severus said. Harry glared at him.

"It's about the stupid dreams."

"I am assuming one of those is the one in which you told me that you destroyed Hogwarts?" Severus said, keeping his tone light to encourage Harry too continue.

"Yes...though Draco doesn't think i could and he thinks that what Salazar-"

"Salazar...are you speaking of Salazar Slytherin the founder of Slytherin house?" Severus interrupted trying to conceal his shock. He earned a dirty look for interrupting but received a nod.

"He's been in both dreams, freezing them and talking to me. No I don't know why he is talking to me, Draco thinks that he was being well Slytherin and not telling me everything about the Hogwarts dream and too disregard it. I mean I guess that makes sense." Harry mused. Severus nodded understanding the first dream as it had been mentioned before, but when Harry didn't continue he knew he had to push.

"The other Dream?" Harry groaned giving him a pleading look but he ignored, the dream was causing more harm than good staying hidden away in the young wizards mind and Severus was through with that.

"It starts like a normal dream I guess, I wake up in the hospital wing, Dumbledore is there he tells me that you Draco and I were attacked that you would be okay but were in coma and Draco was at St. Mungo's. He then makes me go to his office hands me a paper saying that what it says isn't going to change anything but as you were not up to it I had to go back to the Dursleys for the summer…" Harry said in a rushed voice and watched as multiple emotions played on Severus's face, annoyance then curiosity then utter disgust.

"First no matter what happens to me you are not going back to them, no don't argue I will insure that much. Now what did Slytherin do in this dream, before I go deeper into what was said I would like to hear that."

"He said it was going to happen but how severe was up to me." Harry answered. Severus nodded.

"Then we will proceed with caution, and no running off." He said with a pointed look, Harry gulped and nodded quickly. Severus narrowed his eyes.

"What did the paper say."

"Not much of anything." Harry said with a shrug.

"Potter do you honestly think that I would believe that, something other than myself and Draco being injured and you going back to the Dursleys is bothering you. Now what did that paper Dumbledore handed you in your dream say." Severus demanded ignoring the grumbling he got. "You are not leaving this office until you tell me, I can easily have our dinner delivered here."

"Adoption papers said that you adopted me okay!" Harry shouted springing to his feet heading to the door ready to leave. Severus let out his breath he hadn't been aware he had been holding and watched as Harry fought with his door trying to leave.

"Harry please sit."

"No! You got your answers now let me out!"

"Harry I am asking you too please sit down and listen to what I have to say." Severus said in a tone that warned Harry there would be consequences if he didn't listen. Holding back a smile as the dark haired teen walked back to the chair and threw himself into refusing to meet his eyes, Severus shook his head.

"If you are finished acting like a first year?" Getting a glare Severus shrugged. "First off, I am already your permanent guardian both muggle and magical, adoption is obviously the next step and was one I was going to wait to talk to you about this summer. Do not interrupt me or I will have you scrubbing cauldrons young man!" Severus snapped when Harry jumped ready to shout again, when he calmed down Severus allowed himself to continue. "You need to think on what you would be agreeable too, I don't want to force it on you but I am adopting you in one way or another."

"Why?" Harry demanded when Severus paused, the potion's master blinked. "Why do you want to adopt me? What is the difference of adopting me as too just staying my guardian." Harry pressed and frowned when Severus smiled and ran a hand through his black hair. He still wasn't used to him smiling without a sneer when it was directed at him.

"Potter where are your brains? Do you honestly need me too answer that question?"

Harry stared down at the floor and shrugged, how was he supposed to know. As far as he knew the main reason Severus was even nice to him was because he didn't trust Dumbledore to put him somewhere where he would be actually looked after. He frowned, but why would Snape care if he was looked after?

"Harry look at me." The silk voice commanded complete attention and Harry had no other choice but to do so. Once Severus saw the green eyes staring at him he continued. "I have already told you why I felt as you put it protective over you. And as hard as it is to believe I am capable of stronger emotions. You yourself told me that I would grow to like you. And as much as I would love too deny that for your cheek and attitude I do like you. In fact I know for a fact that it has moved past the stage of liking you." Severus said softly forcing Harry to listen carefully not missing how the younger wizard paled. "Put the dream aside we will deal with that together and as a family." He grabbed Harry's newly marked wrist. "The three of us are a family. I wanted to give you a choice on what I would become to you but I already know what I would like to be."

Harry stared at pale as a sheet his heart was beating fast he could hear his heartbeat in his ears, Snape couldn't mean what he was saying. And he couldn't want him to mean it right? This was what he was fighting against, he wasn't supposed to want it….

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