This is the edited version on the same story I wrote a few hours ago, lol, I read it again and realised all the mistakes ARG! Enjoy.

This is a tribute to Abby. Actually its more like a Gibbs/Abby story. I hope I do it justice. Reminiscent to Bloodbath and Kill Ari, same paternal love but also more.

Music blared in her lab, some kind of death metal screeching. She was standing over the computer, lab coat on, black mini and t-shirt with skulls on. Her hands were a flash of silver and black over the keyboard. She moved from her left to right foot in front of the table. "Abby? What have you got for me?" "Nothing yet Gibbs," She looked up momentarily, "You came twenty seconds too early." he handed her a caffeine filled drink without looking at her hand. He placed one hand on her shoulder, "Now!" she said as the computer listed its results. She stepped back to explain her findings, her hands already in motion. The street light from outside filled the room with a yellow light, the clock said roughly one am. Gibbs awaited her response, they were the only two people in the office this late at night, but this was important.

A woman had been killed this morning butchered after being shot in the head with one fatal bullet. Gibbs feared the worst when a second woman had been killed around lunchtime, the catch? He knew them both. He felt he had to stay near Abby tonight, as if she was the only woman he truly cared for.

"The DNA matches the suspect Gibbs, and not only that but it matches the blood I found in the car of the second woman and in the house of the first." "Good work Abs." She held up her index finger before moving past him to the low table behind her, "Wait, there's more. The weapon we found in the car? Isn't the weapon used to kill either of the women, the only traces of blood on it are those of a sheep." She grinned at him. He nodded as if he were about to leave. "But wait there's more. I still have to analyse the residue you found on the second women's clothing, how long you ask? Should take about thirty minutes." "Is that all?" he asked his eyebrows raised. "Yes, yes it is." She grinned again. He walked past her and kissed her on the cheek before leaving.

Abby smiled into the sky for a few seconds after he had gone, remembering that night in his basement. "I'm so depressed, and I'm nauseous. I'm really drunk." She said before dropping the wood from beneath the sand paper with a clatter to the ground. Gibbs gently took the bottle of whiskey from her limp hand. She moved to the side of the shed and picked up a saw. "Which means that tomorrow I have to go fight a hangover while I'm in court, while some ambulance chasing attorney tries to attack my credibility." she brandished the saw as she walked towards him, bringing it clumsily to her neck. Gibbs hand reached out and gently took her hand, his other taking it from her. She looked at him sadly. The next parts of the night slurred by as Gibbs helped her realise that things weren't her fault. He had smiled at her realisation, and hardly flinched when she destroyed part of his boat. He had always admired her work ethic, she always got things done and had time to spare. She moved close to him, pushing his knees apart with her leg and standing in between them. He tried not to succumb to the woman before him. She was drunk and delicate and yet she was still Abby, his Abby, whom he tried so hard to protect.

She pushed into him. He had been close with Abby before but this time was different, the heat was so intense. He had almost given in. Instead he gently took her by the shoulders and moved her backwards. "You don't want to do that Abby." she looked down at the ground.

Abby snapped out of her day dream. Yes she did. She longed for it. Remembering his heat made her long for it once again and even stronger this time. She could stand it no longer. She checked her findings and took the elevator upstairs to his office.

He was sitting at his desk, on his lamp lit the room. He heard the elevator arrive, thinking that it was a security guard he ignored it. She crept up behind him, silently, without breathing. Just before she could touch his shoulder she was on the floor with him on top of her. As soon as he had landed he knew it was a woman, and as soon as he knew that he knew it was Abby. His mind reached back to that night. But he forced himself to suppress it. "Gibbs." She said in surprise. Then she felt his heat again, blood pulsed through her veins, throbbing increasing the heat between them with each breath. He leaned into her. She gave in to the feeling, the kissed him hard on the lips, he kissed her back pushing her into the carpeted floor of the office. Their breathing deepened. She clawed at his clothing willing it to be gone. He stroked her neck, kissing her lips, before letting his hands gracefully slide over her soft smooth skin underneath her shirt. She pushed him gently urging him to lift slightly so that she could remove her lab coat. They ripped off each others clothing barely noticing what they were doing. Soon he was on top of her again, she dug her nails into his back, willing these moments to never end, drinking in each sensation smell and touch. She felt his rough hands caress her body. He smelled her hair, the heat seemed to increase each sensation tenfold. He pushed into her inside her, willing her to grasp him tighter. He looked into her eyes meeting the same want as in his own. She pulled down on his shoulders, tensing her muscles all over. When they finally lay next to each other afterwards, they were still hot, still hungry. She pulled him towards her, "This time, I'm on top."