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The days that went by were long and tedious, after work Gibbs would surprise her with a new form of take-away then they would somehow end up in his basement 'working on his boat' or rather pressed up against one of the dusty walls.

Abby hopped down the last few steps in his t-shirt, the grey one. He stood before his workbench carving something for his boat, she had no idea what. They'd finished a whole bottle of whiskey over the past few days so they were on to the scotch. Abby had the bottle in one hand, she sauntered up behind him and reached around him to put the bottle on the table. She wrapped her arms around him and rested her head on his back, making him tense slightly. "Abby, are you 'putting moves on me'?" she giggled, "Yes gunnie, now its your turn." he grabbed her wrists and spun around twisting them over her head before she could respond, now he was behind her. "Woah!" she yelled, then smiled in delight. "Is that all you got?" she asked cunningly. He turned her around, letting go of her arms, grabbing her waist and sat her on the desk. Her breathing deepened, he pressed into her, his left arm on her neck, his right flat on her lower back. She put her arms around his neck, breathing him in. He kissed her jaw, moving up to her lips, kissing her gently. She moved on hand up towards the back of his head, stroking the greying hair. She pulled him closer to her, then wrapped her legs around him, he lifted her from the bench. Their kisses became rougher and more passionate, the heat between them became more and more intense. He pushed her into a wall, she stood by herself and tore at his clothes while they continued to kiss. He pulled the t-shirt off her, clothes lay thrown on the boat, the floor, the bench. Her black painted toenails caught his attention, intriguing him. They moved with each other, perfectly in sync, perfectly matched. She dug her nails into his shoulders, they were on the floor. She turned him, she was on top, she arched her back, pulling back and forth. Both memorising every movement, every second that went by.

At last they lay on the floor beside each other, drenched in sweat, not knowing how much time had gone by. Panting, and still clinging to each other. Flakes of wood and sawdust stuck to them, the cold floor ignored. "I love you." Abby panted, Gibbs was silent. "I love you too Abs."

Tony sat stiffly on his chair, Ziva avoided others eyes by staring at her desk although there was nothing there. McGee was not at work yet, unusual for him. The reason for their discomfort? The director sat in Gibbs chair, reading his computer screen, seemingly waiting for him to come in and remove her. She ignored his ducklings fears and sat calmly and pointedly. Gibbs arrived, he took the walk between all of the desks. "Where's McGee?" He asked Tony. "No idea boss." He replied. Gibbs entered his cubicle reaching for his gun purposely and placing it heavily in his drawer. "Looking for something director?" He questioned, his voice remaining stable. She turned on his chair, making no effort to stand, her hands steepled. "We need to discuss this situation, Jethro." Tony squirmed, Ziva looked up in interest. Gibbs made no attempt to humour her, "There is no 'situation' Director." Purposefully not using her first name, "My relationship with Abby is none of your concern, OR the concern of my team," He looked at each one in turn. " This does not affect my work, nor will it in the future. Therefore, there will be no further discussion about it! Nothing you could say to me would make me change what I'm doing or how I feel." He stared at her, his voice still stable, "Understood?" She nodded, and without losing her composure she stood. "If you ever talk like that to me again in front of your team or any other person in this building, I will fire you." She said defiantly before leaving. Gibbs nodded, and sat at his desk. "As for the rest of you." He said when she was out of earshot. "I do not want to hear one word, one remark about this. Ever." Tony nodded, Ziva dipped her head.

Abby clapped joyously, Her face lit by a huge smile. "Oh Gibbs!" she held the object in her hands, "I love it!" He nodded, almost nervously. "I thought you would." she hugged him and held on, talking into his chest, "How could I not!" she released him and held the coffin shaped case in her hand. "Put it on me?" she asked looking up at him, girlishly. Without saying a thing Gibbs took the collar from the case and lifting her hair placed it around her neck, clipping it shut. She touched it with her fingertips beaming as she did. Looking in the reflection of the computer screen her smile widened, the black leather band had alternating spikes and skulls, each one silver and polished neatly. She let out a squeek of excitement. And hugged him harder then before. She looked up at his experienced face, deep into his emotion filled eyes and knew, knew that she could stay with him forever.

Gibbs clipped the collar together, brushing her hair away, and admiring her. Inside he was happy that she liked it, he was worried she already had one like it. As she hugged him for the second time and she looked up at him, he stared into her brilliant green eyes, so youthful and bubbly and he knew that he could never let her go, and that he would protect her and keep her safe for ever.

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