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This story takes place after HBP. so pretty much disregard DH cuz i started writing this b4 it came out.

Warning: apparently my first warning wasn't good enough. so ppl i'm gonna warn you. there is rape in this first chapter! its not as graphic in the rest, just this chapter. so dont complain about what you read. this is what you get, read the rest and youll see its not anything like this after the first chapter! so give it a shot, read a few chapters, then make your decision on whether to ditch it or read it.

Don't Make Me Regret

Chapter 1 Vernon's Vengence

"Shit!" Harry Potter swore as he slammed his book closed. His Uncle Vernon was bellowing through the house and his stomps could be heard traveling up the stairs. Harry grabbed his spell book and wand and dived under the bed. As quickly as he could, he pried open the loose floor board and stowed his belongings in the hidden box. Putting it back in place, he jumped back on the bed, just in time for Vernon to throw open Harry's bedroom door.

His uncle was fuming over something, which was strange for this time of day, for it was just dawn. Harry could tell he was angry because Vernon's face was purple and the veins in his neck and forehead were throbbing. Harry glanced down. In the man's hand was a rope. Fear gripped Harry's heart. He didn't fear pain, death, or even Lord Voldemort, but he did fear the results of his uncle's fury. He knew that Vernon could snap ever so easily and end his life, which would in turn, destroy the wizarding world. But Harry felt guilty, because in his mind he hoped for death. He was sick of being the Boy-Who-Lived. He was sick of people expecting him to save them. He was sick of feeling like he needed to do more. He was sick of people dying because of him. Harry just wanted it all to end. But he knew that if he died, the wizarding world would lose hope and fall to the power of the Dark Lord. That all of his friends and the people he had grown to love as a family would die. So he feared...feared that his uncle would kill him, and that all hope would be lost.

Harry had been abused all his life. He would have to go days without eating and was beaten every week. On many occasions he was beaten several times a day. Harry was no stranger to this, but the look in his uncle's eyes told him more.

"Come here boy!" Vernon said coldly.

Harry put his bare feet on the cool wooden floor and slowly made his way towards his uncle. When he finally was about one foot away from the man, Vernon punched him hard in the face, sending him hurling to the floor.

"Get up!"

Harry pushed himself up, but right when he stood, he felt his Uncle Vernon push him roughly on the bed. Harry knew better then to struggle. So he lay there, fearing what was coming to him. His uncle walked over to the bed and lifted Harry's hands. He took one of the ropes and tied his hands to the headboard. By this time Harry's heart was racing. His uncle had never done this to him, so he didn't know what to prepare himself for. Vernon walked to the end of the bed and grabbed Harry's feet, spreading them and tying each foot to the bed posts. Vernon stood back and smiled wickedly, admiring his work. His hand slid to his back pocket, soon revealing a knife.

"I'm sick of you fighting back."

Harry's breathing hastened as his uncle crawled up on the bed, standing on his knees which were spread over Harry's waist. Vernon placed the sharp edge of the knife at the crook of Harry's neck.

"Don't squirm." his uncle warned him.

Harry lay terrified as his uncle cut his shirt down the middle from his neck to its end. Vernon then pulled off the torn clothing and teased the knife on Harry's chest. He lightly scratched around Harry's muscles. His pressure grew harder and the blade began to cut into the boy's skin. Harry's quickly sucked in his breath, refusing to cry out. Vernon's smirk grew wider and he lowered the knife to the edge of Harry's boxers. The man took the blade and carefully cut the last article of clothing off of his nephew. Abandoning the knife to the bedside table, Vernon leaned over Harry, placing his hands on the bed either side of Harry's face. The man lowered his face down and took Harry's mouth to his own.

Harry began to thrash about madly, struggling to free himself from his uncle's grasp. This just caused his uncle to become more violent. He bit Harry's tongue and lip, causing a cry to come from the boy. Blood puddled on Harry's lip as his uncle took advantage of the boy's chest. Vernon suckled on the blood that had formed from the cuts and stratches he had given to Harry earlier, causing them to sting. Harry kept struggling and yanking on the ropes he was bound by. Vernon once again lowered himself, licking the boy's flesh. Harry screamed in pain as he felt his uncle's teeth dig into his tender flesh. Harry bucked, which caused Vernon to choke. Fuming, his uncle sat up and punched Harry had in the stomach, and again in the face.

Vernon crawled off the boy and back onto the floor. He walked to the edge of the bed and unlocked the chains, doing the same with the ones on the headboard. He then pulled Harry off of the bed and forced him to stand. Vernon grabbed the thick rope and whipped it onto Harry's back, causing him to fall to the ground. The man unzipped his pants and pulled out his hardened member. He bent down and grabbed Harry by the hair, forcing him to his knees, and shoved himself into the boys mouth. With his uncle's hands on his head, forcing him to please his groin, Harry had no choice but to surrender to his uncle. Tears streamed from his eyes as he thought of what was happening to him. He heard his Uncle Vernon moan as he pleased him. Not feeling satisfied enough, Vernon pulled himself out of Harry's mouth and whipped him again. Harry landed on all fours and Vernon took advantage of the boy's position. Grabbing Harry's hips he shoved a finger into the unprepared boy. Harry yelled out in pain as his uncle madly finger fucked him. After a minute, Vernon pulled his finger out, only to replace it with his cock.

He began to thrust wildly into Harry, moaning everytime he heard his nephew scream in pain. Feeling his pleasure mounting, Vernon put the rope around Harry's neck like a dog, pulling him into each thrust. Harry coughed and gagged while the tears streamed down his face. His uncle was slamming into his insides, tearing at him.

Vernon gave one final thrust as he cummed into his nephew. Slowly pulling out his cock, he watched as the white mess dripped. Moving around to Harry's front he forced the boy the lick it clean. When finished Harry felt a painful kick into his side. Falling over he felt his uncle continue kicking, hitting, and whipping him with the rope as he yelled at the boy.

"You sick little freak! How does it make you feel, boy?!" he raged as he beat his nephew.

Harry didn't answer. He couldn't answer. He couldn't even breath. He felt unimaginable pain. He could feel the blood beginning to spill over his body and his muscles beginning to throb. His Uncle Vernon was finally finished beating him about ten minutes later. The whole process had taken about an hour. He heard his uncle laugh as he exited the room, slamming the door behind him.

Harry silently cried, scared his uncle would come up to torture him more if he was heard. His body ached inside and out. He could taste the blood filling his mouth and feel a pool of it forming around his body. He felt as if he lay there crying for hours, until he was shaken from his thoughts by his uncle's car cranking up and leaving for work. Harry decided it was safe and tried to pull himself up. He couldn't move. His body was exhausted. Mustering up enough strength, he pulled himself along the floor until he reached the loose floorboard under his bed. Pulling out his wand he accio-ed a robe and painfully put it on. The fabric stung his cuts and bruises as he slowly tied the front. Reaching his hand back into box, he pulled out a bottlecap, his safety portkey. Dumbledore had given it to him the previous year to use for emergencies. He could have used it many times this summer, but didn't want anyone to know about this. He realized he couldn't take the abuse much longer. Each time his uncle was becoming more ruthless and his life was even more in danger. Harry gathered his strength and mumbled the word "Portus" before he felt the familiar tug on his navel, and before he felt darkness overtake him when he passed out mid-port.


With a thud, the unconscious Harry landed on the floor of Grimmauld Place. A scream came from Molly Weasely as she ran forward from her place on the couch. Lupin followed suit.

"Harry! Harry? Oh my...' Lupin said hastily as he reached Harry's side. 'Get Dumbledore, Molly. Quickly!"

"HARRY!!" Hermione screamed as she came down the stairs. She and the others had heard Mrs. Weasley scream.

"Oh God, Harry..." Ron said quietly, too shocked to do much else. His best friend, Harry Potter, was unconscious and looked as if he had been beaten. A pool of blood was already forming around him.

"Someone get them out of here!" Lupin yelled over the hysterical cries of Hermione as he tried to revive Harry.

Hagrid and Arthur Weasley grabbed both teens and took them quickly back up the stairs, forbidding them to come downstairs until told otherwise. Hagrid and Mr. Weasley came back down the stairs, just as Albus Dumbledore quickly rushed into the room, pushing everyone out of his way as he reached Harry.

Harry felt someone's hand touch his face. He slightly opened his eyes and saw his professor looking intently at him.

"Professor..." he whispered as blood trickled from his mouth. But the pain was too much and he soon let the darkness take him again.

"We must get Madam Pomfrey from Hogwarts immediately. He is in too much a condition to travel there himself. We can't afford the press getting wind of this. Consequences could be dire. We need to know the details before anyone else learns of this." he told the others.

Many left to apparate to Hogsmeade and arrange for Madam Pomfrey's arrival, while others rushed around to gather supplies or console others, till only Dumbledore and Lupin remained by Harry's side.

Lupin felt tears well up in his eyes as he cried over the boy's form. "Who could have done this to you?..."

"Let us just hope Harry remains strong, and will live to tell us who." Dumbledore said gravely. He looked at the boy, sorrow filling his heart, and prayed that Harry Potter would be alright.