Hey I had this idea when I was sleeping on Saturday night. It was weird and my ideas are a little scattered and fuzzy. But give it a shot please and review telling what you think of the idea of this. The rating might change, so be aware of that, if I get enough reviews to continue this.
Movement, Voiceover, Dialoge


Troy has everything that people would dream to have.

Shows Troy getting high-fives from people in the hall (Flash)

Shows Troy getting a kiss from his girlfriend (Flash)

Shows Troy smiling for making the winning basket at a championship game (Flash)

But something's on his mind and he wants one more thing.

Shows Troy in Drama Class.

Darbus: We are going to work out skits. Troy, Sharpay, and Gabriella please come up. What should the skit be?

(Sharpay raises her hand and gets called on.)

Sharpay: I think it should be about a guy who has a girlfriend, but another girl on the side. Like he needed something else in his life and the girl on the side is what he's missing.

(Troy turns to her; she has a daring smirk on her face.) (Flash)

Shows Troy running after Sharpay across the lawn outside the school

Troy: Why do you do that?

Sharpay: Kicks. (She runs off, leaving him smirking and running after her.) (Flashes)

A love is formed

The scene changes to figures moving around on the floor in a blanket. The shot nears closer and it's Troy and Sharpay all sweaty and breathing heavy. (Scene fades out.)

But love comes at a price.

Shows Troy walking with his hand draped over Gabriella's shoulder in slow motion, than Sharpay and her boyfriend Zeke with his arm draped over her shoulder. They both walk past each other.

Nothing will keep them apart.

Troy: I want to be with you, but every time I see you with him, it makes me sick.

Sharpay: Ditto. We can keep what we have a secret. Meet secretly.

Does it pay off?

Troy picks up his phone.

Troy: Hey why you calling so late?

Sharpay (V.O.): Please meet me outside? (Crying)

After Romeo and Juliet &Tristan and Isolde... (LOL)

There was Troy and Sharpay.

Scene shows Troy and Sharpay in a bed together; cuddling.

Sharpay: Tell me you love me.

Troy: I love you.

Troy and Sharpay

Coming Soon….

Okay so tell me what you think of this. Like I said before the rating might change and if I get enough reviews saying you like the idea. I thought the whole 'After Romeo and Juliet & Tristan and Isolde' thing was going to be kind of funny, if you know what I'm talking about, if not I'm sorry. Oh and I know this is random, but I'm so excited so the Cheetah Girls are coming to where I live and my mom is taking me to the concert, so I'm going to see Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana and Vanessa Hudgens. So yeah. Anyway's please review and tell me what you think.