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Part one of the Shaman King crazy side stories

"Hao uses a Windows"

Summary: Yoh saved his money to buy an all new Windows XP, along with a broadband internet connection. However, Hao visits Yoh just so he could have a chance of using a computer. Will Hao get dumbfounded by the Windows and get addicted to it? Will Yoh ever have time to make an e-mail account at Yahoo? Read to find out!

At the front door

Yoh: Err… Hao? What are you doing here?

Hao: I heard news that you've finally bought a computer! I want to try it out!

Yoh: And what gives the right to try my new computer out?

Hao: Simple. I'm your brother.

(Yoh shows a "What the hell are you thinking" face at Hao and Hao just smiles)

In the computer room

Yoh: Jeez. Why do I have to do this? Anna won't be back for hours since she's at the grocery, Manta is researching about Shamans in the library, and Ren, and the others are just being cozy in their houses…

Amidamaru: Hey Yoh! Don't forget about me!

Yoh: But you don't have any knowledge about a Windows!

Amidamaru: Well… that I cannot deny.

Hao: Yoh? How do you turn this thing on?

Yoh: You push this button to turn on the CPU, and this to turn on the monitor. Oh, yeah. You turn this knob to adjust the sound.

Hao: Okay…

Hao: Where's the remote?

Yoh: Ummm… It isn't like a TV, you know. You use this thing called a keyboard to type, and this thing called a mouse to browse the computer.

Hao: A mouse? You use animals to browse the computer?

Yoh: No! I meant this!

(Yoh holds up the mouse and Hao is intrigued by how it looks)

Hao: Wow… Hey! What's this "Select your username" thing on the screen?

Yoh: Umm… Just select Guest for now. Use the mouse to move the cursor on the screen, put it over the briefcase icon, and then click on it using the left button on the mouse.

(Hao does this and he gets to the desktop)

Yoh: (I have got to think of a way to entertain Hao so he wouldn't need me to explain everything)

Yoh: Okay! Now you can just go here and play pinball while I go get a cheeseburger.

(Hao plays "3-D Space Cadet Pinball")

Hao: Wow! This is so cool!

(Yoh runs outside and looks for a burger stand)

Outside the house

Yoh: Man… My day is really messed up. I hope Hao doesn't do anything stupid.

Amidamaru: You look really stressed. Maybe you need some time to relax, Yoh.

Yoh: My only option now is to go to a burger stand, though…

Yoh: I mean, what could go wrong? I never told Hao about the internet anyway...

In the computer room

(Hao gets a really high score on the pinball game)

Hao: Okay! Now what do I do next?

Hao: …What's this… Mozilla Firefox?

What will happen to Yoh's Windows? What damage could Hao do by exploring the internet? See you on Chapter 2!
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