Note: Yes, I'm back…for a short time only though . I was bored going around the internet, then I remembered what I used to do before I entered multiple sites on the net...and that was making fanfics right here! I still thank all of you for reviewing my already-deep-underground stories, especially for people who never left it. (You know who you are) So, here's Part Eight of the Shaman King Crazy Side Stories (which I'll now refer to as SKCCS), iYoh!

Part Eight of the Shaman King Crazy Side Stories


Summary: Hao's still tormented by Anna because he didn't get her the Windows XP that was supposed to replace the one he broke! And now if he doesn't give it in time, it'll come with a cost. HIS HAIR. And, at Manta's place, Manta gave everybody gifts from his trip abroad! Chocolove got a new dress, Rio got some awesome hair gel, Horohoro got a new snowboard, and Ren got 25 cartons of milk! But the gift to Yoh was the special one. Something that he would get addicted to…very addicted…MUCH TOO ADDICTED. Read on to find out what happens!

-Burger King, afternoon


…excuse me sir…


Hao: …Wha? Wha happened? .

Customer: I'd like to order Value Meal A, please.

Hao: Oh, okay. One Value Meal B it is…

Hao: (Aww, man. I'm sleeping on the job! I'm worrying too much about my awesome hair. How will I ever get the money needed for that Windows XP…?)

Customer: …It's Value Meal A, by the way. It costs 55, right? Okay, here's 100.

Hao: …I receive 1000…the change is 9945. Here you go.

Customer: But sir, it's not…hmm…YIPEE I'M RICH! MUWAHAHAHAHA –gets meal and runs away-

Hao: …

Hao: Did that just happen?

-Manta's House, evening

Manta: Err…Yoh? Helloooooooooo?

(Yoh looks blankly in one direction, still listening to the iPod)

Manta: Yoh! What's happening to you?!? You've been listening to that for hours now…heck, you weren't even blinking!

(Yoh blinks and looks around, dazed)

Yoh: Really? Wow, I need some rest. I'll be going to my house now…

(Yoh walks out of the door, going to his house)

Manta: Hmm…well, I hope he's fine on his own. Wait, Anna's there. I shouldn't worry!

Manta: So, everyone's gone now…might as well go to bed.

(While walking off to bed, Manta notices that there's still a TV on in the living room)

(Manta goes there, and is surprised to see…)

Ren: -drinks milk- Oh, he-llooooo, Ma-manta! Your mi-ilk tastes so gooooooooooooooooooooooood Wa hic- wanna watch some T-t-V withme-e hic-

Manta: …WHAT?!?!?!? You actually got DRUNK drinking the MILK I gave YOU?!?!? You need to go home. Seriously. RIGHT NOW.

(Manta calls Ren's house and asks for Ren to be picked up)

Ren: (speaks a bit clearer) Dr-drunk? Of course, n-not, y-you idio-o-t…I don't dri-ink alcoholic bevera-geeeeeeeeees…-hic-

-Yoh's House, midnight

(Yoh's dancing around in his pajamas while listening to his brand new iPod)

Yoh: Do yooou beliiiiiiiieve in destiiiiiiiiiiiinyyyyyyyyyyy!!!

Anna: Yoh! Would you stop that? Go to sleep. NOW.

Yoh: Teneneneneneeeeeeeee!

Anna: That's it! Yoh, I'll MAKE YOU go to sleep!!!

(Anna pulls the headphones from Yoh's head)

Yoh: …Wha? What was that for, Anna!

Anna: You're going to sleep. Now.

(Anna pulls Yoh's ear to the bedrooms)

Yoh: Ow! Anna! C'mon…

(Anna then wonders)

Anna: (That's weird. Yoh actually didn't follow my order to him. Something's up.)

-Tent and campfire near Yoh's house, midnight

Hao: -yawn- Oh, well. It's a good thing no one actually noticed that I gave 9945 to someone…I still got my paycheck, and Anna hasn't spotted me! What a good day…but it's also kinda odd that…I didn't bump into them today. Oh, well, I'm off to sleep, then.

Hao: Spirit Of Fire, cease your light!

(Campfire magically disappears)

Hao: Ahh…now to check how much I have for the XP…

Hao: …What. Where is it?

(Hao looks around the tent with a small Spirit Of Fire light)


Oh, noes!!!111 Where did Hao leave his wallet? How addicted IS Yoh to his brand new iPod?!? How could Ren get drunk on milk? And most importantly, WHAT DID THE GUY WITH 9945 DO WITH HIS MONEY?!?!? Lol, just joking. See you on the next update! And I hope too that I will make an update!

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