"Shit!" Naruto cursed under his breath as he glared up into obsidian eyes. "Got ya, dobe" Sasuke smirked as he pulled Naruto up and pushed him into the nearest wall. "I thought i told you i didnt want you to run this time dobe" Sasuke mused into his ear "as if i'd stay still and get groped just to hear you say how much you wanted to fuck me!" Naruto shot back emphasizing the you. Sasuke pushed Naruto harder into the wall and bite his ear as he started to lower to the neck and at the same time skillfuly tie Narutos hands together with a gray school ribbon which he normally wore under his bangs and positoned them so that it looked like naruto was hugging him around the neck. "Why dont you harras one of those millions of fangirls of yours" Naruto tossed at Sasuke as he lowerd the kisses to narutos now bare chest. "because they always scream and faint and you try to avoid me all the time its actually a turn on with your small body, golden hair, blue eyes and the way you wear your baggy clothes it makes me want to see you panting underneath me with a collar around your neck and besides you cant get pregnant if i come in you." Naruto could feel Sasuke getting hard at just the thought of him. "Well i could've lived without knowing that teme!" naruto yelled making Sasuke wince then he pulled back and hit him square on the forehead while sasuke was reagaining rather quickly naruto grabbed his shirt and ran into the parking lot of the school. spotting Gaara by his car naruto jumped behind him "hey get away" Gaara yelled as he almost dropped his ciggaret "im really sorry gaara but i need to hide from sasuke until i can run into irukas class" naruto whisper as he ducked under gaaras car. gaara shifted his head towards the school spotting sasuke run to him "fine but you owe me". "Have you... seen ... naruto" sasuke wheezed "no" "okay" normally sasuke would fight him but today he was bent on trying to get into narutos pants once and for all. as soon as naruto was sure sasuke was far from him he got out of the car and thanked gaara before he was pulled into gaaras arms and kissed on the lips he coughed on the smoke but accepted the kiss seeings how he owed him. gaara pushed him to the school and gaurded him into irukas class cause he had the same class just as he and naruto took their favorite spot by the window the bell rang and sasuke came in pissed that he wasnt able to get naruto on the first day as the students pourd in Naruto knew that this year would be like his 7th 8th and 9th he sighed as iruka came in.