Title: Sweat

Pairings: Kajimoto Takahisa/Fuji Syusuke
Author: MusikVibe
Theme#: # 22 Smell of Sweat
Rating/Warnings: R

Disclaimer: I do not own PoT.
Summary: Drabble of Takahisa

Sweat (from Fuji's POV)

I can smell him. I smell him when he gets off the tennis court. The scent of his sweat is an aphrodisiac. When I smell his sweat, I can recall nearly every moment of passion we've shared, each kiss, each thrust, each moan.

He smells vaguely of soap and his deodorant, but when he sweats, it smells of pure sex, lovemaking. I know he can sense my eyes roaming over his body, wanting him, desiring him.

He knows. He knows I'm going to pounce on him by how I'm walking to him, knowing his scent is wafting through my nose.

He knows and he waits.