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Yuuki Nao had never been what one would call a 'good girl'. She'd been called a delinquent, a slut, and some other things best left unsaid. It was enough to make her want to scream and run, to tell them it wasn't her fault they only saw what they wanted to.

Which, ironically, was exactly what she'd done, sans the telling. But that had only been because no one would listen. No one was ever willing to take her side. And here Kuga was, spouting some crap about her attacking the nun, then trying to shoot her. Either she'd snapped, or she was trying to frame it on her, just like everyone else.

She'd missed the look of remorse, of guilt. She hadn't thought twice about Midori being worried, trying to help. All that mattered was the burning pain where her eye had been only moments earlier, and the fact that, once again, it was her against everyone.

Clutching the left side of her face as if it would stop the ache, holding tightly to Julia as if her Child could somehow protect her from the harshness of the world, she vowed not to let her guard down again. Friends, trust, happiness, all those were for the weak.

But Nao was strong, she needed none of it. All she wanted, all she could make herself work for, was revenge. So they wanted to make her out to be a bad girl? Let them have one.