The Shattered

The Shattered

By: Theodore 'Blitz' Leung

Disclaimer: All Digimon and their characters (except for those introduced in this fic/series) do NOT belong to me. I do not have permission to use their characters, but it's a FanFic, so, who cares? =) This story line belongs to me and me alone. Please ask for permission if you wish to use it. Thanks. Now let's get onto reading!

Author's Note: This is a post Episode 50, Season 02 FanFic. However, when I say post, I don't mean a few years later, I mean a few hundred years later, exact amount unknown. Just to inform you.

The doors hissed open, much to the surprise of no one in particular.

"He's inside," one of the uniformed soldiers of the group spoke. The group of three exchanged glances, then the one person wearing an exoskeleton armour stepped into the room, the door hissing shut behind him.

The room was poorly illuminated, much to no ones surprise. Only two occupants were in the room, the visitor and the client.

"Pay," the person in the exoskeleton spoke, not demanding, but not passive either. The voice was muffled behind the mask of the armour.

"Fifty thousand," was the response from the man behind the shadows. "Twenty-five up front, twenty five upon completion." On cue, a small briefcase was placed on the table that separated the two. The armoured agent regarded the case, then opened it, examining the money.

"Job," the armoured person demanded next, closing the brief case and holding it firm in his right hand.

"Find her," was the order, a picture being tossed down towards the mercenary. The mercenary took the picture, taking note of the details.

"Fifty grand for a girl..." the armoured person thought, assessing the situation. "No older then me, that's for sure..."

"Consider it done," the mercenary told the client, taking the briefcase and picture, regarding the client behind the shadows, then leaving the room.

* * * * * *

He opened his eyes, watching the metal hatches close before him. There was the hissing of the seal, then locking mechanisms getting into place. The suit was padded, though the pilot never got used to how tight the Armour fit around him. The visor screen in front of him flicked to life, giving exterior view of the Armour.

"Wish they'd make these Armour's bigger," the pilot complained, looking left and right.

"Just consider it another layer of skin," a voice from the intercom spoke. The pilot turned his gaze onto his right shoulder, seeing his Digimon sitting on the shoulder. It was a humanoid like reptile, probably better described as a 'Lizard Man', clad in bronze vest. On the Digimon's head was a small headset with speaker, hence their communication.

"It is another layer of skin, Paramon," the pilot told his Digimon partner. "I am probably only a few inches taller then before..."

"If I remember correctly, the thickness of the plating on this Terra Armour is about 6..." Paramon analysed, looking down and around the Armour from his vantage point.

"6.27 to be exact," the pilot answered, glancing around the hanger. The rest of his squad was getting suited up. As usual, he was the first one up and running.

"You scare me sometimes, you know that?" Paramon responded, leaping down from the armour.

"I scare myself," the pilot responded, raising his right arm. The armament on that arm consisted of four chain guns, attached to a cylindrical device that the Armour held from within. All around the device were ammo packs, many ammo packs.

"And I'm never going to get used to that weapon system on this Armour," Paramon commented next, running over to the left arm. The Pilot lifted his left arm next, examining the weapons.

On the arm was a pair of quad barrelled rocket launchers, each with multiple missiles as well as 'special scenario' missiles built in. As expected, the Armour itself moved much more slowly then the average, but what it lacked in mobility it made up with armour plating and weapon systems. The armour was painted pure black, making it a difficult target to see at night...until it flares up the scene with guns blazing.

"Hey, Paranoia, we're moving out!" the commanding officer shouted through the com link. Paranoia looked from his arm towards the command Armour, nodded, then glanced back down at Paramon. The Digimon smiled lightly and gave a thumb up sign, watching his partner walk off.

* * * * * *

"Hey Jena, how's it going up there?" the voice spoke through the com link, surrounded in static, but not completely inaudible.

"Every thing is clear," Jena responded through her headset, scouting the area below her. She flew through the air on her lightweight Armour, specifically designed for advanced scouting mission. Even her Armour was equipped with stealth coating so she wouldn't be detected on radar. The Armour itself lacked in protection, but Jena didn't mind; she was a good pilot and could dodge a lot of things in this nimble Armour.

"Secto-," she started, but interrupted herself as the radar clicked in. "Armour, zoom into sector 22α." The Armour complied, chirping softly and mechanically. "Roger that, enemy Armour's at sector 22α. Five Armour's: four Gaia, one Terra."

"Affirmative," her commanding officer spoke. "Nothing we can't take care of. Prepare to attack."

"Roger that," Jena responded, hovering on the spot, stealth still on. Her view zoomed into the Terra Armour in the back, analysing the heavy weapons.

"Sleek black...four chain guns on the right arm, two rocket launchers on the left arm..." Jena assessed, her mind racing. "I've never run into that combination before..." she commented, biting her lower lip softly. "Well...there's a first time for everything..."

She floated a little higher, making sure her light assault rifle was in check, fully loaded, and that the ammo packs were properly attached. She lowered her right arm, placing the barrel of the rifle in the cupped left hand.

"Starheart here," she spoke through the com. "I'm going in!"

With those words, the topaz coloured aerial Armour began a steep dive into the middle of the cluster of Armour's.

* * * * * *

The small orange skinned dinosaur walked through the damp and dirty stone hallway into a room just completely by torches on the wall. Sitting at the centre of the small room was a teen of the age of 16. He was of muscular build wearing kevlar armour a black T-shirt, as well as wearing black jeans. Strapped onto his back was a pair of axes, lightweight, but both incredibly sharp. A small breeze flickered his dark hair, a breeze of unknown origin in the disgusting prep room. The boy looked up, his brown eyes regarding the dinosaur that came in.

"We're up, Siato," the dinosaur Digimon told his partner, beckoning the boy to come.

"That's pretty much all we do now, Agumon..." Siato commented, sighing lightly and getting up. His hand fell onto a breast pocket on his vest, taking out a small Ruby coloured Digivice. It was tiny and fit into his hand, with a very simplistic design, but the boy cherished it with his life.

"Do you think it will be any different?" Agumon asked, stepping over to his partner.

"Do I think it'll be different?" Siato repeated the question, looking down at the floor before him. "I sure hope so...but it always seems the same..."

"Times change..." Agumon tried to console, though it didn't really work. Siato, however, smiled lightly.

"Thanks for the effort," the boy spoke, standing up and unclipped one of the axes on his back. "Come on, let's go..." Siato told his partner, though his order poorly masked the hate he had for his job. The two walked off down the damp corridor to their destination.

* * * * * *

The small blonde hair girl shivered under her tattered and torn blanket. The item did little to shelter the girl from the bitter wind in the destroyed city. She sat in the corner of the alley, curled up tightly and holding a small white object in her hands, keeping the object close. The blonde hair was tied back by a brown ribbon with a small seashell on it, rare in this time and age. Her brown eyes looked own at the object she tenderly cared for. Her clothes were tattered remains of a gray shirt and blue pants. She was dirty and cold, but her heart was intent on the item in her hands.

A shadow loomed over head of her, telling her to look up. She recognised the silhouette of a Human begin, and a Digimon by the person's side. Nothing else could be made out with the black background compounded in dark orange light that made it difficult to see.

"Well, well, well...what do we have here?" the masculine voice asked, leaning down. The Digimon stepped in front of the man, revealing himself as a Betamon.

"Looks like a girl," the Betamon added, grinning viciously. "What's your name."

"N-N-Nina..." the blond hair girl responded, shaking lightly at the cold air and of fear from these two malicious figures. The man grinned, then forcefully picked the young girl up by the collar of her torn shirt. "W-W-What do you want...?" Nina asked, not really wanting the answer. Nina could see a grin on the shaded face, then examination of her body from the man.

"You know what it's like to be with a significant other?" the man asked maliciously, holding the girl up by one hand. His other hand reached for her body.


The white object leaped forward from her hands, revealing a small tiger like Digimon with silver fur. Black stripes streaked down her back, the formation of stripes on her forehead creating a star. The Digimon bit into the man's hand, making him cry out in pain and dropping Nina. From the pocket of her pants fell a magenta coloured Digivice.

"B-Boss!" the Betamon exclaimed, taken by surprise, as then he was bitten as well with a Silver Fang attack. The man and his Digimon partner retreated in pain, cursing until their voices were out of audible range. The tiger Digimon then slumped onto the ground, tired and sick.

"Tigramon!" Nina exclaimed, taking the Digimon into her hands and keeping her close. The Human retrieved her Digivice, then headed back into the corner of the alleyway once more, curling up in the blanket and making sure her Digimon partner was alright.

* * * * * *

"You ready, Gabumon?" the female voice asked in the darkness. The darkness was only illuminated by a faint light creeping between two tightly closed doors. Through the light, one could see faint silhouette of two figures, one Humanoid, the other Digimon.

"We'll never be ready for this...we just make due," the Digimon replied.

"How true you are," the female responded, placing a hand into her jeans pocket. She memorised her attire: black T-shirt with Kevlar armour over top, and blue jeans, her right pocket holding a Digivice, sapphire in colour.

"We wait this one out, Sapphire?" Gabumon asked, looking up at his partner. He couldn't see her with his eyes, but he could sense her out.

"Might as well..." Sapphire responded, taking her hand out of her pocket and raising it over her right shoulder. She could feel the cold touch of her weapon strapped to her back, a long sword.

The doors before the two slowly began to creek open with deliberate screeching. The light revealed the sapphire eyes and light blue dyed hair of the female. The open area before them showed an arena of great proportions, with Humans and Digimon alike as spectators, all shouting for blood and gore that is always shed.

"The Colosseum is always bloody," Sapphire spoke, stepping out into the battlefield. "We just endure...we fight to survive..."

* * * * * *

The exoskeleton figure stepped out of the small base, coming upon his Armour at the outskirts. Beside the Gaia Armour was a Digimon, guarding it diligently.

"What we got?" the hedgehog Digimon asked. He was humanoid like with blue skin and black fins on his back.

"Retrieve," the armoured figure answered, taking a Digivice out of a compartment in his armour. The Digivice was clear in colour. "Human, alive and unharmed. Fifty-K." The hedgehog Digimon whistled.

"Details?" the Digimon asked, stepping away from the Armour.

"Young female, probably frail and most definitely can't defend herself," the exoskeleton answered, placing his Digivice into a small slot on the chest of the Armour. "Getting her isn't the problem, returning her in one piece will be problematic, but not impossible."

"Will she co-operate or do we have to knock her out?" the Digimon asked next.

"Unknown," the exoskeleton answered. The Digivice inside the armour beeped softly, then the Armour began to open up, the front of the legs folding out, the sides of the chest turning towards their respective sides, and the upper chest and head rising up. The Armour was not much bigger then the person clad in exoskeleton, but the Armour had to be specially modified so it could fit the exoskeleton as well as the Human within.

"I've never seen you take retrieve mission like this before, GS," the Digimon remarked, watching his partner step into the Gaia armour. The Armour was painted in army colours, and attached to the back was a high-powered sniper rifle.

"It's fifty-K, Amnemon," GS responded, closing his eyes and waiting for the Armour to close around him.

"Is fifty-K worth it for a girl that is hard to defend?" Amnemon asked, leaping onto the shoulder of the Armour.

"A job is a job," GS responded, the vents hissing and the locking mechanisms on the Armour shutting. "We live with it," was the new voice through the intercom once GS was in place inside the Armour. Two exchanged no more words, GS stepping into the wastes that now made the world.

* * * * * *

"Hey, hold on!" Paranoia shouted through the com system, halting everyone. "My heat sensors are going off...and it's coming from the sky..."

"The sky?" one of the other Armour's asked, his view going up. "I don't see anything."

"My radar isn't picking anything up," a second concurred. "Are you sure your heat sensor isn't malfunctioning."

"Hey man, me and Paramon keep these systems top notch for situations like these," Paranoia retorted, angered. He also knew for a fact his heat sensor had longer range then the standard radar on other Armour's.

"Sure, sure Ventra..." the commanding officer responded, looking up as well. "That's why they call you Paranoia." There was a soft chuckle from the other Armour's. Ventra sighed, checking his heat sensor again, then noting another three signatures coming their way from three directions. The one in the air began to come towards them.

"I don't care, but we got company!" Ventra shouted through the link, raising his right chain gun arm into the sky. The other four Armour's scoped out the forest area surrounding them.

"Now that I think about it, it must suck to be ambushed in a clearing with all these forests around us," a third pilot commented, raising his sub-machinegun and pointing it towards the forest. The radar flared to life with signatures that were coming, and were coming fast. Still, the one in the sky didn't register on the radar.

"Who ever it is, he's using stealth..." Ventra cursed, tracking his heat sensor. With nothing else to do, he opened fire. A torrent of shells ripped through the sky. There was hardly any muzzle flash, as Ventra and Paramon worked out a dampening cartridge for the gun without actually weakening it. The muzzle flash was still there, but it wasn't as bright as normal.

Nevertheless, Ventra had no time to admire his and his Digimon's handiwork, as he was too busy blazing through the sky. The rest of his Squad began to level the forest around them with machinegun and assault rifle fire.

* * * * * *

"Wha?!" Jena exclaimed, diving left and diverting from her intentional course. Her previous flight path was just riddled with chain gun fire, and a lot of it. The hail of fire continued to trail her, and it was then the pilot began to suspect heat sensors on that Terra Armour.

"Jena, we're pinned down here...if you got anything of a distraction, do it now!" her commanding officer ordered.

"Distraction...great..." Jena thought bitterly, still evading the hail of fire following her like a bloodhound. "I can get a Flash Grenade out, but you'll need to get that Terra Armour off my case before I can toss it."

"I'm on it!" another Armour pilot shouted out. Jena bit her bottom lip lightly again, dodging all the shots, but sooner or later, with that much fire coming at her, she'll get hit.

* * * * * *

Siato twirled the axe quickly and deliberately in his right hand, waiting for the pair of double steel doors to open. Agumon stood beside his partner, also waiting patiently. The two waited in silence, listening to the muffled screams and cries of the crowd outside. After some more waiting, the peak of the cheering came, and from their, both Human and Digimon concluded the battle within was over. The screaming and cheering then fell silent, the door before them cracking open. Artificial light blinded the two for a short moment before their eyes refocused. Around them were spectators of Human and Digimon alike. The two began to step into the open arena.

"We going to 'throw' the fight?" Agumon asked, not bothering to look up at his partner.

"Let's see what our opponent can do...and if they 'agree', we'll do it," Siato answered. He looked at the sky, and was replied by the light of dark orange. He heard rumours the light in the world never changes, and so far, with what little time he had in open areas, the rumour proved true. Then again, he and his Digimon lived in the labyrinth under the Colosseum for so long that time has lost its existence to them. Siato then gazed at the two AA Guns bordering the Colosseum to prevent any flyers from escaping the arena.

"And here's the final round for the night!" the announcer shouted through his mic. His voice registered loud and clear through the amplifiers around. "For this final battle, we have Siato Kamiya and his Agumon versus Sapphire Ishida and her Gabumon." Siato didn't notice his opposition until after her name was announced, and then Siato really did begin to wonder about this battle. Across the arena stood Sapphire with her Gabumon, and on her back was a long sword that Siato wasn't too intent on meeting, especially with the tip of that weapon through his stomach.

The two arena fighters regarded each other, then went for their Digivices, one of ruby colour, the other of sapphire colour. As did their partners, the Digimon also faced off, both with impassive face. Sapphire took her blade from her back into her hand, then pointed her Digivice towards her Digimon partner. Siato did the same.

"And let the battle begin!"

Both Digivices flared to life, empowering the respective partners.


Completed: 06/15/01