Title: Good Thing

Author: Orilon

Rating: PG-13 for language

Pairings: CM Punk/Colt Cabana, AJ Styles/Christopher Daniels

Spoiler warning: Mentions of Tradition Continues but no spoilers

Disclaimer: Everything from Ring of Honor belongs to Gabe Sapolsky and Cary Silkin.

Distribution: If you want it, take it, but let me know where.

Summary: Punk's thoughts after Tradition Continues

Feedback: Please.

It's a good thing we are who we are, or that little move in the ring could have caused problems.

Colt and I are secure since we've been together since little after we met. What we were practicing in the ring after Colt got a key to the Domain before Ace came in to watch us wasn't always wrestling.

Yeah we have had problems, but we were able to work them out. There has been a lot talking and discussion, even some arguing, just like every other relationship. However, we have each other's backs when it counts and we can trust the other.

Same goes for AJ and Christopher Daniels. From what I've seen, they are practically attached at the hip because they love each other, not because of a lack of trust. It's nauseating to watch them sometimes. The guys in the back really don't want to get a locker room next to theirs because they get loud. AJ was getting loud tonight before the match, apparently over the phone since Christopher Daniels wasn't on the card, and as far as I know, isn't here.

Apparently he didn't finish since he rubbed his erection against my back during one of the times he had me on the mat. Yes I understand about interruptions, but don't start when you can't finish, and don't rub it against someone that is just a friend for fuck's sake.

We're "married" but at least our partners won't take it the wrong way.