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Terry circled the city in his plane. It had been a quiet night, the sun was just beginning to rise over the tops of the buildings, casting a golden light over the crowded city.

"Look almost angelic," Terry smirked, he'd never admit what relief he felt every time he saw a sunrise, as if all the evil of the city retreated back into dark corners. He knew that wasn't how it really worked. Evil came in many forms and not just at night.

"But we know better," Bruce muttered, "You'd better come back,"

"Right, ah slag it… looks like I have one last thing to take care of." The computer onboard the plane had picked up a distress call, a mugger. He turned the play away from the manor and headed to the scene of the crime.

"Isn't it a little early for the bad guys?" Terry asked, as he landed between the assailant and his victim.

"Batman!" The man dropped the bag he had been trying to steal and turned to flee. Batman didn't bother to pursue him, Gotham jails were already overcrowded, a petty, pathetic thief wasn't worth the trouble.

"Thank you," The woman looked up at him, she had large amber eyes framed by dark lashes, and they didn't hold the fear Batman was used to inspiring, if anything her voice was too cool, too calm.

"Be careful, dark allies in Gotham are never safe, even in daylight." Batman growled as he picked up the bag and handed it back to the woman, and then turned on his jet boots and was gone.

"Well, you got your first look at him," The assailant walked back into the ally, "Now, about my payment…"

"Right, of course," The woman opened her bag, smiling at the man, then she drew a gun and shot him. "Thanks for your help." She looked up at the sky as the sun spread out across it, and smiled. She liked this city already, she kicked the lifeless body to the side, and then calmly walked out onto a main street as the city slowly came to life.


"Terry! You're going to be late for school!" Terry heard his mom yell, just as he slipped in through the window. He needed to be more careful about cutting it so close.

"Be right there Mom!" he yelled, silencing his alarm clock. He showered and changed quickly into his street clothes, and appeared in the kitchen not ten minuets after he had come in through the window.

"Don't forget…"

"I know…. I know… Matt has soccer practice today; I need to drop him off at the field."

"Mom! I hate soccer! I don't wanna go!" Matt whined as he came into the kitchen.

"C'mon Mattie, its not so bad, all your friends play." Mary ruffled her youngest son's hair.

"I gotta go, see you after school twerp," And with that Terry was out the door.

"Wow, nice bike,"

"Huh?" Terry looked around, wondering who was talking to him, a girl he didn't recognize was leaning casually against the garage wall. "Oh thanks," the bike had been an 18th Birthday present from Bruce. His mom hadn't been very happy about the gift, she had been pressuring Terry to buy a real car. "Do you live here?" Terry glanced up at the building, "I haven't seen you around before."

"Just moved in, I'm Claire," She offered Terry a hand.

"Terry," he shook her hand, looking into her vivid green eyes, then quickly looked away and fiddled with his bike lock. "See you around," he put on his helmet and pressed a few buttons to lower the garage gate, then was off. Trying to shake the mental image of those piercing green eyes, Dana- you have a girlfriend- you love her- her name is Dana. Dana. Dana. Green eyes. Dana! Terry decided to give up thinking about any females and just focused on driving, he loved his new bike, especially with certain enhanced Batman features.

Terry saw Nelson glaring at him as he pulled the bike into the school lot, and took off his helmet, but he just smiled. Nelson turned his glare to the expensive sports car, as if it had somehow failed him. "McGuiness!" A rather angry female voice interrupted Terry's gloat. Terry watched an angry Dana approach him apprehensively.

"Hey Dane," He smiled nervously. Damn, he could approach twenty Jokerz without batting an eyelash, but an angry girlfriend made him quiver.

"Where were you last night?"

"Huh? I…" he thought back, had they made plans that he'd forgotten about?

"You were supposed to come over to study last night!" Oh crap, he had a Chem quiz today.

"Did Max make it?"

"Yeah, she was there. You know, I don't even know why I bother getting angry anymore."

"Dana, I'm sorry, last night was kinda crazy, I… I had a lot to do!"

"You always have a lot to do Ter! Don't bother acting like last night was unusual. And don't say 'you'll make it up to me!'- you're the one who's going to fail the quiz!" With that she stormed away.

"Bad night?" Max asked, grinning at him.

"Worse morning…" Terry said, rubbing the back of his neck and looking nervously after Dana and trying to ignore Nelson who was smiling after watching Terry get told-off. "And it's not going to get any better…"

"You'll be fine on the quiz. Least you showed up for it." Max playfully took Terry's arm and dragged him toward the school as the five minuet warning bell sounded, "Besides, Chemistry's your best subject." Long nights of working with lots of dangerous chemicals with Bruce had taught Terry a lot.

"Too bad we don't get to make plastic explosives or fear gas…" Terry whispered, "that stuff I know how to make."

"You know how to make fear gas?" Max whispered as the slid into their seats.

Terry shrugged, "know your enemy."

"Can you make that giggle-stuff that Jo-?" Terry elbowed her as Dana slid in next to him, still glaring at him.

"What giggle-stuff?" Dana demanded.

"Uh you know…" Max thought quickly, "that giggle-something makeup? I was thinking it would be interesting for applied chemistry to try and make it…"

"You mean Giogli?" Dana pronounced it some way unknown to anyone except makeup connoisseurs and native-Italian speakers. "Giogli is known for not using chemicals- all his makeup is 100 percent natural."

"Yeah right," Max said.

"Class, if it's not too much trouble, could I please have your attention?"


"Hey twip, how was school today?" Terry asked, but he knew the answer before Matt even opened his mouth, his brother was shuffling his feet and didn't even look excited when Terry arrived on the motorcycle.

"Fine," Matt's voice was dead.

"Here," Terry handed him a helmet. When he reached up to take it, Terry noticed a black eye. "Mattie, what happened?"
"Nothing!" Matt snatched the helmet, "Can we just go?"

"Mom's going to notice that I think,"

"Not if I tell her that it happened at soccer practice!"

"What if I tell her otherwise?" Terry threatened.

"Then I'll tell her that you didn't get in until after 5am this morning. Where were you anyway? With Dana?"

"Get on," Terry growled, kick-starting the bike. To himself he was thinking that maybe he started to teach Matt some self-defense, show him a few moves. What good was it of being Gotham's protector if he couldn't stop his little brother from getting beat up on the school yard?