"How is he?" Barbara asked as she came into the Bat Cave. Terry was lying on a gurney, with several IV- lines and an oxygen mask.

Bruce said nothing, just turned and walked over to one of the monitors. Terry's injuries were numerous. The past few weeks had done a number on his body. Now he needed time to heal.

"The girl... We ran her through our database. Seems she was wanted for questioning in a number of assualt cases. We're closing the books on the investigation into the two attackers who went after the Jokerz and the Tees. "Tell Terry to get well soon."



"Bruce?" Terry sat up, and unhooked several of the wires. He winced as he felt his sore ribs. His body was almost entirely covered by bandages.

"You're awake."

"Yeah, I think so."

"Bruce... I... Please, you cannot take Batman away from me. I-I screwed up- but it was Terry who screwed up, not Batman. It... It will never happen again. I just got so tired of waiting to be attacked... All I wanted was a chance to strike first... I was confused..."

"Terry... It's okay." Bruce said. "It's okay." Terry sat back down on the table and then fell back to sleep.


And where have you been?" Dana asked when Terry reappeared at school at lunch time. He had been absent for almost a week.

"Business trip... With Bruce."

"And you couldn't be bothered to tell me?"

"Dana... Look, I'm sorry. It was... It was complicated... Things went badly..." She turned and looked at him. "I promise though, next time, I will try and call. I never meant to hurt you... Or scare you... I just... There was something I had to take care of."

"And did you?"

Terry nodded, "Yes, it's over now."


"Look Matt, the most important rule of fighting is you don't start a fight- okay? I'm just gonna teach you how to defend yourself. Now, put your hands up." His brother lifted his hands in front of his face. "Okay, good. Now, hold them just like this..." He adjusted them slightly. "Now... try and hit me!" Matt swung. "Don't let the other hand drop- you need it to protect your face- okay good!"

Mrs McGuiness watched her two sons and smiled.


A/N: Oh wow- it is over! 3 years and I actually finished (thats how many years BB lasted on television!) maybe one day I'll get the urge to write more- but for right now, I just wanna click "complete."