Replica Riku gingerly held both Sora and Naminé's seemingly frail bodies in each arm. As he drew the brunette and blonde closer to himself, he couldn't help but smile. His smile was an endearing one. It was a type of smile that Riku, no, that he himself held for them, and only them.

Naminé and Sora's safety relied on his strength. No one was to lay a finger upon the lovely locks of hair of either the keyblade master's or the witch's. Only the replica could do so. He wasn't about to lose either of the two to the Organization or the real Riku. He was selfish. Sharing was, heaven forbid, just out of the question.

The two who currently took space within his arms were like precious gems to him. It was up to him and only him to keep them pure. To keep the two protected from harm. To take them far, far away.

It hadn't been hard for him to return to the thirteenth floor, soon after running out on Sora and Naminé. It was easy for him to swallow down his pride, if it meant that he was able to see the two of them. Convincing Naminé, with strings of pretty words, to take the sleeping Sora and leave the castle was easily done. The easiest of them all, was how he wrapped both hands around Naminé and then the slumbering Sora's neck, while he would whisper, right into their ears, that everything would be all right. If he were in more of a rational state, what he had done would have scared the replica.

The silver haired teen felt no remorse. As long as he had what he wanted, in his arms, he was happy. As long as he did not have to share them with anyone. Just as long as Sora and Naminé retained their innocence...

He was happy.

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