Author's Note:

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I counted. And the SEQUEL won by a few votes.

I was a bit bummed out since I really wanted to post the prequel first (though the lack of a title for the prequel's holding me back from confidently posting it just yet... lol. but it'll come to me...). So the sequel first and once I'm done with it, the prequel. I'm tempted on posting both the first chapters at the same time...

But since I did ask for your opinions... And the sequel won...

I'll be posting its first chapter in the next 24 hours...

It's entitled:

"Did We Really Make It Through?"


So be on the lookout. :D



On another note...

I've been thinking (since last year) that Mer/Mark does not have a name like MerDer has or Addek or whatever... Some people have settled for MERK. but seriously... haha. So I came up with my own... And this is hilarious. And 'eww' somewhat. Here it is:

GREY plus SLOAN equals "GROAN"

hahaha. seriously. do you guys think this will catch up? haha. or should we just stick to Mer/Mark or Merk??? All the other Mer/Mark writers out there... What do you think!?

Ok, I can't stop myself from laughing now...