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The Lord of the Western Lands felt a sudden twinge as he sat in his study. His head shot up from the paper work he was doing and he walked swiftly over to the balcony. His eyes scanned his territory. "So...you felt it as well?" asked Sesshomaru. A figure in black leather slipped silently from the shadows.

"Something's been awaked. It has a hell'uva lota power." replied Jano, standing behind his charge.

Sesshommaru nodded in agreement . His instincts told him the tranquility of his lands had been disturbed by this new threat. This power was not of anything he had sensed before.

"Jano, go to Barou and tell him I request his assistence. I need you to leave promptly." said Sesshomaru, still staring out over the lands. Jano grimmaced at the thought of the young clan-lord. Barou gave him the creeps. He didn't like the fact the guy could read his mind either. Whenever they were in the same room he felt this uneasiness, he didn't know why but there was something about him-- "There is nothing to fear. I apologize if my abilities make you uneasy."

Jano stiffened at the voice in his head. He spun around to see a very amused looking Barou smiling at him from the door way. Jano growled deep in his throat. -Damn you - thought Jano deliberatly. "You may leave, Jano." Sesshomaru said without looking at him. "Hai, my lord." he replied. Jano walked stiffly over to the door, no taking his glare off the new-comer until the door closed behind him.

"When are you going to find a new bodyguard, Sessh? His negative thoughts are giving me a headache." complained Barou, rubbing his temples for more emphasis. Sesshomaru chuckled at his cousin's words. "You know perfectly well I can not do that. Besisdes, I know you didn't come here to discuss Jano's attidude."

"Hai, I came to warn you of a new presence. No doubt you felt it well. I have an idea of who might posses this much power." answered Barou. Sesshomaru just nodded. -I just hope we can get to them in time.- thought Barou.

-Uhhh My aching head! Wait...where AM I?- The young female youkai got up off the ground from where she was sitting. -How did I get here?- She sniffed the air lightly while observing her surroundings. -So...I'm surrounded by trees. That's really helpful.- she thought sarcassticly. Her black, waist-length hair moved like water as she turned form left to right. Her light brown skin shone with a redish hue and a golden glimmer in the sunlight that peaked through the trees. The female had her hair in loose braids, and her wavy bang covered a unique symbol on her forehead; a dot was in the middle of four other dots that pointed North, South, East and West. Her golden-brown eyes scanned the forest as her black-cat ears twitched at every sound.

Her ears picked up the sound of approaching foot-falls. She climbed into a near-by tree to watch the approaching figures from a distance.

"Get back here, ya' little punkling!"

"Make me, dumb-dog!"

-What in the world...?- thought the youkai as she saw a kitsune run into the clearing, followed by an enraged hanyou in a red youtaka.

"Inuyasha!" yelled another voice, causing the hanyou to stop directly under the tree she was hiding in.

"What the heck do you want, Kagome!" yelled the hanyou. A young girl walked up to him with her hands on her hips, trying to intimidate him. He just glared down at the petite girl.

"Stop bothering Shippo!" said the girl.

"Shadap! Why are you always taking HIS side! He STARTED it, but but I don't see you bitin' HIS head off!" countered the hanyou. By this time, an exterminator and monk ran into the clearing and rolled their eyese in unision. "Here they go again." muttered the monk.

"Why can't they just get along?' agreed the exterminator, putting down her weapon.

"Tell me about it." replyed the kitsune, casually walking over to watch the show with the twin-tailed cat, Kirara. The twin-tail snorted. "Kirara's right, Shippo, you're one to talk seeing as the cause of this mess." said the Miroku leaning against a near-by tree. Shippo just shrugged and observed the angry hanyou and girl, who yelled "SIT!"

The youkai female was throughly amused by the action taking place below her. Suddenly, her vision began to blur. She shook her head to clear it, but only succeeded in making it worse as well as cause her head to throb painfully. -Oh...oh no! N...not again!- She clung desperatly to the branch on which she was perched, but in vain. The last thing she remembered was falling out of the tree heading very fast for the ground below.

" I see. You think she is responsible?" asked Sesshomaru. He sat in his red satin armchair, resting his head on his fist, staring intently at his cousin. "If my sources and memory serve me well, I am certai8n it is her. There is, the one question of how she was released. Only powerful youkai magic or spiritual source of power could have canceled out that seal." said Barou, thinking aloud. His feet patted softly on the carpet as he paced.

"The Shikon No Tama." Sesshomaru said softly.


"The Shikon No Tama. It is the jewl of four souls, and holds a great deal of spiritual power. It was shattered by my imposile-of-a-brother recently and now every low demon and oni are after the shards in hope of increasing their pathetic power." he answered in a bored tone. He, of course, had no use for the jewel. His power was greater than many and it was beneath him to fight for something so meaningless. "Barou, " he said suddenly, rising fronm his armchair. His cousin turned to face him, his long, black hair and cloak billowing around him.

"Hai, my lord?"

"Go see if our theory is correct. I want to know exactly what's goning on." Sesshomaru turned, his silver hair flowing lightly around him, toward the door.

"My lord?" asked Barou. Sesshomaru stopped and peered over his shouder at him.

"If it pleases my lord, when I find her, my I bring her here?"eagerness rang in his tone. Sesshomaru paused for several seconds before saying, " Fine." and gliding out the door.