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Naruto © Masashi Kishimoto.

A lunatic is someone whose behavior is very strange, foolish, or annoying.

A lunatic situation is confused and seems out of control.

Ino is a lunatic.

Shikamaru is also a lunatic.

Ino plus Shikamaru equals to a total lunatic situation.



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- Chapter One: Saved by the Bell -

Shikamaru was watching his favorite anime on TV that evening when suddenly Ino jumped on him. Again.

This was not the first time she did that since the night of his birthday. She'd done that numerous times but never really succeeded in making things her way with him. Shikamaru admitted she was so damn irresistible. He didn't know how long he could hold himself from making love to her. His sanity insisted not to do that because he always believed that sex before marriage was way too troublesome. It could lead to a serious relationship, where right at this moment he preferred not to have any since a presence of a woman controlling his life and bossing him around would absolutely could drive him insane. That was why he tried so hard not to comply with any of Ino's flirtatious gestures toward him even though he knew he was weakening from it day by day.

Since Ino moved back to his apartment and they became roommates again, their relationship was still the same as before. Even though Ino had confessed to him that she loved him and somehow deep in his heart he began to feel the same way towards her, he decided not to jump straight in a solid relationship. Ino protested at first but complied anyway when he told her over and over again that the feelings she experienced right now might only be infatuation. So, she agreed to give their relationship time to grow and see what will happen in the future. She was still fond of the Uchihas, so that was something for her to look forward to.

So, they remained friends.

But friends or not, Ino's aggressive and seductive nature always troubled him. Not a single day had passed without her flirting with him. Sometimes he just wanted to surrender but thinking of the circumstances later, he denied her as possible as he could. She drove him insane and she kept on making him taking cold showers almost every night. If it was not because of his hidden feelings towards her that seemed to grow each and every single day, Ino might be somewhere else by now.

As much as he disliked having her around, he couldn't rest easy without her by his side. He wanted her, no, he needed her in his life, troublesome or not.

"Ino…" He grunted, easing himself away from her embrace. "How many times do I have to tell you? We cannot do this…"

"Oh, yes we can." Ino smiled wickedly. She pushed him down the couch and positioned herself on top of him. As always. "I don't understand why you always complaining. You cannot lie to me because I know you want it to. I can feel you, you know…"

Shikamaru groaned. This woman! He turned his face aside on the direction of the TV just in time Ino lowered her lips to kiss him. "My anime…"

"There's always repetition for that episodes." Ino smirked when he tried to refuse her. She vowed she will get him this time. She believed in her skills.

"You know it's no fun watching the repetition when people already talked about it." Shikamaru sighed.

"Then you just have to let it slide…" Ino murmured. Her breath already sounded rough. "You will surrender to me just this time won't you, Shikamaru-kun?"

"You know, that's not a proper way for a lady to talk, Ino…" Shikamaru made a face. "And to have you coming strong on me like this, ah… How troublesome…"

"It's your fault for being so sexy." Ino pointed at his bare chest. Shikamaru was wearing nothing but sweatpants. That was how he liked to dress whenever he was at home. "You should know by now that I could not stand sexy guys."

"Too bad," he snorted. "I like being comfortable at home."

"And how about getting more comfortable?" Ino grinned, ready to pull down his pants.

He caught her hand quickly. "Don't try."

"Just let it happen."

"No," he groaned irritably.

Ino caressed his cheek lovingly. She gazed into his dark eyes and stared at her own reflections. "Why not?"

"We just…can't." His heart skipped a beat seeing her staring at him so intently.

She raised her perfectly trimmed brows. "Why are so afraid of? Are you a virgin?"

Shikamaru felt the heat rushed up to his face. He chuckled, hiding his embarrassment. "Again, Ino… A woman should not suppose to ask this question." He reminded her about the lady etiquette he made himself.

Ino's mouth gaped open. "You can't be serious…"

He frowned. "What?"

She leaned closer. "You are a virgin."

He flinched. "So what?"

"I mean, a guy…" She was speechless. "You…you never…did it before?"

"Only up until foreplay." He answered truthfully, seeing no reason to lie to her. "I skip the rest because it was just too troublesome."

"Why? Usually guys love to have sex."

"Not all guys." He objected. "I'm different."

"I can see that." Ino leered.

Shikamaru sighed. "Can you please get up?"

"From you?"


He scowled when she didn't listen to him but slightly relieved because she didn't resume her previous actions. She still remained on top of him anyway, resting her head at the crook of his neck as if she was going to sleep. Still, he couldn't rest easy. Her warmth troubled him. He grew excited every second passed.

Ino just loved to be in man's arms.



"Put your arms around me." When he didn't do anything, she added, "I just want you to hold me."

Do you know how dangerous your request is! Shikamaru thought furiously before putting his arms around the blonde's slender body. She felt so good. He tightened his grip as if don't want to let her go.

"That's better." She murmured, hugging him back in return.

"Hey, you're not going to sleep, are you?" He asked in annoyance.

"That's the idea."

"At least, sleep somewhere else. Not on me."

"Moving away is too troublesome." She mocked him. "You know what? You are no fun. Flirting with you is so damn tiring."

"I never ask you…" He growled. "You are the one who brings trouble to yourself."

"I can't help it. You're such a challenge. I love challenge."


"You're not playing hard to get, are you?"

"Why would I have to do that?"

Ino smiled warmly. "Because if you do, I'll screw you."


"Ne, Shikamaru?"

"What else?"

"You like me, right?"


"You like me, right?"

He sighed. "Yeah, I like you."

"Like me, like me, right?"

"Why repeat?"

She giggled hearing his annoyed tone. Shikamaru tensed. Damn! Did she have no idea at all how much that little vibration could do to my weakening defense?!

Oh, no… He couldn't hold himself anymore. His hands started to move on their own. It was like a reflex. His hands that wrapped around Ino's slim waist slowly crawled towards her upper back, pausing at the middle, caressing her in circular motions. She shifted a little, urging him to do more, moaning into his touch. Her grip on him tightened. He could feel the strap of her bra beneath the thin material she wore. He felt uncomfortable. That thing has to go.

His mind reeled blankly as his fingers slipped under her shirt. Her warmth embraced him. Her smooth skin felt so good. Her heat excited him more and more. His fingers moved up reaching her bra and he suddenly stop, unsure of his next action.

"Just take it off…" She mumbled on his chest. His groin tightened. His body felt numb. God, he didn't know what to do!

Suddenly, Ino jerked a little and slipped her own fingers under her shirt, undid the strap, brushing his fingers lightly. He felt a jolt of excitement spreading through his body, feeling her bare skin in contact with more excess. Ino returned to her position but inched forward to capture his lips. They began making out, with Shikamaru's hands traveled freely on her back. Slowly, slowly…one of his hands betrayed its master and moved down towards her bottom, slipped under her panties and worked there.

Ino moaned harder through their kisses and he replied at each of her moaning. The passion between them expanded in greater pace. He lost control on himself and Ino, well…she was losing it all long time ago. They speed up in their movements, matching their desire, pumping it towards the maximum height. Tongues were twirling with each other, spiraling in circular motion, licking each other's walls, teasing its partner in any possible way. Ragged breaths battled ragged breaths, each fighting for dominance. Hell, Ino was damn aggressive and Shikamaru was not the one who admitted defeat so easily!

He was close to the edge. With an undesirable woman on top of him it was normal for him to feel that way. He knew she sensed his uncomfortable member down there. His pants were too tight now. That thing has to go, too.

But before he performed his next action, Ino pulled free from him.

Her cheeks were flustered red, her blue eyes burning with desire, her lips parted, breathing unsteadily, her face wrinkled with sweat and her blond hair was a total mess. Still, Shikamaru found her stunning. She took his breath away. He stared at her, shell-shocked, confused at her action.

"I know you rather die than making love to me," she whispered. Her eyes clouded for a moment but she brushed it off quickly, giving him a smile. "So, consider you owe me your life this time, Shikamaru!" She jumped off his body, straightened her crumpled shirt and tousled hair, and left him.

Shikamaru felt the air rushing back to his lungs and breathed heavily. He closed his eyes. That was so…close. God, that was damn close! He put his hand across his forehead, thinking why she suddenly pulled back. She wanted him but when he finally surrender, she backed off. He didn't know what her reason was. His thought floated, roaming around the space for the answers.

His anime snapped him back to reality. He turned to his side, watching the TV without interest. Ino went to her room. Shikamaru decided to let the remaining sensation slide and continued his watch.

One second, two seconds, three seconds…

He couldn't focus.

Four seconds, five seconds, six seconds…

She was still in her room.

Seven seconds, eight seconds, nine seconds…

He turned and stared at the ceiling.

Ten seconds, eleven seconds, twelve seconds, thirteen seconds…

Ino stormed out from her room. Shikamaru jerked his body up and watched her walking across the living room without glancing at him. She went to the bathroom and seconds later, he heard the shower on.

Shikamaru slumped back on the couch.

She has another date tonight…

He felt empty at the thought.

Ino shut her eyes tight, feeling the rain of water washing the heat away from her naked body. Her body was throbbing madly, longing for his touch. She could still taste him on her lips, feeling how his tongue worked battling her own, burning her desire, melting her, crushing her, beating her senseless. Each of his touch sent shivers to her spine, weakening her, surrendering her to his want. She was close to eternity but something was holding her deep down. She didn't know what the thing was. It was an alien feeling. She sighed deeply and shook the thoughts away. She'll figure it out some other time.

Once her body was totally clean and she smelled nice and fresh, she wrapped the towel around her slender frame and stepped out. As she walked towards her own room, passing Shikamaru who was continuing his anime, she couldn't help but feeling slightly disappointed by his cold gestures as if he had no feelings at all. He didn't even glance at her or say something to her as she walked past behind him. She shrugged, used to his lazy nature.

She went into her room and get dressed. She had a date that night, a blind date set by Sakura and Naruto. She'll go double date with them. She didn't know which guy they picked, but they assured her the guy was definitely her type. Ino didn't care much, she trusted Sakura's choice. She knew her best friend will choose the best guy for her. Actually, Ino didn't need any date. Her roommate alone was enough to cure her broken heart caused by Sai. She already got over him but since she didn't have any boyfriend at the moment, Sakura offered finding her a replacement.

It's not like she had given up on Shikamaru. She still had strong feelings towards him. She loved him and somehow though Shikamaru didn't show, she knew he loved her, too. They just needed time to develop their relationship. She understood Shikamaru's decision about not wanting a girlfriend at this moment because he didn't want to be controlled by somebody. He was just a guy who wanted to live his life freely. As long as he didn't see anybody else but her, then she's cool.

So, to fill her spare time, she lived her usual routine; dating other guys, go out partying and clubbing every night, flirting, flirting and flirting with any guy she met including her poor roommate. Shikamaru was cool with all her activities. She didn't know whether he ever get jealous or not but if he happen to feel that way, well, there's nothing he can do anyway. Ino was not anybody's girlfriend.

Rummaging through her closet, she found what she wanted to wear to impress her date. She selected a low cut sleeveless top that reflected the color of her eyes and denim miniskirt. She chose to match her clothes with a pair of high-heeled boots and planned to let her hair down. She wanted to look stunning.

After toning and moisturizing, she applied her makeup. Still in her towel, she blow dried her hair. She was so concentrated in grooming herself and already forgotten about the brief make-out session on the couch earlier. She had something else to look forward to later that night, so she already washed away all the tension she felt before during her shower.

She was half doing her bra when suddenly strong arms hugged her from the back. Her body tensed, recognizing those tanned skin and muscular hands. His breath was rough on her neck and suddenly, all the passion that seemed to be gone a while ago came rushing back. Her heart pounded hard, jumping from the excitement.

"Say it, Shikamaru." She whispered hoarsely. "Say that you want me."

He spun her around facing him. He looked at her in the eye. His face was unreadable. And then there, without hesitation, his voice was firm and clear announcing, "I want you, Ino."

His lips crushed hers, savoring every inch of her inner walls. She responded immediately, tilting her head up to match his height, clutching his neck tight so that she won't fall down from the overbearing passion. Her body swayed following his rhythm. Shikamaru was the one who taking the lead now.

He move forward and she stepped back, guiding him to where her bed was. They fell together and he pinned her down. From her lips, he trailed kisses along her throat, onto her neck and then her shoulder. She buried her fingers in his hair, messing up his ponytail and tugging the elastic band and let his hair free. She moaned every time he made her feel so good and he responded, deepening his kisses, touching her here and there skillfully, as if he knew her body all along. He spread her towel open, giving him extra excess on her naked skin and continued working there.

Shikamaru was lost in the depth of Ino's magical fantasy. Now he knew that the fact he read long ago that stated "from head to toe, every inch of a woman's body could bring arousal to any men" was true. He didn't believe that fact before; he thought it was just made up because that's what he never felt like that when being together with a woman. That's why he never completed every sex he was having. Nobody ever made him feel like he was going to explode. Every inch of a woman's body could bring arousal to any men? Nah! He laughed out loud at the fact.

But Ino… God! Ino was different! She was like a time bomb. Her presence made the world froze with fear. Everybody wanted to stop her, take charge on her, control her but nobody dared to move. Once her time was off, she will explode and bring chaos to the world. Shikamaru knew because that's what exactly had happened to him. Ino brought chaos into his life.

Sweet, sweet chaos…

Now he was ready, ready to take her right there right now. There will be no regret, only a moment of eternity will remain.

A warning bell sounded in his head as he moved lower, sizzling her precious skin but he ignored it. No matter what interruptions will occur that time, he had no time for it. It was hard to find he was ready to do this and this was the first time a woman ever got himself this far so he won't let a single thing ruin this moment. Let alone anything.

But damn… The warning bell kept on ringing!

Shikamaru cursed as he opened his eyes and lifted himself a little from her. He looked down at her, trying to find if there was anything went wrong. Ino was doing the same, too, looking at him with a puzzled look on her face.

Yep, that damn sound was still there!

"The door," she said between her breaths. "There's someone at the door."

Shikamaru frowned as he inspected the sound. Ino was right. There was someone at the door, ringing the bell non-stop, its annoying sound filling the whole room. He growled, too lazy to move.

Ino got up. "I'll go and chec-" She halted, realizing her condition. The towel already loosened from her body, leaving her clad naked to his eyes. He stopped her movement and wrapped the towel back around her body and slowly jumped from the bed.

"Go get dressed." He instructed, tying his hair back. "I'll answer the door."

Once he left, Ino drew a sharp breath. Again, something got in the way. She walked towards the mirror and gasped, looking at her own reflection. She looked like hell; her makeup ruined and her hair was a complete mess. Not to mention her ivory skin had turned a little bit red here and there.

"Ino!" She jumped, shell shocked at the high-pitched voice coming from the door. She turned around. Sakura was standing there, looking gorgeous in her red clubbing gear. "Why haven't you dressed yet? Look at the time; we're going to be late! It's almost- Wait… What's that?" She walked closer to her blond best friend, narrowing her eyes. "This…" She pointed at the countless hickeys on Ino's neck and shoulders. "How did you get this?"

Before Ino had the chance to answer, Sakura cut in, "Oh. My. God." Her green eyes widened. "Don't tell me…you…and him…" Her voice trailed away.

Ino sighed, nodding her head. "Yep, Sakura. Almost."

"He didn't get in." Sakura stated.

"You guys came right on time." The blonde replied as she re-applied her makeup. "Gee, thanks."

"I'm sorry, Ino. I know you try so hard to get him."

"Ah, it doesn't matter. Just forget about it." She put on her clothes.

"You wouldn't want to wear that." Sakura commented, seeing the outfit she picked. "It's too low cut. You don't want your date to see those love bites, right?" Ino grinned, throwing her previous clothes and selected another one. This time was a purple sleeveless turtleneck. "Is this better?"

"Better." Sakura nodded. She watched her friend busily settling her blond tresses. "You don't look upset."

"Why should I?" Ino eyed Sakura from the mirror.

The pink-haired girl frowned. "I thought you want to have sex with him."

"I do."

"Don't you mad at me for ruining your moment with him? I bet this is the first time."

"No, I don't."


Ino turned around facing her. She shrugged. "Seriously, Sakura… I feel grateful that you guys came right before it happen. I don't know why I feel this way. Actually, before, earlier in the evening, we almost do it but I stopped myself. It happens so suddenly. I felt something strange deep inside and I don't know what it is. It holds me from keep on going. I wanted him so badly yet…" She sighed. "I've been thinking about it over and over again about what this alien feeling is…"

"Have you figured it out?"

Ino paused, not answering her friend question. She turned away from her and adding the last touch on her appearance. "Maybe…"

"So, what is it?"

"I love him." Ino blurted out. "I love him so much. So much until I feel like I want to have our first sexual intercourse, our first sex to happen during the night of our wedding."

Sakura's mouth gaped open.

"Though he said that my feelings towards him might be infatuation, but I know myself better. I never felt this way toward other guys I met. Shikamaru is different. Even though I only know him just in a short time, I'm sure he's the right one for me."

"Ar-are you serious!" Sakura's eyes bolted out. "You're planning to marry him?!"

"Shhh!" Ino shut her friend's mouth. "What if he hears us?"

"You don't want him to know?"

"No, not yet… He'll freak out."

"Does he love you?"

Ino shrugged. "I don't know. He said he likes me, he feels empty without me and he cares a lot about me but no words ever come out from his mouth. He didn't want to be attached with anybody right at this moment. He thinks that would be troublesome."

"He's Shikamaru," Sakura grinned. "Everything seems troublesome for him."

"Yeah, including me." Ino reached for her purse. "So, who's gonna be my date tonight?"

"Some hot guy."

"Tell me."

"He's a bit different from the usual guys you dated before but he's certainly your type. Gorgeous, sexy and dangerous."

"Sounds like a wow."

"He's blonde, though."

"What?" Ino wailed. "Why blonde? I don't date blondes!" The reason Ino didn't date any blonde because she thought dating someone whom reflecting her features just like dating her own brother – though she doesn't have one, or her cousins, whoever… That's why she never thought of going out with that gorgeous Naruto.

"Don't worry," Sakura calmed her down. "He's blonde with grey eyes."

"Well, it doesn't make any difference!"

"Ah…just go with the flow, okay?"

Ino glared. "He better be hot as you claim him to be!"

"He's hot." Sakura confirmed. "Are you done?"

"Yeah." Ino checked out her appearance again in the mirror. "I guess I am."

"Good. Let's go."

The two walked into the living room where Naruto and Shikamaru were chatting animatedly while watching the anime. Naruto jumped seeing his girlfriend and hurriedly went to her, wrapping his muscular arms around her slender figure, leaving Shikamaru alone on the couch.

"You look gorgeous, Ino-chan!" The energetic blonde commented, eyeing the other blonde beside him. Shikamaru followed his gaze silently, checking out his dazzling roommate as if he never saw her before. A sudden frustration slipped inside his heart, wishing she doesn't have to go but stay at home with him, resuming their earlier passion.

"Thanks, Naruto." Ino smiled, glancing at Shikamaru. "Shikamaru?"

The lazy genius locked his eyes with hers. "Hm?"

"I'll be back late."

He nodded. "Have fun." He said half-heartedly, didn't bother to walk her to the door.

"Ah…" She smiled warmly at him before closing the door. "Ja!"

Shikamaru heard the clicking sound and sighed heavily.

I'm a sucker for a level headed girl with a pretty smile…


I'm a lunatic, too.

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