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Shikamaru x Ino. Don't read this if you hate this pairing.

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Chapter Twelve: Memories

"It's about time to reveal the past…" - Ara

It was dark, hazy and misty. The sky above was grey. The surrounding was cold, foul and lifeless. The world he was in right now contained nothingness. All that was there were only misery and despair.

He walked alone along the deserted street, hands shoved deep in his pockets. Strong wind slapped his cheeks and teased his fallen hair, wrapping him in cold, arctic embrace. He walked forward without a specific destination in his mind. He just followed his feet, which led him deeper and deeper into the middle of nowhere.

Where was he? He wondered silently. Surely he never had been in that place before, yet the surrounding felt familiar. So did the people around him, though he couldn't see their faces clearly. It was all foggy and blurry. Something was blocking his eyesight but he didn't know what it was. Maybe this was how it looked like when trapped in a dream.

Then he saw her. Amongst all people whom dull and grey, she was the total opposite. To his eyes, she was glowing with all that shiny aura surrounded her. Her form produced colors. Only she was the one who was not in black and white. The tiny body wrapped in short blue dress was walking ahead of him. Her hair was blond, short and silky to the touch. Her back was on him. His eyes studied her form and somehow, recognition hit him. Hard. He felt like he knew her somewhere. But where?



Then suddenly she turned around to face him and he saw her smiling. He found himself smiling, too, though he felt like his mouth was twitching awkwardly forcing a lazy smile. She waved at him, asking him to come closer to her, urging him to keep his steps with hers.

And he complied without protesting much.

Who was this girl? He thought as his steps fell beside her. He didn't know her, yet she held such strong power to make him do whatever she wanted. And though it was kind of annoying to be bossed around by her, he felt her presence was comforting. His heart was at ease seeing her sweet smile. Her scent warmed up his heart. She smelled like flowers in spring.

He looked at her but failed to make out the face. He wanted to know her, who she exactly was and who she was to him, or rather him to her. But just like other people passing back and forth around him, he couldn't see her clearly.

How troublesome.

He blinked his eyes to erase the confusion but suddenly he found himself was in a different situation.

Now he was in his little boy form, lying casually in the middle of a grassy field, which he noticed the field was similar to the field he had nearby his house. That was the place where the Naras had their deer flocking around eating grass or just lazing around. His arms were tucked behind his head and his legs were arranged in most relaxing pose. Clouds were floating in the blue sky above him, his eyes watching intently as the white forms drifting by. He was lost in the sea of peacefulness and soon, his eyes felt heavy and droopy. He was half-way drifted to sleep when suddenly an image of a little girl appeared before him.

He noticed that she was the same girl he walked with earlier before. The golden girl.

She dropped a flower on his chest. It was a daffodil.

"Shikamaru…" A sweet, honeyed voice sounded in his ears, accompanying with a few shakes on his shoulder. "Wake up, Shikamaru…"

The said guy groaned out loud lazily. He didn't give any positive response, whether a simple reply of "Hn" or blinking eyes, let alone a getting up. He was too comfortable to wake up.

Shikamaru buried his nose deeper into his pillow.

"Wake up." There was the urge again. Soft, gentle and kind. "Shikamaru…"

"Tch… How troublesome…" Shikamaru complained with a frown marred across his forehead. "It's not morning yet…"

"It is." Ino glanced at the alarm clock on the bedside table. Surely 7.00 am could be considered as morning –obviously. She shook him awake again. "Come on. Don't be lazy. Wake up."

"…My class' at ten." Shikamaru was still half-asleep. "-tired…need to sleep more…"

Ino smiled warmly and patted the dark head before her. Shikamaru's sleepy face plus his lazy voice equaled his cuteness tickled her heart. Surely he was tired. Last night had been great.

She was more than glad when found out that Shikamaru's laziness didn't spread into the field of sex. Once he was turned on, he could become dangerous and scarier than her. Instead of letting himself being jumped, just like their previous situations had been, he chose to jump on her. Every now and then. Ino sometimes wondered to herself; was that really her fault for turning the laid-back, lazy ass Nara Shikamaru into some kind of…sex fiend?

And his genius certainly was very useful in the times they were together. How to say this? Okay, let us just conclude that Shikamaru was very, very creative

Creative in what? Puh-leease… Don't give me that innocent look.

"Okay. At least, get off me." Ino poked on her boyfriend's head gently, which was resting on her exposed chest, between her breasts. "I couldn't move."

"Then don't." His breath on her skin sent tingling feeling to her heart. His body was half on her. Shikamaru draped an arm across her waist, holding her tight. "Just lay here a little while longer…"

"Can't." Ino tried to release herself but his hold on her was so strong, even he was not fully awake. "I'll be late for class."

"You're so troublesome…"

"Get off me, please? Please??"


"Please? I'll be late."

"Hai, hai…" Shikamaru rolled back slowly to his side and lie flat on his back. He still had his eyes closed, still in deep slumber. He was in the process of going into a deeper sleep but when he felt the feather light kiss on his lips, he came to life.

He opened his eyes slowly and saw the most astonishing sight of her, taking half of his breath away. Ino was bending down to him, smiling beautifully. Her hair was loose, covering her nudity. She was so close, so warm, so alive. Shikamaru was reminded instantly to last night, about the intimate moments they spent together. Their lovemaking had been frantic. It was hectic, wild and fun.

"Good morning." She kissed him again, this time at the crown of his head. "Thanks for releasing me. Now you can go back to sleep."

"Not that easy." Seriously, how could he just go back to sleep after she had successfully turned him on? Shikamaru grabbed Ino's wrist fast before she managed to leave the bed and she stumbled down on his chest. Now he got better view of her. Her blue eyes were sparkling lively and her moist pink lips were begging to be kissed. Her blond tresses were hanging loosely framing her face, tickling his skin. Shikamaru shot a suggestive look.

Ino groaned, getting the hint. "No, not now, Shikamaru. I have class in less than two hours. I need to get ready."

"Oh, come on. This isn't going to be long." Shikamaru smirked sexily.

"Three times last night is not enough for you?" Ino pouted. Her body was still sore from the torments of pleasure he showered her last night. "I thought you were tired."

Shikamaru didn't answer. Instead, he gave her proof that he was fully charged for the next course of actions. His hand went to the back of her head, pushing her down to meet his. His mouth captured her lips, his tongue tracing the soft petals before urging her to open her mouth and welcome him in. Ino complied without protest, but making a mental note to make their session this time a short one. She kissed him back, her hands cupping both sides of his face while his were running wildly on her back down to her rear. She felt him hard between her legs, hot and ready. The head of his shaft teased her entrance, a burning sensation exploded in her loins.

The morning foreplay was brief and soon she found herself was on the mattress, lying flat on her chest with him coming into her from behind.

Shikamaru struggled a little to put the condom in place, making Ino whimpered impatiently.

"Hurry up…" She urged him, eyeing the clock once again. Oh, she was going to be late.


"Maybe I should be on pill."

"Don't ever." He replied, finally getting it done. He positioned himself at her entrance and slowly pushing in. "It's not good for health."

"But it saves you from trouble." Ino stated her good point before moaning into his thrusts.

Shikamaru felt his body constrict. They had done this a few times but it was always like the first time to him. Making love to her was beyond enjoyable. It was beyond anything imaginable, it was so damn satisfying. He kissed the base of her slender neck and down her spinal cord, at the same time taking a hold of her buttocks, raising it up to meet his powerful thrusts. The fit was tight and she had him wrapped around firmly. He slid full and deep into her moist warmth and felt the satisfaction sensation. The feeling was indescribable, it was beyond words!

Her breaths quickened. Shikamaru heard a few short gasps. Ino was panting heavily, indicating a good sign. He knew that she was close to her pending climax as so did he. Those whimpers in silent ecstasy, those moans in sweet surrender, all those increased his libido, urging him, supporting him to go faster and faster and faster. Her fingers clawed the sheet until it crumpled between her grasps and unable to control the aphrodisia anymore, Ino emitted a shrill cry out loud.

They were close, so close to the edge but Shikamaru didn't want to release just yet. He just had to do something, something he usually did every time they almost reached the climax. Swiftly, carefully, expertly, Shikamaru flipped Ino to face him, so that he could see her flushed face clearly once she gave the final scream of his name. He just had to see his reflection in her lucid blue eyes, feel her hot breath against his skin and her seductive smirk once he made her come. Her small mouth was open, inviting him to close his mouth over hers and taking her into a deep, deep kiss. Their tongues twirled in heated battle, exploring the insides of their wet walls savagely, mixing two different taste of saliva as their bodies pumped rhythmically in concert with the nearing climax of their frantic lovemaking.

Shikamaru groaned and Ino moaned for the last, their slick chests were pressing against each other as together they hit the highest point of their pleasure.

And as usual, Shikamaru gave Ino the final kiss on just above her right eye before collapsed by her side with his arms never left her sweaty form.

"I wanna be with you forever…" He whispered, hugging his lover tight, so tight. "Don't ever leave me, Ino."

Ino glanced up and met his eyes, and flashed him the most loving smile ever. "Don't worry, Shikamaru." She patted his cheek gently. "As long as you don't bore me, then I'll never leave you. Promise."

There he was again, walking along the deserted grey street, trapped in the midst of black and white world. Shikamaru frowned, wondering to himself why he was sent to that place again. As far as he knew, a dream never repeated twice.

The scene was very much similar to the first one; grey skies, cold atmosphere, blurry visions. And he was in his little from once again. He looked around, trying to find any signs of the golden girl but that image never occurred. He was alone and he was going to be lost, he knew. He needed a guide to lead him in his journey, he needed a torch, or some color to light up his dark path. He needed to know what this dream was all about, he needed to know what this visions refer to!

That girl, Shikamaru thought, blinking the blurriness away. I need to find that girl.

Yet, after walking for long, so long it felt like an eternity, still even the glimpse of her short blond hair didn't enter his vision. Worries seeped into him, his heart clouded with uncertainty. Was he really going to lose his direction?

Shikamaru shut his eyes as fear closed itself over him. Now he was truly in the dark.

But then he felt some warm feeling, a body heat, a weight fraction glued so strongly on his back. It was vivid, so real, it made him took a step forward upon the stumbling. It was like he was being pushed, like somebody had jumped on him. He snapped his eyes back open and peered over his shoulder and found her.

The golden girl again. But still Shikamaru failed to make out her face though they were so awfully close. He saw her face formed some movement and the place where her mouth certainly been curved into a smile. Her small hands found the way to his front and he realized that the girl was hugging him from the back, her scent filled his nostrils.

She really smelled like flowers.

When Shikamaru woke up, the scent of flowers in spring still lingered between his breaths. Alarm suddenly rang in his head and he quickly jerked upright into a sitting pose, adrenaline rushed in his blood and his heart was pumping loudly. He sniffed. The scent was still there. His eyes widened. Could his dream become reality? Was it possible that the golden girl followed him back to the real world?

"What's wrong?" A feminine voice sounded from his right.

Shikamaru directed his gaze to the said direction and saw Ino was sitting in front of her dresser and her reflection in the mirror was staring at him. A compact powder was in her left hand and the sponge was in her right, hanging mid air. She was applying the last touch of her make-up the moment he woke up in her bed.

"You look so…furious." Ino resumed her actions but her eyes still on him. "Bad dream?"

Can his dream considered as bad? Shikamaru didn't know the answer. The dream couldn't be categorized as bad dream let alone nightmare. But it wasn't a good dream either. It was just…unpleasant.

And what was with the flowery scent he had in his nose right now? Shikamaru looked at Ino. Was it possible that she smelled just the same as the little girl he had in his dream earlier? Another breath and yes, the smell remained strong in the air, still not faded away. Was Ino really the source of the scent?

Shikamaru's eyes widened even more.

Was Ino…could she really, possibly…the girl…

His thought altered hearing the sound of screeching chair. Ino had got up and was examining her looks in the mirror for the last, then moved to her desk and grabbed her bag. Her long ponytail swayed due to her energetic movement and her yellow top brightened her blond tresses. She really was golden, so colorful, so full of life.

"Hey, don't look so dazed." Ino leaned just enough to give him a peck on the cheek. "It's not really a bad dream, isn't it?"

Shikamaru just mumbled lazily in response and Ino's shrill laugh sounded in his ears.

"Come on, don't be lazy. Get up and get ready for class." Ino headed for the door. "I'll see you later!"


"What now, Shikamaru?" She turned around and shot him a pointed look. "Don't tell me that you don't want to go to class! I swear if you-!"

"…I love you."

Ino stared at him for a second, speechless, before retracing her steps back to him and this time, kissed him fully on the mouth. That was new coming from Shikamaru. She never heard him say those three words all in a sudden or out of the blue. Usually she was told after they made love, which was very, very rare and that just that.

It was a strange occurrence but she liked it anyway.

"I know. I love you, too."

Could he possibly have met Ino in the past? The question haunted his mind since the beginning of the day. Shikamaru couldn't focus his entire attention to the lecture in front, his mind busily wondering about the dream. He never had such dream before.

Suddenly he sort of blacked out, his visions turned black and white like broken TV, weird sound buzzing in his ear. He cringed, his head hurt. Dizziness pained him. What the hell-? Shikamaru clutched his head. The headache was still there. He shook his head. Yep, still there. He shook his head again, again and again until it all faded away, until his vision turned to normal.

Shikamaru breathed hard, his pulse accelerated madly. Somehow, at the back of his mind, a tiny voice belonged to a little girl echoed his name softly.


He heard himself grunted in reply.


A momentarily silence…


Followed by a sound of screeching car…


Shikamaru jumped at the loud call of his name, unconsciously bringing himself to the spotlight. He looked around, the lecture was still on yet the whole attention was cast on him now. The lecturer and the rest of his classmates were staring at him blankly. Sasuke, who sat beside him on his right, cocked an eyebrow questioningly. Shikamaru felt the blood rushing to his face when realized that he actually had fallen asleep in the middle of ongoing lecture, dreaming of that weird dream again, speaking of which, had no picture whatsoever this time but sound and woke up all in a sudden in such embarrassing way…

Quickly muttering a small apology to the class, Shikamaru gathered up his things and stormed out of the lecture hall after asking Sasuke to sign the attendance sheet for him. Though glaring and all, Sasuke agreed without saying anything.

Once out, Shikamaru wandered aimlessly around the campus without specific destination in his mind. Albeit the expression he bored was mild and sober and a little bit sleepy, but it was like a traffic jam inside his head. He couldn't stop wondering about all the dreams he had since he dreamed of the first one. His genius began to collect each of those pieces, processed it, extracted it, linked it and chained it back. But still, he got nothing. He couldn't find the answer to the big question.

What are the dreams all about?!

Failed at the attempt, Shikamaru tried the other way around. He searched for the source of the dreams, the point where it all started. The root, he needed to find it.

Landing himself on the soft grass, Shikamaru pillowed his head with his hands and stared up at the sky. His mind replayed all the dreams he had, all he could remember, all the visions he saw including the sounds he heard, all of it rolled back and forth inside his mind. Yet he still failed to make any conclusion out of it, still remained where he first started and seemed like he was going to remain that way for quite some time before a bulb light up.

Maybe he needed one more dream. Just one more…

Shikamaru let out a sigh, slowly ditching the troublesome thoughts away and focused on the clouds instead. Why should he care? Strange as it seemed, it was all dreams anyway. A mind trick, an illusion, unreal visions, no matter how vivid they appeared to be.

A big cloud floated by and stopped just above him, blocking his eyesight from the enchanting blue sky, which was very much similar to Ino's eyes…


A surge of emotion rushed through his veins and hit the very core of his nerves. A realization, that was it called. Shikamaru jerked upright and sat straight on the ground, his eyes roamed wildly.

He had found the root.

Their relationship and their intimacy, amount of time they spent with each other with such closeness led to all those dreams. All those dreams occurred since they became one and who knows because of the proximity, something about them that they never knew before was going surface?

Shikamaru smacked his head, trying to connect the dreams he had with his relationship with Ino.

The little girl's blond hair was the same as Ino's blond hair and they smelled the same, too.

Somehow he had a feeling that the dream was possibly some remnants of the past.

Could it be?

But Ino never existed in his childhood memory. Shikamaru was sure that the first time she appeared in front of his doorstep a week before his birthday was the first time he saw her, the first time he remembered seeing her. Sure, they've met once during high school before but that moment couldn't be considered as first…

"Let me hear you say hey hey hey
Now let me hear you say hey hey ho-"

Ino quickly grabbed her cell phone out of her Levi's denim pants on the second ring, unaware it rang because of the changed ring tone. A brief glance at the caller ID indicated an image of a sexy, nice-looking guy whom the person she was dating now. Ino frowned, slightly feeling surprised about the call she received around that hour.

"Well, this is a surprise." She spoke instead of saying Hello. Shikamaru never called or messaged her during school time. She was the one who always did all that.

"I know." The smooth, male voice was accompanied with a heavy sigh. "But I just have to."

"Why?" Ino sensed something strange was happening to her boyfriend. "Do you have any problem?"


"Something's bothering you then?" Ino heard a low grumble.

"Mmm… Yeah. Kinda…"

Involuntarily, Ino's heart did a little somersault. "Well, what is it?" She asked, praying that whatever the thing bugged her boyfriend's mind wasn't the same thing that bugged him almost two weeks ago. Ino didn't want the subject of his ex-girlfriend come to surface again. They were happy now, nothing should come between them.

"Do you think…" Shikamaru uttered a question slowly instead of giving her an answer. "…that we possibly have met in the past?"


"Have we ever met before? Aside from our meeting during the basketball match… Maybe somewhere around our younger days?"

Ino chuckled. "Do you think I'm the right person to ask? I don't have any childhood memories, remember?"

Shikamaru's reply sounded disappointed. "Oh, yeah… I totally forgot about that."

"What's wrong, Shikamaru? Why all in a sudden?" Ino eyed the wall clock. The 10-minutes break almost over. The teacher will arrive any second.

Shikamaru sighed again. His answer was more like a mumble. "Nothing. I just have these troublesome dreams…"

"Ah… You mean the dream you had this morning?"


"What's it all about?"

"I don't know… The whole thing is dark and blurry. I hardly remember anything about it. But…"


"But I do remember that I met someone in there."

"Someone?" Ino knitted her brows. "Who?"

"A blonde. A little blonde girl. I don't know her, though. But she smells like flowers."

"Why do I have the feeling that the girl is me?" Ino joked. "Aw… How sweet of you, Shikamaru. For dreaming of me…"

Shikamaru chuckled, feeling a little bit lightheaded on the teasing. "Yeah, maybe. It's not impossible for that girl to be you, I think. She feels strangely familiar…"

"So what is it about the dream that bugging you? I mean, it's just a dream, right?"

"I think so but…everything feels so real to me… It's like the situations I faced there had happened before… But if it's you I'm dreaming about, why'd you never existed in my childhood memory?"

"I don't know how to answer that." Ino simply replied. "Oh, gosh. Gotta hang up, Shikamaru. My teacher just walked in."

"Oh, sorry, sorry… We'll talk later, okay?"

"Okay." Ino kept her voice as low as possible. "I'll see you at home. Love you!"

"Love you more, heh…"

This time Shikamaru saw completely nothing, nor heard anything. He couldn't see a thing, though his vision now was no longer foggy and blurry. Darkness surrounded him, the chilling, cold air still caressed his skin. Now he was really lost in the sea of nothingness, confused with the situation he was in, slightly worried about anything that might come and get him. His mind fixed on the little blonde he met in the previous dreams. Was he going to see her again?

Silently he prayed for the golden girl to come and erase all the darkness away, save him from his confusion…

And provide him the answer he needed.

Shikamaru hesitantly took a step forward and began to walk blindly in the dark, searching for any possible exit. But then, one of his senses detected something unpleasant. An odor slowly crawled up to his nostrils. He frowned in disgust, disliking the strong smell of iron in his nose. He never liked that smell, feared it, too. It was the scent of something in deep red, in liquid form and relatively had high viscosity than water…


Shikamaru wrinkled his forehead in disgust and covered his nose with his hand. Oh, how he hated blood! He didn't know since when his hatred started, but one thing for sure, just the sight or the smell of it made him almost traumatic. The scent was so strong it made him wanna gag. He choked for brilliant air but the smell just became more and more significant. He couldn't breathe, his lungs were blocked. He felt like he was drowning, going into deep.

Then he heard the sound of screeching car once again and this time followed by a loud crash.


Warm feeling slowly caressed his skin. It took him a few seconds to register what actually the thing was. Slick, sticky liquid covered his fingers as he rubbed his body to get more feel of it, and he swore what he touched was really, really gross.

Shikamaru sniffed his own hands and shuddered.

What the hell-?!!

There was blood all over him.

Now he was afraid, truly afraid.


Yoshino frowned after hearing the voice at the other line. Was she dreaming? Out of the blue, Shikamaru phoned her? And at this hour? Wasn't he supposed to be in class right now?

If there was an award for perfect mother, then by all means, Yoshino should have won it long time ago. Dealing with a troublesome, lazy boy whom appeared to be the her one and only son really took a lot of time and effort, not to mention headaches and painful heartaches every time Shikamaru caused her troubles. Though lazy to the core, Shikamaru was sort of rebellious in his younger days and during the period where his hormone was at the highest peak of savageness was really the worst time ever. Believe it or not, he had his own gang in school and all the teachers and school boards dubbed her son and the rest of his friends "The Troublemakers". Sleeping, eating in class, loitering… All those were only half of the bad things he'd done on record. Sometimes Yoshino questioned herself whether it was really her fault or not for "supporting" Shikamaru gone through his rebellious acts. If only she hadn't encouraged him to pierce his ears in such young age… Nah, that was a different story.

And because he was such a rebel, she always fed him more than an earful to redeem his careless self, back to normal and sweet boy she knew when he was little. But Shikamaru always shrugged her nags and tempers off easily, dubbed her "Troublesome woman" and fired up her nerves more. Anger stirred dangerously inside of her and couldn't take it anymore she blew up almost everyday, causing Shikamaru to take it as a sign that his mother was really an annoying woman and stay away from her the best he could.

Starting college life, Shikamaru moved out of the Nara main house and began to live his own life but Yoshino just couldn't let her son be without knowing his issues from time to time. So she demanded Shikamaru to report every week to her, threatening to cut his allowance to nil if he didn't show up. Living without money was just like living without freedom, Yoshino knew. So afraid of that to happen, Shikamaru grumpily visited the Nara residence every week, as per her request. Saying that he had class just for excuse not to show up was no use, Yoshino the perfect mother wouldn't hesitate at all to call the campus directory for truth.

And now, Shikamaru called her directly from campus and that was a weird thing because Shikamaru knew what he was in for calling at inappropriate time. Plus, Shikamaru was never the one to start a troublesome conversation or argument. He tried to avoid both at all cost…

Yoshino only could give a fair guess.

Maybe he was in for trouble again, though since entering the university, Shikamaru hadn't yet made his debut. But knowing him too well…

"Shikamaru," Yoshino acknowledged her son. Her tone was sharp and edgy. "What is it with you this time? Get caught for napping in class?"

Her son groaned in reply. He must've expected this coming from one of the troublesome women in the world. "What? Why'd you say that?"

"Because you wouldn't call me just for good reasons."

"Geez… If you're talking about me getting into troubles again, well, you certainly are wrong because that's not why I'm calling you for. Besides, I'm all grown up now. I already passed the stage, mom."

Yoshino rolled her eyes. "Right. So you called me just to say Hi?"

Shikamaru groaned again. He never had a smooth conversation with his mom, not if Yoshino didn't stop being prejudice. Ignoring the question, Shikamaru spat bitterly, "No. I called because I want to ask you about something. And I need you-"

"You called me just to ask me about something? Weren't you supposed to be in class right now?"

A momentarily pause but Yoshino could hear her son was cursing silently. "Shikamaru?"

"The lecturer…uh… We're taking a break now."

"Break, huh?" Yoshino asked icily. "What subject you're in? English, is it?" After she hung up with Shikamaru, she was going to call the lecturer.

"Mom, cut it out." Shikamaru sighed. He probably regretted calling her.

"You're skipping the class, aren't you?"


"Go back to class!" Yoshino glared to the wall in front of her. That Shikamaru! How could he?! Having a high IQ didn't mean that he could cut class whenever he felt like it. Sure, Shikamaru could pass any test or exam easily without studying much but he couldn't just ditch his responsibility as a student simply like that! "And call me after you're done, you hear me?"

"But this is important!" Right, Shikamaru was really going to pick another troublesome argument with her. "Answer my question first then I promise you, I'll go back to class after that!"


"Just answer me!" Yoshino started. Shikamaru rarely yelled at her. "And I need you to be honest with me!"

Something's fishy here, Yoshino decided to give in at last. Whatever. She'll get Shikamaru on his visit this Thursday. "Okay, okay. What is it you want to ask me?"

Straight to the point. "Have I ever involved in any accident before? Say…car crash?"

Yoshino stiffened all in a sudden. Something struck her mind. For a second, she didn't realize she was holding her breath. The question from Shikamaru… She never thought that he finally asked her that soon. Heck, she never expected that to come!

"What?!" Yoshino controlled her voice so that she didn't sound shaken. "Accident? What are you talking about?"

"Just answer me yes or no, mom." The voice desperately urged. "Have I ever?"

Yoshino gave him a long, unusual pause before sighing and spoke. "…No."

Shikamaru couldn't focus on the appealing blonde on top of him, whom at that time was trying to get his gaze off of the starry sky outside his window. Ino unbuttoned his pajama one by one, lavishing the exposed skin with her tongue hungrily. She nipped his collarbone and up his throat, shifting to the right to nibble at his earlobe, all the time whispering sexy talks in his ear, attempting to turn him on. But after several continuous sensual acts, still Shikamaru had his mind somewhere else, still hadn't responded or do anything in return, Ino lowered her libido.

"Shikamaru…" She purred softly, tugging his shoulders. "What's wrong with you tonight?"

The said guy just grunted, didn't intend to tear his gaze off of the sky. Ino bent lower to him, blocking his sight with her lovely face and gave him the sweetest smile that surely could make the lazy heart melt.

"Don't have any mood, huh?"

Damn, what does mom mean by "…No"? The way she speaks is just fishy…

"Are you tired?"

This is so troublesome… Once again, Shikamaru tried to decipher his vivid dreams, not really paying attention to Ino's remarks.

"Shikamaru?" She cooed again, this time sounded breathy. Ino was up for a round tonight, and there was no way she'd let Shikamaru ignored her pleas and demands to be satisfied just like that. She held Shikamaru's face in her hands and shot her lustful gaze into his boring eyes. "Make love to me, baby. Please…"

Thos time, her seductive tone successfully brought his attention to fully cast on her. What kind of guy wouldn't when have such a sexy fella moving suggestively on top, consciously hitting the right buttons? Seeing she had the lazy bum's eyes on her intently, wasting no time, Ino shed her clothing and tossed it aside and leaned in to kiss him fully on the mouth. Shikamaru expressed a groan but complied, later on get carried away by the sweet ecstasy of her tongue that he began to perform his own concert on the nude body resting above him. He stroked a little part of her smooth back and felt himself grew hot in need. Damn, Ino just had that kind of impact on him.

In a swift movement, Shikamaru switched their positions so that he was now on top of her and she was below. His rough action, however, managed to elicit a gasp from Ino, whom didn't expect him to become so bold in just few seconds. But it was just a matter of time before her pursing lips broke into a feral grin. Shikamaru smiled back in return, attacking her mouth in such violent kisses, leaving her completely breathless. Well Ino was not going to let him win that easily. She kissed him with force that was doubled his.

"Troublesome woman…" Shikamaru trailed damp kisses onto along her throat down to the peak of her breasts. "I'm not going to let you off that easily, you know, even if you beg for mercy. Remember my darling; you ask for it."

"Oh, I'll make sure that I'm not going to regret it…" Ino smiled boldly, liking the way her lazy boyfriend got to his dark side. "So you better show me your best or- Ooohh…" She lost for words when desire took over her mind, enjoying the sensation of Shikamaru's warm mouth closed over one nipple and his thumb brushing the other.

"No turning back now, Ino." Shikamaru grinned wolfishly, glancing up at her flush face before lowering his mouth to the other side of her chest.

Ino nodded meekly, surrendering to his rhythm. Involuntarily, she shivered, thinking about how bad Shikamaru could do to her. That was why he warned her. He was up for something more tonight.

But then she felt the adrenaline rushed in her blood and she knew that no matter how battered and sore her body will be in the morning, she wouldn't mind at all.

"Of course." Her grin matched his. "No turning back, Shikamaru."

Here you go. Shikamaru launched his assaults, a few times fiercely than he ever done to Ino. True, he was really up for something more tonight. He aimed to make their lovemaking this time an unforgotten one, so that when he slept, he carried the intimacy together with him and dreamed of that dream once again.

Memories… Remnants of the past… Now he was sure that was the entire dream about.

Shikamaru was going to collect it one by one and gathered the piece and complete the puzzle, in hopes for searching what relationship he once had with Ino.

To be continued…

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