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"You seem to glow tonight, my beloved." King Elessar's deep voice was much welcomed by the elf standing on the balcony. The elf turned as he caught sight of his husband. The gentle smile on the face of the man known as Aragorn made his own lips tug up to return the greeting.

"The king looks well tonight, do you not agree?" The elf teased lightly. "It has been a while since I last looked upon my reflection in a looking glass." Aragorn finally answered, catching the elf in an easy embrace.

"How long has it been since you last saw me? Perhaps an hour ago." The elf finally answered, relaxing in his mate's arms. "Yes, but I cannot get enough of the sight of you, Legolas." Aragorn finally said. "And besides I saw you slip out." He nuzzled the elf's cheeks with his nose.

"We have been in this city for three months now and all we have done is celebrating." Legolas turned so Aragorn's arms slipped around his waist. "We have much to celebrate. I am happier each day to have you by my side."

Legolas could still remember the dark months of the war of the ring. Now to have so much to celebrate seemed strange to him. Aragorn was supposed to tend to these parties and Legolas for a while accompanied him each evening. But Legolas knew Aragorn did not demand it from him that he stayed all night and soon the elf usually slipped out into the evening, Aragorn soon following him when the man had the change.

"You seem distracted tonight. Is something the matter?" Aragorn whispered in the elegantly pointed ear which made the elf shudder with delight. "I am just thinking about how blissful these last few months have been. I always imagined after the war my life would be over since you would be married to Arwen."

"Do not!" Aragorn choked out. "Do not speak of such things. They have not come to pass and will never. I will never allow you to go." Legolas turned to see Aragorn looking at him with haunting eyes. "I am sorry; I did not mean to say these things. We both have lived in darkness for this long; it seems we have forgotten where to look for light. Do you still remember the words you said on your first eve together? It is role we have played for such a long time, it is hard to forget."

"But to see you waking up to me ever morning is proof enough. Nor will my people allow me to forget what they have heard. I will swear upon my life every time I go to ride through the city I can still hear their whispers behind their hands." Aragorn threw his hands up to the skies as Legolas laughed. "For you did surprise them. They imagined they were going to see a beautiful woman at your side and here you give them a male and no heirs."

"They saw a beautiful elf instead. And if they wished to pair me with a woman they would have seen a sad king. For I am not whole without you." The elf threw his arms around the man's waist to pull him against him. "As you have told me on many an occasion."

"Shall I show you again, tonight?" The man asked, his gaze meeting Legolas'. "Ever since our first time I must say you have been hungry for my touch. But perhaps not tonight. Tales will really spread if we retire early, again. Your guests are waiting, Aragorn."

"They are waiting for you as well. These are our friends, Legolas, come with me and celebrate whatever we are celebrating at the moment." Aragorn gave the elf a quick kiss. "I am sure the hobbits have found another good reason to celebrate again. Perhaps it is the simple invention of second breakfast or dinner they are celebrating now." Legolas allowed himself to be led inside by the king.

Cheering arose when they both walked back inside and Aragorn smiled. Soon a plum red haired and bearded dwarf made his way over to them, holding a glass of ale in his hand. "Evening." He only offered as Legolas gave him a fond smile. "Hello, Gimli. Are you enjoying yourself?"

"Yes, as a dwarf can in this city filled with men." Gimli, son of Gloin answered with a quick wink at Aragorn. "Through I suppose not all men are bad, at least this one has some manners on how to entertain his friends." Aragorn looked down at the dwarf standing near him to say. "This one is the king and has had raising on how to keep his friends entertained."

Gimli waved his hand to wave the comment away as Legolas chuckled lightly. Aragorn gave the elf a hard look as Legolas gave him an innocent smile. "So this time you are not retiring early, I see." Elrond's soft voice cut through the easy silence which had fallen over the three friends.

Aragorn turned to his foster father to smile. "Legolas does not want to." The man eventually answered, casting a quick and teasing smile at the elf. "I cannot blame him. One gets tired of spending every night lying in bed early, doing nothing." Elrond managed to keep a straight face as he sipped his wine.

"Well it is said that in the later years of the marriage the bed activities tend to die, but with us this is not…." Legolas quickly clasped his hand over Aragorn's mouth to stop the king from saying too much. "There is also a time for you to shut up." The elf declared quickly.

Aragorn gently licked Legolas' hand, causing the elf to withdraw his hand quickly. He then wiped it on the man's tunic. "You are no king if you behave like that." He said sternly. "What will be my punishment be? You will show me all the rooms in the citadel?" Aragorn softly purred close to the elf's ear.

"As if we have not yet begun that." Legolas immediately retorted. He then turned his attention back to the people assembled around them. Only by the red tips of Elrond's ear could he see the elven lord had indeed overheard their conversation. Elrond was still drinking his wine, perhaps to drown out all sounds around him.

Gimli was engrossed in watching the people around him and had as usual not heard anything. He looked back at Aragorn and while seeing the man's glance of mischief he smiled and grasped his hand. "Let us retire." And no amount of looks or whispers could quell the fire deep inside and the happy feeling at seeing Aragorn smile.

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