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"Boromir, hands where I can see them and step away from Eleniel." Aragorn took his duty as chaperone very seriously. At least for the first few hours. Then he would allow his children to drift away and allow Boromir to steal a kiss before he would 'stumble' upon them and catch them in the act.

Eleniel shot him a look, grey eyes narrowed but Aragorn ignored it. He had taken Legolas on when the elf was in full temper so why did his daughter think that she would win?

"King Elessar, can I bring Eleniel round to visit my father? The healers are saying that he is having a good day today. I know that he may not be able to be present for the wedding but I want him to spend some time with my future wife."

Boromir waited kindly until Aragorn made up his mind.

"Of course you may." Aragorn remained seated on the stone bench as Boromir and Eleniel walked away. They walked slowly, heads bowed together and Aragorn smiled as he saw the expression on his daughter's face. Eleniel was happy.

When they rounded the bend, he could hear Eleniel's laughter and Aragorn rolled his eyes. No doubt Boromir had said something to make her laugh.

He signed and then rose slowly. It was even uncertain if Faramir would still be alive for the wedding. Day after day Faramir seemed to descend further into his past. The other day when Aragorn had gone to visit, he had asked if Aragorn had some work for him.

Aragorn shook himself sharply and focused on rising to his feet. They would have to bury another friend. He wondered if this would be the one to drive Legolas over the edge.

He worried about his elf. Perhaps he should insist that Legolas sail but Legolas wanted Aragorn to accompany him. The man sighed; he may not make the journey.

The Valar had only allowed a handful of mortals into Valinor and Aragorn was not so sure if he would receive the honor. He had not been like Frodo to rid the world of a great evil nor had he been like Samwise, seeing his master through great peril.

He was a human king and he had never been as great as Elendil. He hoped of course that he would be allowed excess, he would see his family again. He had missed them dreadfully but he understood why Elrond had chosen to sail.

He could feel the same weariness in his bones and in his soul. It was something that no matter of rest seemed to cure. He longed for rest and the chance to feel young again but he suspected that he would never feel like that again.

"Adar, please do not tell me that you are becoming forgetful like Faramir."

Eldarion's tone was teasing but Aragorn could detect the note of wariness within it. He smiled at his son and said. "Of course not, Eldarion. I am blessed and cursed with having a sound mind. My body just does not cooperate with the pace my mind is setting. I still think that I can swing up on a horse and ride for days without end but my body betrays me when I cannot even rise unaided."

"You looked lost in a dream, Ada."

"More like lost in my thoughts, ion nin. Now if you are here then I suppose that Legolas is not far behind?"

"Father is not here. I wanted to talk to you alone. I have something important to ask you."

Aragorn's eyes narrowed when he noticed Eldarion's stance. The young man stood shifting from foot to foot. He looked nervous and like a small child as if he had done something wrong.

"Well, out with it. You are making me anxious watching you like this."

"Atar, I have come to ask for your permission to ask Iliniel to be my wife? I think that she would make a find queen and Eomer wishes to see his daughter wed before he passes."

"So he is passing her along to the first person he likes the look of?" Aragorn grinned at Eldarion.

"Of course not, Atar! He is merely assuring that she marries somebody who truly loves her."

"I know, ion nin. So do you really love her? You will have to spend the rest of your life with her."

"I cannot stand to be without her. Even now, when I do not write to her or think of her, I feel empty inside. I love her. If I imagined my life not spend without her, I would go insane. I would rather spend one day as her husband then to never lay eyes on her again. If she does not wish for me to be her husband I will let her go to find somebody she can be happy with. But I know that I will never find somebody else like her."

Aragorn smiled and said. "If these are your true feelings, Eldarion, how could I not say yes?"

The look of joy on his son's face made Aragorn grin. He pulled his first born close and said. "Be good to her, ion nin. You are blessed with her."

"I will, father. I shall go and tell Atar the good news as well."

"Yes, you go do that."

The happiness that flowed through the bond made Aragorn realize Legolas already knew. He glanced up towards the trees, sure that his elf was near and Eldarion would find it impossible to find his elven father.

He smiled at his son. Eldarion for a moment looked like a child, happy and carefree. It was nice to see his son like that. It didn't happen often as Eldarion accepted more and more responsibility that was due to him as a prince.

Eldarion gave him a handsome smile back and then moved further into the garden, towards the house to search for his elven father.

Aragorn shifted his stance a little and he heard more then saw Legolas appear next to him. To somebody who didn't know any elves, it would appear that the elf had appeared out of thin air but Aragorn knew that Legolas had merely moved too fast to see for a mortal.

Grateful suddenly, he leaned against Legolas as the elf kissed his temple and said. "It seems that your wish is coming true and we shall soon have an empty house."

"When they were growing up you always wanted us to have more time for each other. Why are you complaining now?" Aragorn glanced at his beloved.

"Because it is the end of an era. When Eldarion marries, it means that he is ready to become a king and when our last friend dies, it means that we too must sail or await death."

"I do not think that Gimli will die anytime soon, Legolas. He seems too content to spend his time exploring the Glittering Caves and directing the elves that live there. He may surprise you. Unless you do not wish to tarry for him?"

"You know me too well, my beloved." Legolas sighed.

"It would happen when you spend the better part of your life with that someone."

"I am restless, I'll admit that freely and I do not know what is keeping me here. I adore to see our children flourish each day and I cannot wait to hold any grandchildren in my arms but the very thought of facing another funeral, of standing at another graveside. Of standing at your graveside is enough to send me fleeing West. I would rather face the wrath of the Valar for brining a mortal to Valinor then to face your death here, all alone."

"You would not be alone."

"They have their own families by then. I could not stand it, Estel. I would rather drown myself in the Anduin then to be forced to endure your death."

"Hush, you silly elf. I believe that I promised you I would sail with you."

"And yet we tarry and you age. What if something were to happen? You grow older every day."

This time Aragorn could not help but laugh. He threw back his head and laughed . For a moment Legolas sounded like a spoiled child. He wiped tears of mirth from his cheeks and then said, smiling fondly at his elf. "Legolas, I cannot help but age. Trust in me when I say that this is not a thing I like."

"You do not like to grow older? I believe that children always wish to grow up."

"Yes and old people wish to be young again. It is true that there is a certain satisfaction in growing older but there are definitely disadvantages to it. I tire easily, as you may have noticed. My body aches in places that I never even knew could ache. My sight and hearing are dimming."

"Sometimes I wonder if you can hear me when I call your name in the corridor."

"I always know when you are calling for me so I will always hear you, just not in the way you would think."

"I could call you through the bond, yes; I'm familiar with that concept." Legolas' arm around Aragorn's waist was familiar as the elf turned his ever youthful face towards the sun.

Only the blue eyes showed the advancing years of his elf as they spoke of sorrow that only the loss of loved ones could bring. Aragorn still worried for his elf and sometimes those worries kept him awake at night but there was nothing he could do.

He had promised Legolas he would sail but what would happen to his beautiful husband if Aragorn were to die?

"If I asked you to prepare a ship for us to sail, would you do so?" He turned to Legolas, slipping into the language of his youth.

The blue eyes widen before Legolas asked. "I would ask you if you were sure."

"I would rather live a score of years with you in happiness then to dispose ourselves on our children and make ourselves a burden."

Legolas chuckled and said. "My love, our children would never consider us to be a burden. They would happily ask us to babysit their children so that they can get some peace and rest. You have a number of years in you yet."

"But I long to see my family again."

"Elladan and Elrohir are here, my beloved. They are in Rivendell and they will not leave unless we do. So do not concern yourself with them. But if you wish for me to prepare a ship, I shall."

"It would be nice to know that there is a ship that can whether the Straight Road." Aragorn sighed.

"Father, have you seen Adar? I wish to share the good news."

"That must be one hell of a post pidgeon that you send if it is already back with an answer. I had assumed that as per answer Eomer would be beating down my door with his warhorses."

"I am sure Eomer would not be that cruel." Aragorn stepped away to allow Legolas and Eldarion some time alone.

"So what is the happy news that you have to share with me, ion nin?"

"I'm going to ask Illien to be my wife."

The fierce joy that erupted through the bond had rivaled Aragorn's own and the man smiled.

Legolas embraced his grown son and Eldarion returned the embrace wholehearingly. Legolas had always been affectionate with the children but for some reason both Eldarion and Eleniel had always feared displeasing him.

"I'm very glad that you have found somebody to love you, meleth."

That was the only thing Aragorn understood before he moved away to give them some privacy. He knew that Legolas would treasure these times with his children so he allowed his son and his father that moment.

He sat down a little bit further on the stone bench and smiled. Regardless of what the future would bring, they had raised their children well and they would soon start their own family.

A new chapter was beginning in their life and while Aragorn would still have the demands of being a king, he could start delegating the tasks to his son. He would have the time to enjoy his children and the life they had made for themselves before they sailed.

He smiled up at Legolas as the elf came to stand behind him. He was content with this life and that would have to carry him through when they finally sailed but Aragorn hoped that it would be many years before he would have to miss them but he knew in the end that he had to.

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