Demon seed

Cid looked around nervously at the fight outside, trying to ignore his wife's screams. The war was only getting worse and then his wife goes into labor in the mist of a battle feild. If only someone else was there to help her. He didn't know shit about delivering babies. And her screaming was driving her mad.

"Sara, stop Fucking screaming!" He screamed.

"Goddamit, Cid, the babies coming!" His wife screamed back. Cid ran to her side, trying not to think about the battle outside their house and think about their child. Sara screamed like a Banshee, pushing thier child into the world, Cid pulled out the child in amazement. Sara cried tears of joy as Cid put the wailing baby in her arms. "Its a girl." Sara said. Cid smiled at the child they made together. Sara looked up. "She looks like you."

The moment would be intruppted by a boot stomping though the door. Men in suits stomped in, guns waved at the three. Sara held the baby close as Cid stood in front of the two. "What the hell do you want?" Cid groweled, his spear in his hand. Before he could begin to attack, a shot rang from the gun. He looked to see Sara, still holding her child, a bullet hole in her head.

"Sara!" he screamed, running to him. A second shot rang out. Cid felt it enter his arm. "Shit." He cursed, turning to confront the shooter. A butt of a gun fell on his head, knocking him out before he could do anything.

"Stupid pilot." One of the men said. They were about to leave when they heard a tiny cry. One man stood back. "Aw hell man, don't tell me you feel sorry for the stupid demon seed." His friend, Carl said. The Turk ignored him, walking to the dead body. The baby was still alive, wailing loudly at the loud noises. He picked her up gently.

"Look guys, its a girl." He said. The rest of the Turks groaned. "Dane, no way you can take care of her. You can't take care of yourself." One Turk joked. Dane shrugged. "Aw, Fuck you guys. How hard can it be? I'll call her Um, Marti. Yea, Marti." He said, taking the t-shirt off her father and wrapping her with it.