Hotaru came up with an interesting experiment. She invited Mikan, Ruka, Natsume, Sumire, Youichi, Tsubasa & Misaki for a slumber party in her lab. More exciting than exposing everyone's sleeping habits…were some unheard confessions. N x M.


Author's Notes: I wonder how it'll turn out if Natsume or Mikan or the others have weird sleeping habits…mwehehehe…. I'm quite interested in sleep patterns and other psychological disorders so…hehehe, since I took up physiological psychology this semester, it's about time to make this ficcie. XD Another informal story. Originally, I wanted this to be a one-shot…but I decided to divide it for an easier read. Hope you like it! If you see errors don't hesitate to tell me, it would be much appreciated. Please review! Thank you so much!


Hotaru's Sleep Experiment

Chapter 1: Discovery of an Experiment

Genre: Humor / General

Written By: WizdomGoddess


Hotaru has always loved being ahead on the mental fast track. She smiled sweetly, watching her bamboozled classmates drawl.

"As you can see, sleep is also a matter of decreasing activity in arousal areas in the brain," she further explained, tapping a chalk on the teacher's desk to emphasize her point.

"What an interesting proposition Hotaru!" Narumi rubbed his chin thoughtfully. "So you're saying that a decrease of brain temperature is needed to increase sleepiness."

Hotaru nodded. "That's correct. Blood flow towards the hands and feet also determines how fast one will be able to sleep."

Anna raised her hand. "But if sleep requires a decrease in brain temperature, does that mean someone hot-headed like Natsume is an insomniac?" she asked innocently. "He works every night after all…I think…"

"That makes sense," Narumi chuckled. A loud snort echoed from the back of the classroom. Natsume, looked indifferent and beside him, Ruka shook his head at Anna's hypothesis.

"Natsume's head is hot? Does he have a fever?" Mikan asked, glancing at Natsume who glared back.

"Well I think Natsume's hot!" Sumire sighed dreamily. Several female heads bobbed in the classroom.

Hotaru rolled her eyes.

Kokoroyomi stood up. "How about other arousal areas besides the brain, hands, and feet?" he grinned sheepishly.

Several snickers resonated from the class.

"Who's getting aroused?" Mikan looked confused. She had been looking forward to listen to her best friend's great experiment but she couldn't even keep up with the terminologies! Mikan felt like she was in a totally different planet.

She turned to Natsume. "What does arousal mean?"

"How should I know?" shot the boy with the fire-alice.


Natsume sighed heavily. In truth, he actually knew what the dirty-minded Kokoroyomi meant by arousal but there was no way he'll explain that to someone as dense as Mikan. Besides, he's been avoiding the term for weeks because….Darn you Imai…he cursed silently. He tore his gaze away from Mikan's probing green eyes.

Hotaru turned around and wagged a finger at Kokoroyomi.

"Now, now Koko. We are not here to talk about your excessive amount of hormones," Hotaru pronounced, inserting a disc inside the DVD player. "If I may continue before we go further off-topic than we already are…"

Kokoroyomi made a face and plopped back into his seat.

Hotaru turned on the television and the usual copyright text flashed across the vast screen.

"My experiment was conducted using the observational scientific method. The participants were informed the gathering was an average slumber party inside my laboratory..." Hotaru cleared her throat. " actuality, the main purpose of the invitation was to record their sleeping behavior using a video-camera."

The monitor flashed the title "SLEEPING HABITS" and a number of options embedded the screen, one which read 'SLEEPING UNCUT'.

Hotaru moved the cursor towards the 'Sleeping Uncut' option.

"Ooooh…" the class buzzed.

"…" uttered Natsume and Ruka from their seats.

Sumire opened her mouth in horror. "You mean the slumber party…last night?" she gasped.

Yuu Tobita, who had seemed deeply absorbed by Hotaru's report a while ago, suddenly turned deathly pale.

"HOTARU! YOU VIDEOTAPED US WHILE WE WERE SLEEPING?" Mikan asserted furiously, slamming her palms angrily on the desk. She bit her lip, wondering why the heck she even reacted to a deed expected from a girl like Hotaru Imai. 'How could Hotaru keep something important from me?' her thoughts whirled. It doesn't sound like what a best friend would do at all!

Narumi's amused voice disrupted her concentration. "Oblige us with your experiment, Hotaru-chan. It seems really interesting!" he chirped, hoping to proceed with the report before the bell rang. Hotaru seemed to be up to something and it intrigued him in an uncanny way.

Mikan cupped her cheeks in astonishment. "Hotaru! Please! DON'T!"

Natsume stood up, hands buried in his pockets. "I'm leaving. This isn't worth my time," he said curtly, turning towards the door. An equally livid Ruka was about to follow but was too startled to continue when Mikan jolted from her seat, shouting after Natsume's back.

"Coward! Cutting class won't solve anything, you arrogant idiot!" she argued. How come she's surrounded by heartless people?

"You're the idiot, loudmouth pig," Natsume retorted, glowering at her from the corner of his eye.

"That's not what you said about her last night…Natsume-kun," Hotaru quipped, instantly gaining the undivided attention of the bewildered lovebirds. "Care to watch it? You two were the most interesting last night."

A hush ran over the Natsume and Ruka fanclub.



With a sly smile, barely giving Natsume and Mikan a chance to retaliate, Hotaru pressed the play button of the DVD player.

There is no turning back now.


To be continued…


End Notes: Natsume, Mikan, and Yo-chan's sleeping habits coming up next!