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The green bottle.

All I can do is stare at it, and read the letter over and over again until the words become a blur, but it doesn't matter because they are imprinted on my memory and they will never go away.

My love:

Oh, how I wish you didn't have to go. How I wish you could stay here forever and hold me out of insanity! The reminder you have given me of our nights together is no substitute. Tell me, dearest, when can you return? Please write to me whenever you have a chance. I can't just let you go.

Your heart,


P.S. Frex and I are expecting a child. Oh, this new chain to keep me tied to him! If only it were yours…but even if it is- no. It's not. It cannot be.

But it is. It is. I am. I have to be. It's why I have hair so much darker than either of my parents, why I have different eyes. Why I am green.

He is my father, there is no question about it. And he knows it.

He told me. I don't know how he found out. I stood here strong in his throne room, ready to refuse him, and then he told me.

"Elphaba," he said, persuasively.

"No! No! No!" I cried, trying desperately not to hear him. He almost had me convinced. I could change things, working for him, I could- no! – he was lying, Elphaba, remember your anger! I felt my anger curl around my stomach, a cold familiar friend, and it made me strong.

"No," I said calmly. "I will not work for you. I can't. I won't, and I never will. So throw me in prison, let me go, kill me, do whatever you have to, but I will not give in."

He stared at me sadly. "I wish you wouldn't say that, Elphaba. I am your father, it's true-"

"What?" I gasped, sure that he would say he meant it metaphorically, certain that it couldn't be.

"You are," he said. He handed me the bottle and the letter, and watched the shock on my face. "I've always wanted a child," he said, "And I know you've always wanted a loving father, Elphaba. Please, let me take care of you now that I know. Let me do what a father is supposed do for his daughter."

"I-I-I can't-" I stuttered, shocked, stumbling backwards and falling to the floor in a heap, still staring at the bottle and the paper in my shaking hands.

"But you can! We both can! You can stay here, and help me make Oz a better place," he pled. "Please, Elphaba. With you on my side, we'll be able to do anything. And you- everyone will love you! You'll finally be appreciated, like you deserve. And I- why, I'll be able to make my own daughter happy!" He grinned at me wistfully, and extended a hand to help me up. Slowly, automatically, I took it.

"I-I-I…" I was incapable of speech. I was exhausted; my mind felt as if it were about to explode with all this…this…it was unbelievable. And I was so tired. I just wanted to sleep and forget all of this…just sleep…

"Yes?" prompted the Wizard. I couldn't fight it, not now. Not anymore. Not until I slept…I couldn't watch my back anymore.

"I-I will…I guess…I mean…"

"Wonderful!" he cried. "Now, let me show you to your room. You just sleep there, and I'll leak this to the press, and by tomorrow everyone will love you!"

I followed him obediently and sank under the covers of the room he showed me gratefully, the welcome words still ringing in my head. But my last thought was that he was wrong. Not everyone…not the Animals…not the ones you are letting down