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"Elphaba, nothing happened to you, it's nothing to be ashamed of, come on, please don't cry, Elphie, hey, it's all right…"

Words are tumbling out of his mouth as fast as they were from mine a moment ago. He's tracing the tears away, drying them with the warm soft pads of his fingers. My body spasms, suddenly, involuntarily- it does this when I'm anxious- and I lean against the Oz head for support. Suddenly, it growls and glows and shudders to life, roaring.

"Well, isn't this an interesting turn of events," it bellows, sending me flying and nearly giving me a heart attack at twenty-one. Fiyero is not in his usual accepting mood.

"What the hell do you want?" he demands. The man behind the giant head is clearly taken aback, not expecting this from his usually obedient Captain of the Guard.

"You're kissing my daughter in a back room during your engagement party to my press secretary's attaché," he says, coming out from behind his larger-than-life disguise. I decide he may as well know.

"I am not-" I begin hotly, but Fiyero cuts me off.

"We aren't- that is, Glinda and I aren't going to be engaged- we aren't engaged- anymore," he stammers out finally.

"Oh," is all the Wizard has to say. "Well in that case. Erm. I suppose- carry on?" He disappears into a hallway, presumably to consult with his press secretary cum partner/lover/whatever the hell else Morrible may be.

"Fiyero," I berate the moment That Man is out of sight, "why the hell did you do that? I was about to tell him-"

"What d'you think your Resistance would tell you to do right now, Elphaba," he breathes as he comes closer, kisses me once. I shut my eyes.

"I don't know…"

"Stay here, on the inside, and get whatever information you can, or leave once all Oz has seen you turn your back on your cause?"

"But I-"

I bite my lip miserably and turn away. Because there is no 'But I.' There is no defense. There is no reason. Because it's true. I am cowardly, traitorous scum. I am-

"You're exhausted and young and hungry and confused," Fiyero says gently, reading my mind as always, "It's not your fault. You're a sleep-deprived twenty-one year old in need of love and food, a girl who once idealized the Wizard of Oz. And he's the ruler of a country who sleeps for at least eight hours every night in a gigantic bed in a palace, and apparently he's your father. And don't think he didn't take that into account," He registers my hesitant look. "I'm not a fool, I just act like one. I know how this place works."

"You're so different."

"No, no, I'm not different. I'm just not hiding anymore."

He cups my face gently and kisses me again.

"Fiyero, we can't-" –another kiss- "Morrible- the Wizard- they'll come back-

And he lifts me up insistently, kisses me again, and delivers me, protesting vehemently, to my door, where he sets me down, kisses me yet again, and departs gracefully, leaving me to stare longingly in his wake, just like at Shiz. Only this time… "Glinda and I…we aren't engaged"

Oh dear. Glinda. I am going to be in deep shit tomorrow.

It surprises me that, in the midst of all this, as now a spy in the Wizard's palace, that is what I'm worried about.