The Nuuruhuine

Introducing my new story. This is my first attempt at a crossover between Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. As always I do not own anything you recognise whether it is Harry Potter related or Middle Earth related. Also this is slash, but as with my other slash story it wont be graphic.

I will be posting this as a Harry Potter story as he is the main character but I will only say this once, it will not have much to do with the Harry Potter world. If anyone thinks that I should change it and put it is the Lord of the Rings sections since that is where it is based please let me know.

Chapter 1; Chaotic Magic

Two hundred years had passed since the death of the Dark Lord Voldermort and with his death everything had changed for that seventeen year old boy, Harry Potter. His true lineage, his true parents and his true home all came to light with the breaking of a single curse placed on his by the mortal world on the day of his birth.

Harry Potter never really existed, the man was there but he wasn't a human like his supposed parents, James and Lily Potter. He was a Lamia, a born Vampire. His parents were two Lords of the Immortal world. Not that he had ever met them.

Upon his defeat of Voldermort the curse, placed on him by the mortal wizards at his birth, was broken. His true nature was allowed to come into being and not surprisingly his friends had apprehended him and locked him up for the good of all humans. His creation hadn't gone unnoticed though, the sheer power encased in his soul was detected by the Vampire council when it cried out for help and they broke him out. Trained him and gave him his parents estates even though they had been killed in the ongoing war between the Vampires and the Necromancers.

Harry made friends and allies in the years to come, all trained to be the best at their job. Killing Necromancers. His team were named The Nuuruhuine, and over the last two hundred years of war their reputation had grown and grown so that even the mortal worlds knew of their existence and feared them. And most of all everyone knew of the Vampire that led them, Duke Harry Corvil, and they knew his history as the Vampire that overturned the Ministries of Magic and turned the knowledge of all the magical worlds to the vast population of the mundane.

Scottish Highlands; Former location of Hogwarts school

"How's it feel to be back here after two hundred years, Harry?" Alexander, Harry's best friend, lover, confidante, and second in command of the Nuuruhuine, whispered into his ear, his voice barely carrying, even to Nicole and Patia to their sides.

The twenty members of the Nuuruhuine lay hidden on a ridge top looking down over a fight between the Wizards of Hogsmeade and a group of Necromancers. In the distance lay the two hundred year old ruins of what was once the wizards' greatest school of Magic.

"It's been two hundred years since these people betrayed me, nobody of their kind remembers what happened." Harry shrugged though only Alexander could hear his worlds. "I'm over it."

A dark form settled down to Harry's right cutting him off. Harry knew who it was just at the feel of his mind. "What's the matter, Archie?" He asked their psychic expert, the only one that could still break Harry's shield, though with a lot of work.

"The waves of magic coming off of Hogwarts are really chaotic and stronger than anything I have seen in my life." All those in Harry's team were around his own age. Jesu was the eldest at fifty years over Harry's own two hundred and seventeen whilst Lex was only one hundred and fifty. But compared to some of the Ancients that were almost three thousand year old or more they were extremely young but Harry had something that no other Vampire had. He had the ability to control magic.

Harry's control of magic was what had forced his real parents to give him up at birth to the Wizarding world so that he could gain some control over his powers. The Ancients had known that it would be Harry who defeated Voldermort so had planted the fake prophecy to ensure that Harry was looked after properly. They had had no idea that it would blow up in such a way.

Harry pulled up some night vision goggles and looked over the sight before them. The Wizards were slowly being pushed back by the Necromancer's legions of undead but as Harry watched hundreds of bright red lasers flashed out from a ridge on the other side of town to them.

"That would be the Special Branch." Alex muttered referring to a section of the Muggle army designed to combat any magical threats. Out of all the races occupying Earth, the Muggles had become one of the most powerful, they had expanded onto other worlds through space travel and other than for special reasons they did not allow any of the other races to join them. Harry and his team had gone with a new space cruiser to a world overrun with undead to help clear it.

The Muggles' shots were cutting through the ranks of Undead and allowing the Wizards to regain lost ground pushing the Necromancers back as they retreated towards the Castle ruins.

"Looks like Mika was right when he said that Hogwarts was probably their base." Alexander muttered to Harry before continuing, "Not surprising with all the dead buried there." Harry true to his word, barely flinched at this even though most of the dead there were participants of the final battle where Harry had killed Voldermort.

Harry concentrated on his telepathy, even though none of the Vampire could control magic like Harry that didn't mean that they weren't magical in nature anyway, Harry had to slip between all of their mental shields. Though this task was an easy one for him after so long.

"Move out, we'll sneak into Hogwarts grounds and ambush them there." Harry commanded before slipping away from the ledge and running with the others in small groups towards the castle. With him were Alexander, Archie, Nicole and Patia, but only because they were the closest to him on the ledge.

It only took five minutes of running before they had covered the couple of miles to the ruins and, after killing a few undead sentries, they took up positions to ambush the ten Necromancers in what Harry recognised as being the Great Hall.

Harry waited, getting irritated by the effect the chaotic magic was having on his own control, as the small group of Necromancers plus their guard slowly approached. He felt a nudge against his mental shields before a precise one second gap and to more quick nudges; the secret sign of one of his Nuuruhuines wanting to talk to him. He allowed them entrance though didn't drop his mental shields.

"Harry?" He recognised the essence as being Vata, a female Vampire of Harry's exact age that had precognitive abilities, nothing like visions, more like feelings. "I have a feeling that something big is about to happen?"

"Something bad?" Harry asked.

"I don't think so, at least I don't think anyone will be hurt." She explained.

"Any idea who to?" Harry asked worried.

"I think that it will happen to all of us."

Harry thought for a moment before stretching his mind out to all of his troops. He never risked them if he could help him and this wasn't an exception so he explained the warning to them all and asked for anyone that didn't want to stay.

It was Alexander that spoke after a silence. Using Harry's already formed link to everyone to allow everyone to listen. "I think I speak for everyone, like always, when I say that whatever you decide we'll back you on."

They waited the further two minutes before the Necromancers unknowingly placed themselves in the centre of the best killers in the Vampire world, all of which were carefully hidden behind debris or behind elaborate illusions cast by the four Vampires capable of such a feat; Harry, Gabi, Mila and Phillip.

Harry connected to everyone's mind again like he always did in a fight, it allowed everyone in his team to call for help without breaking their respective fighting styles and after waiting a few more seconds for everyone to get used to the small intrusion he sent them the signal to attack.

Even as the illusions dropped half of the guard of zombies and skeletons fell to attacks, either by enchanted arrows, physical attacks or in the case of a couple magical attacks like Nicole's and Anthony's who could both drain life with only a touch.

Harry straightened a took aim with his own bow putting an enchanted arrow through the head of a large troll zombie. He watched as lightning erupted from Alex's hands and slammed into three of the skeletons. That was why Alex and Harry had become so close, he was a lightning elemental enabling him to defend against Harry's Animagus when it went into a rage.

"Nacraemeus is here!" Came an almost panicked cry from a small group to Harry's left even as he watched as three of his Vampires.

Harry jumped into the air with Alexander and Patia at his side, a shield, forming from Patia, covering them from assault by the Necromancers spells. They landed a few metres from the leader of the Necromancers.

"Fancy seeing you here, Nacraemeus!" Harry jested, just as the last of the undead body guards fell. The battle however paused almost as if sides were being drawn, though Harry knew that his Vampires weren't daft enough to allow time like this to be wasted and already a few were either moving into better attack positions or using the shadows in the setting sun to disappear from sight and ready surprise attacks.

"Lord Corvil!" The Necromancer spat, "So these must be the legendary Death Shadows that I've heard so much about. You little game ends here though."

Harry moved like a blur, he knew that already Nacraemeus had been killed twice by Vampires and once again by the Muggles, but Harry had never had a shot. His hand burst into pure white flames as he slashed his hands across the man chest. The flames latched onto the man but even as they did a huge explosion of power swept across the ruins and the chaotic magic compressed into a small bubble around the Nuuruhuines and then like a popping bubble vanished.

A lifeless ruin of a two hundred year destroyed school of magic was all that was left after the disturbance but none would ever know what had occurred in that place that day but they were all gone, vanished from Earth forever.