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Chapter 1 - Hangover

"Oh my head…" The Doctor groaned loudly, clamping a heavy hand to his forehead as pain rippled right through it. He tried to open his tired eyes, but he was forced to immediately close them tightly back up again as the searing bright light became too much. For a while he didn't move, hurting too much and too weak to get up. He didn't know how long he layed there, eyes closed, facing up to the ceiling.

But then the most horribly, terribly, hideously, horrifically, unbearable voice at that precise moment in time broke the light morning atmosphere.

"Oh my head…" Rose's voice said from alarmingly close to him – in his bed.

He layed abnormally rigid at the sound of the voice, absolutely paralysed under the bed covers as his jaw dropped into a silent, terrified scream. He felt the bed move and heard the bedsprings squeak as he had that sudden, unnerving feeling of being watched.

He turned his head, and saw Rose staring at him with her eyes wide open, as likewise so was he. It was a few moments before either of them spoke, but then Rose's expression turned to utter fury as she filled in the missing gaps in her memory…

"I can't believe you took advantage of me!" Rose yelled irately, yanking the cover off of The Doctor and pulling it up around herself, shielding her naked body from his prying eyes. He immediately launched onto his feet like he'd just been stung, totally ignoring the fact he only had boxers on, and completely forgetting that his head was pounding like it was repeatedly being hit with a baseball bat.

"I didn't take advantage of you!" he protested, running his left hand up and down his right arm, trying to calm his nerves. "I can't even remember last night!

"You got me pissed and then you knocked me up!" Rose retorted back, getting onto her feet with the cover still wrapped tightly around her.

"How can you think I'd do something like that?(!)" The Doctor yelled back, waving his arms madly about in the air in protest. "I thought you knew me better than that!"

Rose tried to calm herself down, taking long, deep breaths.

"Okay, so we got drunk, then had sex. Well, more than sex. Amazing sex, infact," Rose summarised. "But that doesn't change anything, right?"

"Right," The Doctor confirmed with a nod, reverting back to rubbing his arm.

"So, it's a totally one off thing."

"Never happened before, never will again."

"What's done is done."

"And we can't change it."

"Right," Rose muttered.

"Right," The Doctor repeated, and then it went back to that uncomfortable silence.

"Did you use a…?" Rose trailed off, now getting slightly worried. The Doctor just shrugged – he seriously couldn't remember past 8:00pm the night before. Rose pondered for a moment, before shaking her head in a negative. "Just as well really," Rose continued without thinking, "it probably wouldn't fit in."

Her jaw dropped.

"Oh my god! I'm so sorry! I didn't…I mean…there wasn't…it's not…" she babbled, shuffling guiltily towards the door.

"Rose," The Doctor started, still in mild shock. "Your mother doesn't have to know about this, does she?"

"Oh…mum…" Rose muttered, hugging the cover much more tightly around her. "Well…it's not like this is going to be repeated is it? I mean…this was just a momentary lapse of concentration."

"Right." The Doctor was now vigorously rubbing his arm so much is was starting to turn a deep shade of red.

"We were drunk, we didn't know what we were doing."


"As far as we're concerned – it didn't happen."


"I mean, you can't even remember it, so to you it didn't even happen."


"And I'll never mention it again."


"Can you stop saying 'right'?"

"You got it." The Doctor replied, glancing around on the floor for any sign of his clothes; the uncomfortable draught he wasn't used to feeling was starting to make itself noticed. Rose could see his shivering, and suddenly felt slightly guilty at her first reaction.

"Sorry," she muttered, spotting a large t-shirt abandoned on the floor. She ducked down out of his view and pulled it over herself – it was so big it reached halfway down her thighs. Standing back up again, she walked over to the shivering Doctor, dragging the cover behind her loosely. She threw it around him and pulled the ends together at his chest, turning him into an ancient Egyptian mummy, its corpse held rigid under its bandages.

He gazed at her for a moment, before looking up at the ceiling, his expression confused.

"Why's it so cold?" he asked the ceiling, and Rose heard the TARDIS reply in a series of clicks and rattles like it normally did. She looked up at him, and had to stop herself from bursting out laughing as he started to turn the deep red shade of pure embarrassment.

"What?" Rose asked, pulling the cover tighter around him to get his attention.

"Err…she says I asked her to turn it down last night during our little…" he paused in consideration. "…Liaison, because apparently it was getting a little hot."

"Oh," was all Rose was able to reply to that sentence, and let her eyes stray down to the soft carpet she was standing on. She caught a glimpse of his two bare feet, and suddenly found her hormones reaching a little higher. She gently lifted the cover off of his legs, and began to observe them with undisguised interest.

"Rose?" The Doctor watched her ogle his legs.

"You have really nice legs," Rose commented, kneeling down to run a hand over the lower part of his left leg.

"Err…thanks," The Doctor said hesitantly, trying not to yelp as Rose's hand strayed past his knee for a few seconds. He looked towards the Heavens again, addressing the TARDIS.

"TARDIS," he started, mildly distracted by Rose feeling his legs up. "Rose…can you stop…TARDIS, where are my clothes?" He was answered with the usual clicks and rattles, and his expression slowly got more and more embarrassed as the TARDIS reached the end of her explanation.

"…I'll wear something else."


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