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CHAPTER 11: the final battle

F. Ash just glared at Togetic. Are you just gonna stand there? SAY SOMETHING!!! F. Ash just closed his eyes, "March 22 through April 5 2039, May 2 through 26 2043, January 13 through February 22 2045, and finally the worst December 24 through February 14 2047. We were married on Valentines Day and she died on Valentines Day." Togetic looked puzzled at F. Ash, W-What? "Togetic," F. Ash said getting on one knee in front of the little pokemon, "That was just a few of her worst cases, her condition never left my mind for an instant. I am sorry for not being there for all of you, but the reason for me constantly going on missions for the League was I couldn't stand to watch her try to pretend nothing was wrong. And after she died, I volunteered for the most dangerous so that I might follow behind her…" F. Ash said with tears in his eyes, "If it wasn't for you, A.J., and Pikachu, I would have already given up on life in general."

Togetic stared at him in shock for a moment, then started crying, I-I'm so sorry, Daddy..." Togetic then found herself slammed into the wall, and then in dreamland. Giovanni had sent his purrsion into action. "Enough of the emotional nonsense, Son, I've offered and I've offered you a spot by my side, but for some reason you have denied it. Now, let us see who is right, you and your Pokemon League or me and My Team Rocket." Giovanni said standing over his purrsion waiting for F. Ash's move. Ash just looked back at Pikachu and called him to battle. "You got it boss!" Pikachu said jumping in front of F. Ash.

Purrsion the tried a furry swipes attack but Pikachu was too fast for him. Pikachu hit it with a thunder shock, but it only made the panther-like Pokemon angry. Purrsion then gave Pikachu a slash attack that cut into his chest. "CHAAA!!" Pikachu cried out in pain. "PIKACHU, ULTRA SHOCK! NOW!!!" Ash cried out. Pikachu looked back, "But I could destroy the L-1!" Ash nodded reassuringly, "don't worry buddy! If we don't stop them we'll lose the L-1 anyway!" Pikachu nodded and began to power up. Pikachu hit the Purrsion with the blast sending him through the side of the jet. "OK now where's his master?" F. Ash said looking around then he felt the jet taking off. Ash made a dash for the cockpit while Pikachu looked after Togetic.

"What's the matter son? Don't you want to go home?" Giovanni asked from the pilot's chair. "You are not my father!" F. Ash yelled as he punched at him. Giovanni easily caught his fist, and smiled at him. "Nice try, son." F. Ash then grabbed Giovanni's other fist, and held tight. "What do you think your doing?" Giovanni growled. F. Ash just smiled, "Look behind you." Giovanni looked back and fear covered his face. The L-1 was only a few seconds from hitting the edge of the mountain. Giovanni yelled in fear as the massive black jet plowed through the side of the mountain right into the cave where they had spent the night before.

"You alright, Ashy Boy?" F. Ash's eyes slowly opened and he saw Gary standing over him, "I don't know what you were thinking, but at least you stopped Gio!" How long have I been out?" Gary smiled, "about three days…" Gary was cut off by an extremely loud "DAD!!!" A.J. tackled the setting up figure, at neck break speed. "I THOUGHT YOU'D NEVER WAKE UP!" A.J. yelled with tears rolling down his face. "I'm alright son, how soon till we can go home?" F. Ash asked. "About another week" Pikachu said limping over next to the two. And we'll see if your cotton wool brained plan worked. Togetic added. "And another thing Ash," Pikachu said giving Ash a small thunder shock, "IF YOU EVER FLY INTO A MOUNTAIN WITH ME AGAIN! I'LL FRY YOU LIKE CHICKEN!!!!!"

One week Later the L-1 was ready for take off. It wasn't 100% but it would fly. Ash Misty and Brock waved good-bye. Before F. Ash climbed on board he walked up to his past self. F. Ash opened his mouth only to be cut off by his pastself, "Don't worry, and leave it to me." F. Ash nodded and entered the jet. Ash walked over to Misty and put his arm around her. "Welcome to the first day of the rest of our lives" The Jet took to the air and in a flash was gone.

"This is Lugia-1 to League HQ, permission to land requested." Ash said over the radio, in an instant a voice answered back, "Permission to land granted. Welcome home, Master Ketchum!" Ash nodded. After the jet had landed and the repair crew at HQ had their strokes from the amount of damage the jet had received they all went there separate ways. The others took Giovanni into custody, while Ash A.J., Togetic, and Pikachu slowly made there way back to their home, holding their breath the whole way. They entered their home, and for the most part most of it was the same as the way they left it. Except one thing, "Um… hey dad! Check this!" A.J. said Ash came to see what he was talking about and was shocked to see under his many League champ trophies, were trophies marked 'Father of the Year' A.J. looked back and saw someone walking behind his father. "UH…D-D-D-D-AD…" A.J. stuttered.

"What is it so…" BAM!!!!!!!!! Ash was hit on the top of the head by a large mallet. He looked up and his eyes grew wide.

"ASH KETCHUM! WHAT KIND OF FATHER KEEPS HIS SON OUT AT ALL HOURS OF THE NIGHT???" Yelled a beautiful woman with long red hair and aqua blue eyes wearing a silky nightgown. "MISTY!!!!" Ash yelled jumping to his feet. He picked her up by the waist and swung her around in the air, repeating over and over, "YOU'RE ALIVE! YOU'RE ALIVE!!!" Misty's face grew worried, "Oh God, Ash, I'm so sorry! Brock always told me that if I kept hitting you it would cause brain damage, but I never believed him!" her sentence was interrupted by Ash pulling her into a passionate kiss. Pikachu then started to pull Togetic and A.J. toward their bedrooms, "OK This is not for young eyes!"

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