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"Different Language"

(Sora's inner voice)


-Talking on the phone-

Candy- RinRin: Yeah …..I have not much to say… not very many people are attacking lately…

Sora: Isn't that a good thing??

Candy- RinRin: I guess… CURSE THE EVIL FAN PEOPLE!!

Riku: Aren't you a fan person…

Candy- RinRin:…oh yeah… I am…

Reno: I think school finally fried her brain.

Sephiroth: Yes… school fried her brain…hehe

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Last Chapter:

"Don't worry Boss!" Said Reno.

"We'll make sure nothing happens to anyone." Said Axel.

Reno smirked, "Or your company."

"Soooo…" Axel drawled turning him and Reno towards the door.


Chapter 9

"Are you afraid of the dark?"


Reno pouted as he slumped against a steel wall that over looked Sora and the Pharaohs room. He crossed his arms and stared at Axel fume, slightly controlling the urge to burn the other red head. From on top of the hotel Rude sighed as he watched the two brothers' fight, pout and threaten to give third degree burns. He brought his night vision binoculars to his face and scouted the area for any odd activity, but found none. He brought down his binoculars as he felt a movement in his coat pocket and took out his phone bringing it to his pierced ear.

"What do you want Reno?"

-Did you find anything? Everything looks clear form down here.-

"Everything looks clear form up here also… but something doesn't feel right."

-Eww really… maybe we should go into their room and maybe spy closer on the sexy Pharaoh.-

Rude sighed heavy and then clicked the phone shut. He was just about to pocket it when a strange movement caught his eye. He brought the binoculars back up and looked over to the window and stared as he saw two shadowy figures glide through the wall. He glanced down at the two red heads, each were looking at the same thing. They all looked at each other and nodded then leaped from the building.

Sora backed away from the grinning girl as he tried to analysis the situation. He was trapped in a weird like dream with a crazy girl claming him to be hers….yeah.

"Please don't step away from me beautiful light, I need you to shine on me, to make me feel human again." Kairi said as she reached for Sora to come closer to her.

Sora gulped as she got closer, "W- hat are you talking about? You can't just kidnap my mind and then clam I'm yours! If anyone's, I'm Riku's….. and I can't believe I just said that."

Kairi's face twisted into scowl.

"Riku, Riku, Riku! Pharaoh, Pharaoh, Pharaoh! Why does everyone want him, Worship him, respect him! He is worthless, scum, not fit to be your other half! His heart is not fully submerged in darkness, my heart is! Please…little light…come with me… I need you, I can't survive without you."

Sora stared wide eyed as the pretty girl hugged into him gripping his shirt with her tiny fists. His mind shut down as he felt her wet tears soak through his cotton shirt.


-But what if she's telling the truth… what if she really needs my help?-

(Sora, Sora, Sora, she has a grudge against Riku she's trying to lure you into her trap! Don't listen!)

Sora pushed the girl away from him gently and moved towards the door keeping an eye on her surprised tear stained face.

"I would really like to help you but, I kinda already bonded and stuff with Riku so maybe you should find someone else for the job."

The surprise in Kairi's eyes soon turned to anger as her face turned in to an ugly sneer.

"You did what?"

The room got darker and a wind appeared swirling and blending the room into one colour before vanishing into darkness.

"You. Did. What!?"

Kairi's skin started to turn a grayish colour before flaking off. Her hair turned a smoky gray as clumps of dirty gray hair fell out of her head disappearing with the golden room. Sora stared in fright as her body covered with a black robe, hiding her decaying body.

"He told me you would bond! He told me…You would be MINE!"

Sora stepped back looking at the disfigured girl in confusion.

"Who told you I was yours! Was, it… was it Riku!?"

Kairi's hooded head snapped towards Sora, the wind picking up faster and hasher.

"Riku… No the Pharaoh did not tell me, my little light." Replied Kairi as she walked towards Sora grabbing him by his upper arm painfully, "I bet he wanted you for himself, he tricked me, that fucking bastard! He tricked ME!"

Sora struggled against the powerful grip tears pouring down his cheeks as she pulled him closer to her face.

"Riku, Help me."

Their faces were inches apart until Sora felt the familiar pull throughout his body. He turned his head toward the pulling sensation and saw a silky silver ribbon floating closer to his hand. With all his might he reached towards the ribbon and grabbed it.

"Bout time you wake up sleeping beauty."

Sapphire eyes blinked as they looked around the room. Staring back at him were worried aqua eyes and a soft, strong hand holding his own. Sounds of metal banging against each other and screams of pain reached his ears as he tried to lift his aching body. Riku put a hand on his chest gently pushing the brunette on the bed. He brought his face closer to the blued eyed boys and laid his soft lips onto Sora's bringing him into a soft kiss.

Sora felt the world around him melt as he moved his lips against the silver haired Pharaoh, arching into the hand rubbing his chest. The aching feeling drained from the brunette's body giving him energy as he deepened the kiss bringing his arms around the other boy and burring his hands in Riku's hair with soft mewls of pleasure escaping Sora's mouth. Riku thrust his hips against the small brunette making Sora arch his body bringing it closer to Riku's.


A smirk crossed the Pharaohs face as he broke the kiss and nipped Sora's ear causing waves of pleasure to be sent to the smaller boy's groin.

"You like that?"

Sora squeezed his eyes tight and nodded since he was unable to actually form words. Riku starts to rock his hips against Sora, eliciting orgasm worthy moans from the brunette.

"Woohoo, Go Sora!"(1)

"Yeah make that Sexy Pharaoh purr!"(2)

"Yayiee for Horny Sexy Pharaohs!" (3)


Sora quickly pushed the Pharaoh off him and faced the people in the room.

Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit.

Reno, Axel, and Rikku sat in front on a couple of knocked out shadow creatures cheering, Roxas was red as a tomato from either embarrassment or anger, Rude was sighing from boredom and Cloud and Sephiroth were chuckling from behind their hands.

Sora's face became redder then Reno's hair as he covered his face with his hands groaning.


"Once I find that Fucking idiot I will gut his fricking stomach and cut off his balls!"

"I didn't know you loved me that much."

Kairi looked up and looked around for the owner of the voice but only saw darkness.

"Where are you, you fucking coward!"

An echoed chuckle surrounded her as the voice got louder and closer to the decaying body.

"So where is he?"

"That was your plan! Wasn't it! You used me to get the light! WHY!?"

A sigh escaped invisible lips. "Why else would souls such as ours want a person like Sora my dear girl. I want to control the angel, to make him mine and destroy the Pharaoh as I do so."

Tears escaped Kairi's hidden eyes as her dark energy swirled around her.

"You're going to kill him aren't you."

Another dark chuckle encased the hooded figure.

"Your not as dumb as you look."

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1. This was Rikku talking.

2. This was Axel talking.

3. This was Reno talking.

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